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Comment Re:So, are they lying or stupid? (Score 1) 50

If the risks in the new set of problems are more-manageable, that's a good strategy. .

Yep, agree with what you said. But you don't know whether new problems are more manageable until much later. Only point I am trying to make is that re-architecting out old problems is great, but with any non-trivial project you introduce new (improved! :^) cracks for things to fall through. Kind of like how the military is always preparing new methods to win the last war.

Comment Re: Why doesn't law enforcement get it? (Score 2) 145

Why doesn't law enforcement get it? I think the question assumes that a tiger wants to change his stripes. Law enforcement, like all organizations, always wants to expand its power and reach, especially if it's free for the asking. It is up to you and me to hold our elected leaders to task. Law enforcement has always been happy to use extra-constitutional methods to these ends until they get called to the carpet for it, and you can't expect that they will ever stop trying.

Comment Re:Nothing short of Disturbing (Score 1) 167

No, dear reader, I'm saying that the user knows and accepts that he's giving up some deliberately obfuscated amount of personal information, so she is not free of all blame. I'm just saying that a "feature" so intrusive - your device listening to your private conversations in your private residence, with no technical reason why it can't be 24x7 - is 10X more on Facebook, and trying to dismiss it as "user getting what she deserves" is unfair, and victim blaming. Which I will stand by.

Comment Re:Nothing short of Disturbing (Score 1) 167

What is reasonable expectation?

That's really the crux of the issue, isn't it? I don't think that people are stupid or uncaring just because they want to enjoy, or are seduced by, the benefits of Facebook's front door, and don't fully appreciate what they are giving up on the back door. This is a "feature" that no doubt was snuck in and pushed out via automatic update without user any the wiser, and the documentation is online but not in a place where a casual user would find it.

Jaded veterans like you and me are not surprised by this - Facebook has a long track record of playing fast and loose with what most people consider private data (Remember when they started posting Visa purchases on Friend's News Feed? "Archangel Michael just bought tickets to Star Wars movie.")

In the end, laziness and short-term memory will prevail, and Facebook will succeed in boiling live frogs.

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