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Comment Re:Summary is so broken (Score 0) 143

You are wonderful. Thank you; I've worked hard to become so. I admit it, you are better than I am. Then why are you smiling? Because I know something you don't know. And what is that? I... am not left-handed. You are amazing. I ought to be, after 20 years. Oh, there's something I ought to tell you. Tell me. I'm not left-handed either.

Comment Anyone Remember Strata 3D? (Score 3, Interesting) 374

It's claim to fame was that Myst used Strata 3D for the scenes. It had a good begining, on its way to become a known name like Maya is now. Then in about 1996 their new multiplatform version became an unmangeable mess with them trying to add too many features at once. Their bank forced them to release it uncomplete and they quickly got a reputaion for releasing buggy crap. Suprisingly they are still around, but after some research I found their company is registered to a humble residential home. The company may be only be a side project for its founder now.

Comment Infrastructure is a serious cost issue (Score 1) 377

Smartphone and tablets means greater Wi-Fi and VPN needs. We have replaced our managed wireless system twice in the last 4 years, and the last one was exponentially more expensive than the previous. Good thing devices are going to 5ghz, because we have 2.4 ghz maxed out, meaning adding more access points will not add anymore capacity for 2.4 Ghz devices. We now have 8 times the access points that we did 4 years ago.We probably are not typical though, we have about 300 employees in a smaller city with mostly 2G cell service, Verizon has spotty 3G service here, so everyone uses the Wi-Fi.

Comment Class 6 are useally as fast as Class 10 (Score 3, Interesting) 164

I always buy Class 6 SD cards, why because there slightly cheaper then Class 10 nearly always a smiler or identical card when from the same brand. Do I sound illogical? Study the specification, Class 10 has a less rigorous testing metric, they don't do any random access tests on Class 10 cards. So far I've had the best performance with Sanddisk Ultra class 6 cards. I admit I do push the random access on some of my uses, like using it has the system drive for a Nook Color, booting UBCD4win on a ISOSTICK. and as a system drive for a couple ARM Developer boards.

Comment Smartphones are fragile (Score 2) 587

Face it all modern smartphones with their large glass screens are fragile. Older iPhones with their steel cases and smaller screens can take a little more abuse, but nothing like a rugged dumb phone. It not rocket science, you have to invest in a decent case and screen protector.

Comment Only learn by doing, but getting started is hard (Score 1) 247

I think you can only learn by doing. I think I can empathise with struggling to learn programming. I only took the beginning programming class in collage only 4 times. Then I got a perfect score last time I took it, because I found an aid to help me get started coding. I very grateful for Nick Parlante, his lectures suck for beginners, but he made the free website codingbat.com were you can interactively get started on guided coding exercises. He only has it for Java and Python. I would recommend learning Python before other languages. Then I recommend to find a simple project that is interesting to you and keep going until you can figure out how to finish it.

Comment Diversity in knowlege is pretty usefull (Score 0) 221

Knowing other ways to communicate or approach things is very useful. My boss once questioned my interest in Linux was hindering my abilities in Windows. I pointed out that I was often figured out different approaches to solve a problem when my coworkers got stuck because of my knowledge of Linux. He didn't question my interest in Linux again. I'm sure diversity in doing things instead of single mindedness is nearly always valuable.

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