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Journal mcgrew's Journal: 9/16/2001 4

Doom joined the game
        I haven't really posted since Wednesday (except for changing the graphics at the top of the page a couple of times), and things keep changing.

        First was Todd Hollenshead's .plan file posted yesterday. The Wolfenstein test should be released by now. I'm still trying to DL the damned Max Payne demo! When I get THAT thing downloaded and uploaded I'll start on the Wolf test. Of course, the game may be gold with demos and patches by then...

        I ordered DSL. Soon I'll have those big damned files up a lot faster than now.

        The .plan also mentioned playing DOOM in an airplane. Todd writes in his .plan, "I think the flight attendants were a bit aggravated by the link cable being run across the isle..."

        Yeah, I bet, as this had to have been one of the first planes back up after the Towers went down.

        Which brings me to the MP3 show.

        The theme is "you're old", and of course I have to mention DOOM- in the past tense.

        Also, we as a country have declared "war on terrorism". I just hope it's not like the "war on drugs"; sometimes metaphor substitutes for reality in Washington's twisted world, but it sounds like Kabul may turn into a really big crater. I hope a few other places, too.

        The "Bomb Falls Down" has changed meaning- again. It sounds patriotic now, like Afghans worrying about being nuked by Yanks. They ought to worry.

        So I've posted the show, You're OLD!!! Show 5.MP3 for your musical enfragment.

        A few notes on the show- yes, that vinyl "feel" is deliberate. Some of the tunes were sampled from vinyl, some sampled from tape, some ripped from CD, Two are copied, not ripped, from CD, and at least one downloaded from Napster before it died (and whoever stole my Nirvana tape, give it back. Damned tape box doesn't do me much good without a tape to put in it).

        It's dedicated to Danny Waters, an old friend who lives in Florida (and no, he isn't Arabic and is probably thanking God for that fact). Like I mention in the MP3, I send musical tapes to computerless friends once in a while, and decided to kill two Stroggs with one rocket.

        The guy that sings about his video card has been dead longer than he lived. Kind of like me playing Unreal Tournament on a university server.

        The show weighs in at 25 megs, but at over an hour long it's the longest show to date, and sampled at better quality than previous shows.

        If there is some music on the show you don't recognize and want to get the CD or something, as always just email.

9/16/2001 The Springfield Fragfest

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  • This puts a date on things.

    10 years ago, Napster was already gone. My kids were born A.N.

    Can there be 20 year-old songs about video cards? In my mind, that puts us back to the era of DIP-switches and Baud ratings...

    Where are your 'casts now? Are they archived, or did they slip off to the bit-bucket in the sky?

    "Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."
      -- Thoreau

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      I still have some, but a hell of a lot of stuff has disappeared. It's mostly in the wayback machine [], but a lot isn't. The audio shows aren't, much of the javascript isn't (a pity; there was one where Sonic the Hedgehog keeps running past a Strogg, if you mouse over the Strogg he stomps the hedgehog); nothing before 2000 is there.

  • Also, we as a country have declared "war on terrorism". I just hope it's not like the "war on drugs"; sometimes metaphor substitutes for reality in Washington's twisted world, It's a little more insidious than that. We now have the cult of the Hero.
    After 10 years the wrong country got de-stabilized and cost us a crap load to build back up. Another war was practically ignored to fight it.
    The bogeyman Bin Laden was protected by our Allies.
    The economy was trashed, our status as a manufacturer has dwindle
    • by rk ( 6314 )

      It makes the War on Drugs look like a sound, cohesive plan in comparison.

"The only way for a reporter to look at a politician is down." -- H.L. Mencken