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Comment Re:More political redirection (Score 4, Insightful) 526

I know a rather large number of people that use secure delete or wipe tools.
It may be considered strange by computer neophytes and people that don't work with government computer systems, but it's pretty common for techies and government computer people with security clearance required jobs to employ that kind of software.
I guess the people that are making accusations over that are either ignorant, or disingenuous.

Comment Not the bleeding edge... (Score 1) 256

When edge first came out, I tried it, and it worked pretty good, but it didn't have the extensions and other things for blocking ads and that kind of stuff I've grown to love. So I went back to my usual browser.
Some stuff happened, and I had to use edge for a few things. They've done updates to it since I'd used it before, and now the thing is so freaking SLOW!
Microsoft also made it the default with one of the updates without telling me it would or had changed it. :(
So I'd click on something in a program, and it would launch the browser, and suddenly edge would start to come up...
I said "start to come up" because after about half a minute, I'd get tired of waiting for that piece of #### to load and would fire up chrome. Chrome would start up, and have the page fully loaded before edge that had at least half a minutes head start had anything. Often I was done reading the page and had already closed chrome before edge would finally get anything.
It went from ok but not what I want to absolute and utter trash in less than a year.
If microsoft wants anyone to actually use that ####, they're going to be paying through the nose!

Comment N-F-W (Score 1) 103

When you consider that facebook has taken steps to force more ads on their users despite knowing that users don't want them and will actively go out of their way to reduce them, I wouldn't trust them.

Facebook also changes users settings very often. Just one small example, I have to reset my feed back to newest first on average 3 times a day, and that's not the only setting they screw with, though the others are either less frequently, or I don't notice it as often. Because of that, I wouldn't trust them.

Their platform isn't as stable or concise as it might appear to a single use as they 'test' different components on different uses, and don't tell anyone what version of which component they have. This would be horrible in a store platform, so I wouldn't trust them.

Facebook has done social/psych experiments on the users without their knowledge or permission. Though it may have been useful to some segments of science, it still was inappropriate and is a further violation of trust, so obviously, I wouldn't trust them.

The long and the short of it is that Facebook can't be trusted.
A store platform by a company that has ethics as low as Facebook should be trusted even less as that deals with your money.
This is likely to be a disaster in the making.

Comment Predictions complete. (Score 1) 272

If you have a backdoor, a key, or some other way to get into other peoples computers/device/files, then no matter how hard you try to keep it secret, it will eventually leak and become common knowledge, and be abused. (Assuming the original owner/discoverer wasn't already abusing it as well.)

This is why no security developer in the world that's worth even one molecule of salt will ever allow a backdoor or master key.

And hey, these guys now have a chunk of the NSA trove of nasty tricks, so even going blackmarket (not like they could sell it aboveboard) is bound to net them several million, assuming they don't get caught/shot beforehand.

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