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Comment Re:Anti-science censorship (Score 1) 651

Actually the creator of phrenology was just misguided and wrong, as opposed to (no longer a doctor) Andrew Jeremy Wakefield who was intentionally running a scam to attempt to make bank with his alternate vaccine by trying to discredit other vaccines by using falsified data and conclusions. (This is documented and verified, just go look it up.)

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 651

Medical care and science are not matters of opinion. You may be of the opinion that snakeoil cures cancer, but if you try to sell it as such, you will be on the receiving end of a whole lot of legal action. Why do you think intentionally spreading falsehoods regarding medical treatments by a member of the medical community would get an less strict of a response when they endanger multiple lives with their bullshit?

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 651

And we have people suing bicycle manufacturers because they didn't warn the person that they can't eat the bicycle.

At least we lost the need for such things as polio wards and hospitals.
Though if this antivaxxer crap keeps up, I see those making a comeback as well, the diseases certainly are. :(

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 651

Ah. So you don't care if an arsonist sets fire to his own car in the public parking downtown then.
The problem isn't that the ignorant and gullible are risking their own health and well being, it's that they are risking everyone elses.
They are breaking down herd immunity and creating disease reservoirs that increase the infection rates and prevent the suppression of the diseases.

(That's the short version. For the long version, there's a lot of it on both medical sites, and science aggregator sites. Just search their archives.)

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 204

Getting warrents isn't exactly hard either. Some of the examples of how difficult it is include a judge that kept a pad of signed but otherwise blank warrants on his desk for the cops to just take when they wanted one without bothering him if he's not in his office. Which of course completely wipes out the oversight that judges are supposed to use on granting warrants, but that's how screwed up things can get.

Comment Re: Well, there goes the 4th Amendment again... (Score 1) 204

It's the same thing, a means to store digital data, of course you can.
Heck, you could store malicious code on punch cards if you wanted to, but there's not a lot machines around that can read those in this century.
Now if that malicious code could crash, compromise, or otherwise screw up the system the cops are using, it's a real possibility. Of course to create such a thing, you're probably going to have to find out just what the cops use so you can try to find an exploitable weakness.
Now that's a project that isn't going to be easy or fast, not to mention it won't be universal. After all, it's not like all police departments use the same hardware or software, even if there are some more popular ones out there.
But don't worry, I'm sure it'll show up on a TV show or movie soon enough, and it'll probably have a single card load an entire A.I. infiltration and control backdoor suite as well. (Hollywood isn't exactly realistic, and that's on a good day.)

Comment Re:If it's like Politifake, expect far left bias. (Score 1) 367

Facts are verifiable data.
Some people call things facts that are not facts.
How people present facts may be false or incomplete, but facts aren't, they are still verifiable data.

It's possible to be deceptive and still use facts, after all, you can mix them with lies, but it still doesn't change that facts are facts. If you do fact checking, you are verifying the data of the statement. If it passes, it's actually a fact and not a fake. If it fails to be verified, odds are you are looking at a lie.

What's so bloody hard to understand about that?
Oh yeah, people have been suckered in by 'truthy'. That old set of lies that is present as facts that you don't want to try and verify because you want to believe them. Sorry, but fact checking shoots those lies down too.

Perhaps you're worried that the fact checkers won't actually check the facts and lie about it. That is a possibility, but there are always more fact checkers out there to check over the other fact checkers. Anyone who does the research to verify data is a fact checker, even if you're an amateur. Fact check the fact checkers, and if you find they've screwed up or lied, let everyone know, and you can bet the scandal that would cause will get their butts back in line and checking properly again. Either that or wipe them out entirely.

Comment Re:OK but misses a larger problem (Score 1) 367

You'd be amazed at how many people freeze up, often due to fear, when these kinds of things happen. They were never trained to beat the shit out of the asshole molesting them, and often were taught to not physically fight someone since these were women. ("Ladies don't hit people...", etc.)
If someone doing that kind of garbage has some way of asserting the impression of authority, it makes it even harder for people to act against them. One of those little foibles of a cooperative society.
Also don't forget that fear instinct isn't just fight or flight, it also includes freeze.

If you don't get it, you probably have never been exposed to it, nor are you close to someone who has.
You should hope you never get into a crisis situation, since the odds are you won't respond well, as most people don't.

Comment Re:All Mail Voting is horrible (Score 1) 454

Tracable? Not really. You have obviously never done it before.
Coerced by those around you? Why would they strongarm you over a mail in ballot when they aren't already doing that for your current voting method?
If they are coercing you, you should contact the police. If they aren't I somehow doubt a mind control ray will suddenly cause them to start if mail in ballots happen.

The unrealistic paranoid fantasy that people have been posting on this entire article are mindboggling!

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