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Submission + - Adblock plus to Launch Ad Platform for acceptable ads (

Deathlizard writes: Adblock Plus in it's latest Beta Version Has Officially Became Adware.

Starting today we’re launching the beta version of a fully functional ad-tech platform that will make whitelisting faster and easier. To do it, we teamed up with publisher platform-provider ComboTag to build what will be known as the Acceptable Ads Platform, an interactive platform that lets publishers and bloggers choose from a marketplace of pre-whitelisted ads that they can drag and drop onto their sites.

Comment Re:Patch as we always do. (Score 1) 405

Yes i know that. That's where the 'technically' in my first post comes in. Anniversary Does not take 7 or 8 keys at least from the test I did but the December update still does and you can update that to anniversary no problem, but no one really knows if it's going to come up as a pirate at some point or another. I highly doubt MS will do this but you never know.

It would have been just easier to extend the free offer indefinitely but if MS doesn't want to do that then so be it.

Comment Patch as we always do. (Score 1) 405

Frankly, if this finally fixes the issue where windows 7 searches windows update for hours taking 100% of a core and 1-2GB of RAM in the process then I'm all for it.

One of the reasons I was recommending people to upgrade to windows 10 was for this issue alone. Hell, Half of my "my computer is slow" calls this week were for this issue alone, which now I can't recommend to upgrade to 10 cause it's no longer (technically) free.

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