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Comment Re:Reminder: CO2 is good, not bad, for environment (Score 1) 283

The jump from debate to irrational hatred and ultra- closed-mindedness is one of my least favorite features of warming alarmist sheep.

I'll let you keep believing what you like then, then I would recommend you study the atmospheric patterns of at least the US so you can understand where water actually comes from and why droughts occur, which are usually unrelated to temperature.

You can respond but I've given you the kernels for real understanding of how a warming climate affects things, it's up for you to take and grow with that understanding.

Comment Wrong, not drought like (Score 1) 283

The American Midwest will have wetter winters and springs, but summertime temperatures will rise considerably, leading to drought like conditions which will harm many crops.

Just because the temperature is hotter does NOT mean there would be drought conditions, again it all comes down to ambient moisture... the Dust Bowl happened in part because of farming, but mostly because the temperature of one ocean LOWERED in comparison to another which shifted the airflow over the midwest...

It doesn't matter if it gets hotter in the midwest as long as the current sources of moisture remain constant, which they mostly would. Hotter would be a little tougher on humans but the plant life would love it being hotter and even more humid...

Remember a lot of the predictions of what would happen (like bigger hurricanes) have been total flops because lots of people who didn't really understand atmospheric science well just made a lot of assumptions about hotter average temperatures meaning something it really doesn't in real life.

Comment Re:Reminder: CO2 is good, not bad, for environment (Score 1) 283

What is really sad is you, a brainless fucktard denier, yesterdays man, irrelevant to the modern world

Behold everyone! The pinnacle of someone who claims to be the "man of today", awash in such kindness, and humility - not to mention his boundless maturity!

Surely we should all believe everything this person does, as their intelligence is obviously without bounds and far beyond that of ordinary men, their minds immune to incorrect thought or being misled in any way.

Comment Why do you think that? (Score 1) 283

Some areas that receive lots of rainfall will continue to see lots of rainfall, and in fact will receive more.

Yes, exactly...

But other areas will become more drought prone and parts of North America that are currently arable will be, or already are, in that zone.

Why do you think that is the case? Remember that higher average temperatures increase evaporation from oceans, lakes, rivers, and those areas that have higher humidity already would just be warmer, but still have plenty of water. Dryer climates night have an issue, but even there the larger abundance of moisture in the atmosphere would probably compensate.

The mountains would get more snow than before, which means more water flowing down the rivers, so far from drying up the midwest would bloom...

Comment Re:Reminder: CO2 is good, not bad, for environment (Score 1) 283

No factual counterpoints I see - none to be had from your end because I am speaking from the standpoint of facts and science. You are the one denying that CO2 is beneficial to plant life.. I'm not denying anything, only informing people who have been told something that is wrong.

I'm sorry I have offended you faith, I do feel very sorry for you not being able to comprehend what is actually happening, being told to panic when you are fearing all the wrong things...

What will happen to you as you grow older? I have to think that choosing to hold a lie as your central tenet of belief has to have dramatic repercussions as you grow older, and the lie you choose to keep inside grows bigger as the rift with reality grows more distant... hopefully they can develop some psych meds to cure you... someday.

Comment Re:To be fair, a pretty easy run (Score 1) 183

Key is "used to", anytime I've driven North or South of Denver in the past year anything south of Ft Collins or north of Colorado Springs is a crawl pretty much any time of day... stop and go on a freeway around highway 64 at 10am on a weekday. Ugh.

Obviously the post was a bit tongue in cheek, but not by much!

Comment Reminder: CO2 is good, not bad, for environment (Score 1) 283

What's most sad about the AGW propaganda is how CO2 is made out to be some kind of monster.

A reminder that CO2 in excess causes plant life to flourish, which is beneficial to all life on earth.

The whole point of claiming CO2 was bad was that it was supposed to cause runaway warming. But we know from decades now of high CO2 without correspondingly large temperature rise, that is simply not the case. The Earth's climate is a lot more complex than CO2 in a bell jar...

Instead of being alarmed at the possibly of 2C rise in temperatures, we should be rejoicing. If we are REALLY REALLY lucky, we may be able to maintain the level of CO2 such that we would not enter another ice age... but I'm pretty sure emissions will go down enough over 100 years we will not be that lucky. It's just sad that people would push against something that is such a boon to humanity just because a handful of people want to get rich and powerful from your fear.

Comment No they do not... (Score 1) 155

People may want more battery, but they also have to choose between this and the safety of their person, their relatives, their car, house, or even the airplane they're flying on.

Wrong, every other camera maker delivers safe phones that don't catch on fire. They can have better battery life and a safe phone; just buy an iPhone.

Comment Since when? (Score 1) 502

Garbage collection requires quite a lot of upper-body strength

Nope. Modern trucks have mechanized lifts that lift garbage containers into trucks. At the dumps all of the work is with heavy equipment, which a three-year old could drive...

There is no requirement other than being in generally good physical condition.

Comment Adding a layer (Score 1) 112

I would more specifically say you saw a different drone flying, so launched a drone to document the crime.

Oops, too bad it came up with no footage of said drone! Well at least you tried.

It really opens up all kinds of fun possibilities, to get someone else to commit a crime so that you can fly a drone to record it... kids should have a lot of fun with this one! No-one said you couldn't profit off documenting crime... :-)

Comment It's worse than that (Score 3, Insightful) 502

It's not that women are not choosing to go into computer fields. It's that they are being SCARED off by being told how horrible it is for women - even though I cannot think of any field in which women are generally treated better, and respected for knowledge.

I agree we should let people choose what interest them but women currently are being painted a very false picture of what being in the computer industry is like, leading to misinformed choice.

Comment Re:Why does the ESA have a worse record of landing (Score 1) 104

I appreciate the explanation, but isn't it more that the new system was added in rush (to replace the old ones) as opposed to it being the first time used? It seems like the NASA successes were first time uses of those landing systems also, from what I remember.

Also, I really don't understand how IP applies since these are not products for commercial sale nor used for commercial purposes. I don't see where NASA could even bring a suit.

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