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Comment Re:Interesting timing re Trump's claims (Score 1) 447

It's just more information on a subject we've known about since before Snoden even did his thing. They've got a spooks tool making malware that would get any of us thrown in jail and use them to abuse everyone and don't like it when companies find out about them and patch the holes. Legality is EXTREMELY questionable. (ianal)

Comment Re:Public roads? (Score 1) 469

It's like the internet, if there's congestion, the traffic WILL find a way around it if at all possible.
Essentially jams and slowdowns are damage and congestion to roads. Do you really expect the packets/cars to sit in limbo for who knows how long, causing more congestion and jams trapping more, getting bigger, trapping more, etc?

Comment Re:Or politicians can go back to basic services (Score 1) 469

I've lived someplace around here where the bus was only twice a day, 6:30am and 8pm, Total freaking waste.
Two miles closer to town there's a lot more busses, and we have that new express route they made that has it's own lane, going out to an area that nobody goes to except the people that already live on that end of town because everything out there is much closer. The same bus routes that to go a simple 1.8 miles might take you all over for 1hr45m to arrive, and an extra 20m going the other direction. Yeah, our bus system is messed up. Seemed to have happened right after that honcho from portland took over.

Mass transit can be great, if it's ran right, but it's never a total solution, especially when you have an entire city that isn't tied to your transit schedule.

Comment Re:I'm hungry (Score 4, Insightful) 469

So instead people sit in a traffic jam, and make it worse, trapping more people, and still the people that are close enough to an exit will still end up taking it to drive through residential areas, and tend to do so for a longer distance both because the traffic is backed up further, and often they don't know just when it's cleared up and get on after that point... Seems to me the apps are reducing the problems for everyone while some bozo in the local government is annoyed that traffic is rerouting past his damaged system.

Comment Barring Liquid Crystals (Score 2) 94

I've never heard of crystals forming when you warm a solid up to it's melting point.
Rather liquids are kind of the opposite of a crystaline structure last time I checked.
But they do form when freezing, and that's why they try to do the really rapid glassification as it is an attempt to stop all crystal formation, or at least limit their size to very small. Those crystals can and do puncture cell walls, which means that cell is a goner. Lose enough of those, or some really critical ones, and the creature is toast, end of game, don't even bother to thaw it out.
Now we do have some creatures that can survive freezing conditions, but they've got some tricks that aren't applicable to humans without some serious genetic modifications we don't even know how to do. The short version is they tend to flood their blood and cells with a type of antifreeze so there are less or smaller ice crystals so more of their tissue survives. Still, they can be killed by freezing. When you get to the single cell or other very simple types, it's a lot easier for them to survive since their structures are simpler and their cells less specialized.

I do find the idea of using induction to warm the material interesting, but having that material appropriately spread out in a living creature before freezing seems to be a rather difficult proposition. That's assuming those nano particles don't themselves cause an issue. I don't see it being done after freezing anymore than I see someone distributing sugar into an ice cube without pulverizing it. That would rather defeat the point.

Anyhow, interesting idea, but still, WTF

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 224

It's the premium tax - Charge as much as you can get away with for your product if it's the top of the line with no real competition in it's bracket.
Lot's of companies do it in lots of different markets, and it sucks for the consumer.
Essentially they're giving up market share for greater short term profits, which is usually only feasible when you are the top dog with little to no effective competition for that particular product.

I guess this shows that they see the new Ryzen as being worth a c-note or two of competition. :)

Comment Re:My hobby: Finding a queue for each cue (Score 1) 307

That would be correct, but in the context of the sentence used, 'cue' is the correct homophone. Getting them mixed up for comedy and sarcasm is fine, but getting them mixed up otherwise just confuses the issue.
Some people, myself included, don't pronounce the words I'm reading, so homophones don't get mistaken for each other, and thus a sentence becomes seriously and egregiously wrong! Where if it had been spoken instead of read, there would have been no problem.

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