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Journal mcgrew's Journal: 9/17/2001 3

Scumbags should have used a smaller gun
        I'm not talking about the terrorists.

        I'm talking about the gas station owners profiteering from the horrible tragedy. What kind of evil person tries to make a profit from mass death, misery, grief, and horror? I'm not just talking about the owners of Casey's General Stores, who were charging up to five bucks a gallon and who the Attorney General is now suing (and who will likely now go bankrupt as people are sickened to the point of never, ever buying anything there again). I'm talking about ALL the gas stations. On the 10th of this month, high test gas was about $1.75. On the 13th it was about $2.25, and not just at Casey's- everywhere. They were starting to fall by Friday (I paid $1.90 then, about three bucks a tank less than if I hadn't driven on fumes for 3 days).

        I'm talking about the profiteers who are preying on American's patriotism. Flags are everywhere, and instead of giving them away they have tripled the price. I've been making my own out of paper.

        But I'm especially talking about our elected "representatives", who are calling for bans on cryptography, knowing full well that Bin Laden didn't use PGP, knowing how easy it is to keep cocaine and guns out of criminal hands. Knowing that when crypto is outlawed, only outlaws will have crypto.

        They are calling for a greater lockdown on airplanes. I mentioned how easy a couple of armed civilians could have prevented the tragedy, they're now calling for an end to pocket knives. Thirty pieces of silver

        Great, now next time they'll have four six foot nine linebackers hijacking the plane (no box cutters needed) and you won't even have your pocket knife! Skinny little (or big fat) you trying to stop OJ Simpson and you're completely unarmed.

        They are calling for restrictions on internet content, like the terrorists learned about airplanes from the internet instead of $20,000.00 professional flying courses.

        Our monied interests are, of course, being their greedy, unpatriotic selves, but you saw what those bastards did on the stock market. Not that anybody should be surprised- nobody ever got rich being a patriot. Or by being nice.

        "...amid worries that the worst terrorist attack in history will hurt the economy enough to crimp corporate profits," CNN said. PROFITS??? What kind of evil monster worries about his thirty pieces of silver when our nation is under attack and hard working men and women are losing their livelihoods? People will go hungry because the rich worry about their profits.

        Of course, the stock market lost almost 700 points. (That eerie illustration is a screen shot from Reports were it started by "large investors" doing what is called "selling short"- betting the stock will go down so they can buy it back cheaper.

        I'm sickened by it.

        I keep thinking of the movie Die Hard III, where New York is attacked by "terrorists" who are really only after a huge pile of gold.

Greywolf: Time to Unite

I feel it's time to take out all terrorist no matter what it costs, I've got a neice in Belguim in the US military & a nephew in the US military in Virginia & they know that I'm behind whatever they have to do to keep America Free! I'm 47 years old, but if I could I'm ready to go after the criminals that invaded our country & did this horrible thing! It's time we cleanse the earth of these vermin. I'm behind whatever the president decides, as I know he will do what God wants him to. God bless all the people that are working so hard to clean up that mess! We pray for all the families that have been touched by the invasion of our American Freedom.

!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!! Love America or get out !!!

We don't need people here who don't love this country! I love this country & believe in freedom, we need to restore both! As far as flying if GOD had meant me to fly HE would have given me wings!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

from Jesse "Gray Wolf" Sutherland

        There is only one sentiment there that I can disagree with. I think if God had meant for Man to fly, he would have given him a big enough brain to design and build an airplane. Credit: Greywolf
9/17/2001 Springfield Fragfest

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  • After 10 years it's fairly evident that He isn't listening to the songs and slogans.
    That kind of love it or leave it patriotism leads to nationalism that leads to doing horrible things to people that don't look like you, "In the name of God"
    It's a good thing that religion has done a good job obfuscating that name, otherwise He might get embarrassed and do something about it.

  • !! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!! Love America or get out !!!

    Pardon my crazy-talking logic, but I do believe that most who don't 'Love America' _ARE_ out. What they conspire while they're "out" really determines what evil doings they will engage in when they're ready to execute. I also believe (call me nuts) that they don't like how American life is so easy in comparison, and how America goes out with weapons and other "above thee" methods to take over areas when they need more of something instead of staying confined to an area and dealing with what's there. In o

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