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Comment Re:I use mythtv (Score 1) 355

Really? 8TB of hard drive space just because the guy is too lazy to go grab a DVD when he wants to watch it?

I'm currently contemplating exactly that. But I'll admit, I am pretty lazy. (And technically, I think I only need about 6 TB at the moment.)

Avoiding the "because you bought this, we'll lecture you on why you should've bought it" intros does have some real appeal too.

Comment Re:Blame XKCD for this one (Score 4, Insightful) 171

But due to the paranoid delusions of many, many Americans, air travel is now less convenient than it was 20 years ago.

It's true. Usually we drive from North Dallas to my mother's family's house an hour west of San Antonio. It's about 6 hours by car on average, since we only travel down there on busy holiday weekends. Finally with a good job I decided to "treat" us to a 45 minute plane ride. Between parking, security, waiting on the tarmac, picking up luggage and getting the rental car it actually took us 7 hours to get to our destination. I'm seriously looking at starting a PAC to get high speed light rail between Dallas and San Antonio (with a stop in Austin of course).

Comment Re:Doublespeak (Score 1) 400

Yeah, except with MPEG-LA charging website owners a per-video fee (ensuring most webmasters avoid it) and with both Firefox and Opera refusing to implement it, h.264 already lost the battle as well.

Next Opera version will use GStreamer, which means that, as soon as there's an H.264 codec for it (isn't there one already?), Opera will happily support it.

As for Firefox - given that Google backs H.264, wanna bet that there will soon be a (closed-source, but cross-platform) Firefox plugin that will enable support for it?


Submission + - Google Summer of Code announces mentor projects!

mithro writes: "As everyone should already know, Google is running the Summer of Code again this year. For those who don't know, GSoC is where Google funds student's to participate in Open Source projects and has been running for 5 years, bringing together over 2600 students and 2500 mentors from nearly 100 countries worldwide. Google has just announced the projects which will be mentor organizations this year. It includes a great list of Open Source projects from a wide range of different genres, include content management systems, compilers, many programming languages and even a bunch of games!"

Submission + - Another warning over IPv4 address exhaustion (

FireFury03 writes: "The BBC is running a story on the IPv4 address exhaustion problem. The chairman of ICANN is warning that IPv4 addresses will probably run out in 2-3 years and we really need to roll out IPv6 now. The article notes that he is also Google's chief internet evangelist (Google still don't publish an IPv6 address for their search engine).

We keep getting these warnings, but very few ISPs and domestic router manufacturers seem to act (is it even possible to get a domestic ADSL router that does IPv6 without putting custom firmare on it yet?) Will we see a large scale roll-out of IPv6 soon, or will the industry wait until the sky falls in before acting?"

Hardware Hacking

Submission + - iPhone Now Hacks Itself ( 2

hackshack writes: "Unlocking an iPhone to add third party apps and themes used to be a tedious, risky process. A team of hackers have released a utility called AppSnapp, which makes it simple enough for Grandma to use. Simply visit the AppSnapp homepage on your iPhone- the software automatically "jailbreaks" the phone and installs the package manager, in about a minute. It even patches the iPhone TIFF vulnerability while it's at it."

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