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Comment Re:I know the feeling. (Score 2) 146

LoL. That may be an apt comparison, but we definitely know something is going on, and dark matter seems the most likely explanation. All this failure to detect really means is that several of the suspected types of dark matter are definitely not there, so now that have to look for the others. Either they'll find those, or fail to find them and someone will have to figure what less likely thing is causing those effects we've definitely seen that we thought was caused by dark matter.

It's kind of like the ball and cup game, except we get to keep looking without reshuffling the cups. Eventually we'll find it, even if it's in somebodies pocket.

Comment Straight to the point. (Score 1, Insightful) 364

Let's face it, your candidate sucks balls/ass/dick/like a $2 whore/whatever!
They're all liars and politicians.
One small caveat. Trump isn't a politician, he's a wannabe politician, which I rate even worse than an actual politician, but even if you don't, it's certainly in no way better.

You wanna get upset and flame and troll and vent? I don't care, just realize that if you resort to name calling or making unverifiable or flatly false statements, you will be called out for it and prove yourself an unthinking fool for all the internet to know.

If you stick to actual facts, I for one won't fault you for that. Facts are facts. But the B.S. flying around is really just making this whole place like a trailer park getting hit with a tornado that just went through the sewage plant. After all, you're supposed to be intelligent geeks, not foaming at the mouth rabid political sheep.

Just so you know, I shall now ignore all threads on this subject now, as I expect the only thing that will be posted in reply to mine are either agreements, or more likely more rabid foam & spittle from the toxic sheep. Thanks for reading.

Comment Re:Reaching the limits of the unlimited (Score 1) 409

One company (forget which it was) tried to throttle it's unlimited users if they exceeded a certain hidden threshold. They'd throttle it so hard even a basic page of text took a minute or more to load. Someone calculated it out, and if you hit their secret ceiling (which people found out by analysing results), you got throttled down so far, you couldn't even reach the same amount that could be downloaded in a month on the cheaper non-unlimited accounts even with constant downloads.
I think it went to court, (I know they threw lawyers and papers at each other at least.)

Comment Not what I hoped for. (Score 1) 49

I was rather hoping I could buy a block of those student loans gone to collection for mere cents on the c-notes.
Specifically one with anything from my family.
Then I could 'forgive' all of it, including those of my family, ask for donations from the forgiven and anyone else afterwards, and if there's enough, do it for another block. (There's a reason why some from my family may be in there, we're too damn poor to pay it, much less play Santa Clause without resources.)
Rinse, Repeat, Rack up Karma. :)

Maybe it's not a perfect solution, but I'm pretty sure it would make a LOT of people happy. (Especially me.)

Oh well. At this point is seems about as likely as winning the lottery. (Odds would be *slightly* better if I bought a ticket.)

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