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Comment VP's are a Impeachment Shield anymore. (Score 1) 382

The only reason the last few VP picks existed was for impeachment shields.

No one would dare impeach Bush or Obama because the VP would be worse.

It wouldn't surprise me if she gets an impeachment charge before her first year of office ends with Kaine as the VP. If she Chose Pelosi or Warren the Republicans would at least think about it before going forward. Even Bernie would have been a better shield and at least his followers would vote Clinton in the hopes that Bernie gets in through the back door instead of sitting back at home or voting Trump out of spite.

Comment Not all is bad. (Score 5, Informative) 209

I had an issue with being double-charged for an app from the app store about 5 years ago. Went to Apple's support site, wrote a description of the problem, then was asked if I would like THEM to call ME. Not the other way around. Clicked yes, a calendar popped up in which I selected the time window in (IIRC) 10 minute increments when I wanted them to call me.

Within a couple minutes of the 'start' my phone rang and I was chatting with a nice guy (said his name was Daniel in Texas). He already had my records up and he called to ask me if I wanted a credit on my iTunes account or refund to my card. He then said he'd call me back when it was done. About 10 minutes later he called me back and said the credit was issued.

That is exemplary customer service and one reason their customer satisfaction is always rated so high.

Comment Re:Textbook example of how to game a test. (Score 1) 260

No. There is something to Edge's efficiency. At least vs Chrome I've noticed it.

I have an old Lenovo S10e with an SSD and 2GB Ram running Windows 10, running on a first gen Atom Processor. When I installed Chrome on it it would take minutes before the main windows for chrome would show up. same goes for IE. Edge however would take up to 15 seconds tops. It also ran much better than chrome when browsing sites performance wise. Pages came up faster, video played smoother and pages would scroll smoother than Chrome Although Edge still sucks for general browsing vs Chrome rendering wise with some sites, but it's better than when it first came out on 10.

The Anniversary update will be the real test. Extensions do work on Edge and Adblock plus is pretty much the Chrome version with multiple lists and icons (although its interface is laggy, but it's still in beta so Not sure if it an Edge or ABP issue though). It also handles problem pages better than the current Edge.

If they keep refining Edge as they have so far, it could be a serious Chrome contender, but until the anniversary version comes out it's pretty much still in beta. A very efficient Beta, but a beta nonetheless.

Comment Hillary need not worry (Score 0) 421

She has already admitted to multiple felonies related to mishandling classified information. Nothing happened. It is hard to imagine anything that Wikileaks could dump that would harm her at this point. There will be no criminal charges so long as Obama holds the Presidency and obviously none should Hillary win, and should she lose Trump won't waste the political capital to bring her to justice either.

Her voters already know she is a criminal, they are not voting for her in spite of the knowledge, but because of it. It demonstrates she possesses the Will to Power they consider a requirement in a leader.

Comment Overall issues I've found (Score 1) 982

First off I recommend upgrading to 10. It runs better especially on lower ram systems, and there is definitely improvements in app performance and startup.

That being said, these are the issues I've run into upgrading users to 10

1) Update your BIOS! Especially if its a Laptop: There are issues with the screen going black after updating to 10 that are caused by an outdated BIOS, especially on older Dell Vostro and some ASUS systems. If you forget chances are you can get a screen by plugging in a monitor but update the BIOS to avoid it in the first place.

2) if you have IDT audio installed on your PC, remove the driver NOW from programs and features!: Older Versions of this driver is FUBARed and will cause explorer to crash infinitely while it is migrating your profile, which will screw it up to the point where you will have to rollback to 7. Cheap Dells, HP's and Toshiba's usually have this sound card. 10 Will detect it as a HD audio codec and will work fine without the crashing, or use the latest 8.1 driver if your manufacturer actually has one. Not sure why MS doesn't detect this as incompatible during its check.

3) Windows update on windows 7 will screw you out of time: Windows update is so FUBARed on 7. it alone is a reason to upgrade to 10. I've found the best way to update from 7 is to install windows 10 setup to a flash drive, keep the upgrading system off the network until you see the installing windows circle, and open a administrative command prompt and "net stop wuauserv" about every 5 minutes during install. This will cut load times down significantly cause the install process will start a windows update session every 5 minutes and with win7 taking about 2 hours a checkin the above will get 10 installed in minutes rather than hours

4) Profiles may not migrate on first run and run temporary profile: Seems to happen to a lot of 2010-2011 HP units for some reason. Boot with safe mode and the profile should fix itself although the start menu will be clean of Squares.

5) Wifi card goes AWOL after Shutdown/Sleep: See this one constantly with 2013-2015 Dell laptops with a dell customized broadcom driver. Some people say removing the Dell driver altogether and using the 10 driver works but YMMV also the latest Dell driver does not fix this issue. I typically disable fast startup and Wifi Power saving options to get around this one but it will still happen from time to time.

6) Start menu and/or Windows store/control panel disappears or will not load: running tweaking.com all in one repair with all checks enabled and leave the system on overnight seems to fix this one. also reseting default apps may get this one fixed. if it doesn't fix after doing the above than use your win10 Stick to reinstall Win10 as an upgrade install.


Microsoft, Facebook, YouTube and Others Agree To Remove Hate Speech Across the EU 405

Tech giants in conjunction with European Union are taking a stand to fight hate speech. Microsoft, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Facebook have launched "code of conduct" aimed at fighting racism and xenophobia across Europe. The companies aren't legally obligated, but have agreed to "public commitments" to review the "majority of valid notifications for removal of illegal hate speech" in less than 24 hours, and make it easier for law enforcement in Europe to notify the firms directly. From a TechCrunch report: Tech companies will have to find the right balance between freedom of expression and hateful content. Based on the code of conduct, they'll have dedicated teams reviewing flagged items (poor employees who will have to review awful things every day). Tech companies will also educate their users and tell them that it's forbidden to post hateful content. They'll cooperate with each other to share best practice. They'll encourage flagging of hateful content and they'll promote counter speech against hateful rhetoric. It's good to see that this issue got escalated and the European Commission was able to come up with a code of conduct quite quickly. Instead of making tech companies deal with every single European country, they can agree on rules for the EU as a whole."The recent terror attacks have reminded us of the urgent need to address illegal online hate speech," Vera Jourova, EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, wrote in the European Commission press release. "Social media is unfortunately one of the tools that terrorist groups use to radicalise young people and racist use to spread violence and hatred. This agreement is an important step forward to ensure that the internet remains a place of free and democratic expression, where European values and laws are respected."

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