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Comment Re: Windows 10 Mobile is a Benchwarmer (Score 1) 180

Well, they already have an arm variant of win10 that can run native x86 desktop apps in emulation. It's only a matter of time before they ditch continuum and windows mobile and make a phone interface mode for Windows 10.

At least then the HP Elite X3 design would make a lot more sense (especially with some sort of laptop conversion dock a la Motorola atrix)

Comment Re:so go use linux? (Score 1) 419

That's not the point here. I'm all for being on the latest OS and all, but explicitly blocking updates for no other reason other than the processor is new (Especially on Windows 8.1 that is still under mainstream support until 2018 and is still actively sold by MS) is just stupid. All that point you are treated worse that a windows pirate is. At least a Pirate can get critical updates...

The only way I would even think of supporting MS in this decision is if Windows 10 was free to windows 7 and 8.1 users indefinitely, but since that is not happening they better have a better reason than "Processor Too New".

Comment Re: Meaningless (Score 2) 745

Yeah. Because when I think of the bulletin of atomic sciences I think climate science

I would be more receptive to climate change affecting the clock if the bulletin was pushing atomic energy research and development as a clean energy replacement to coal but it seems like they don't or it falls on deaf ears because the media is too busy using this change to call Trump Hitler than to report about their purposed energy policies

Comment Re:What... WHAT? (Score 1) 401

Yahoo! the name is the only thing worth over a billion dollars. Everything else Yahoo does is done better by someone else. Hell the only reason I can even think of why Verizon is buying Yahoo and not use the name is so they can finally get their customers off of the Yahoo Experience Email Clusterfuck they put their customers into almost a decade ago.

It's like buying the Dead Corpse of Seabiscuit for a billion dollars and renaming it Sparkle Princess.

Comment Re:Leave. (Score 1) 433

The company is a simple mom and pop Tech Company. The owners were literally husband and wife. The Husband knew tech and understood its complexities. The Wife understood finances. Pretty sure neither of them knew how to manage.

My previous job before the tech company was at a College for about 11 years. I enjoyed it for 9 years until the president was given a vote of no confidence and was replaced by another president that wanted to basically turn us into the college he came from. He fired the CIO after he set him up to fail and literally replaced him with his brother in law. the New CIO got my boss to retire and started to screw over my performance by promoting someone who had no idea what was going on in my old boss's position. Since I was already doing the job of two techs, (since they fired one of them) dealing with my mom's terminal illness at the time and forced me to read This and write a book report on it, (which I did. Looking back it probably helped me in the second job. I pretty much was Dr Gregory House M.D. in the emergency room when it came to demeanor with students.) I switched to the tech company I've been talking about. For what it's worth the college's sysadmin quit the same day I did and I had no idea until he walked into HR the same time I did. All in all when the President started there was 11 people in IT at this college. When I left, only 1 of the original team of 11 was still there and over 1/3 of the entire college staff retired, quit or was fired over a 1 year period. Since then my replacement i trained quit. The Boss's Replacement Quit. They went through Two sysadmins with a third that I heard quit right on the spot on the first day, and the CIO brother in law followed the president to be VP of IT of the college the president eventually switched to. I'm sure their college's IT dept is having the same fun ride I went through.

The first few years of the tech company I enjoyed. it was easy work, There was no MicroManagement for me or the server admin, (although I heard the Web Devs were MMd to death during that time) the customers were better to deal with than some of the students and i got real close with the employees. It was when we started to expand that it got nerve wracking. it was about that time they they started squeezing the stone to try to get blood to come out of it, and they got happy when it started bleeding not realizing that the blood was coming from their hand and not the stone.

My current job is at a K-12 school. The only reason I got this job was probably from the references I put from the college years since the IT team have stayed close through the years. Even with all of the chaos, screaming kids, and working in between, it's not as bad because there isn't any MicroManagement or work to death conditions yet. If and when that happens I can assure you I'll be out of there.

Comment Re:Leave. (Score 1) 433

It seems like the smaller Tech companies do this more than the big ones when it comes to extreme micromanagement. Im not surprised that there isn't someone with a similar or even worse experience.

They didn't have anything logging our screens. (as far as I know, but I built my PC's OS image, had full admin on the systems, and was their senior AV tech. I could smell screen scraping and rootkits a mile away so I was pretty sure my pc's was clear at least.) I was Pretty positive they were logging DNS entries and Internet. They had cameras in the building but they were only watching the entry points cause just about everybody would have quit on the spot if they put cameras on us. Pretty sure the few cams they had had mic's on them. One former employee was convinced the building was Mic'd either through the cams, the phone system or both. I even called them on it and when I brought up our state's wiretapping policy (which covers listening devices and recording without being informed) we got a new employee handbook that pretty much confirmed that they were doing it.

In our state (Pennsylvania by the way), they also had laws governing overtime. you couldn't have more than two people on Salary at any one time. They had to take us all off of salary and moved us to Hourly because of it. I was averaging about 60 hours. Server admin was pushing 80+. I was trying to take stuff off of him when I could but most of his stuff towards the end was exchange migrations from SBS and he was the only guy that had any success with that and I was forced to pretty much live at the customer with the scissor lift because they had 100+ mission critical Thin clients running their industrial complex and no one on staff that could fix anything so they had us on full contract. If anything broke from the entire internet down to this machine froze we need someone to hold the power button in for 6 seconds I had to do a 20 minute onsite. They eventually had me going there every morning so they didn't have to pay me mileage. We should have never took that client and before the micromanagement when into full steam they were the #1 reason I was going to leave that place. They were #2 when I left.

Our overtime justified adding a new employee. So they tried. I say tried because in Western Pennsylvania it's pretty rural and either the North south or West CIties would suck out the talent. I came from a college with 11 Years of client administration, repair and AV removal under our belt. The Server admin came from another Tech company from the south and had a lot of experience with repair and knew what he was doing. We also had two web coders on site doing site creation. one was let go. the other eventually went west to do DBA work which freed up money for more techs. The two owners (the managers) decided to move to the Carolinas for some reason in which one did tech work so we were saddled with his work as well. Guy #1 was a guy from a CSR shop. CSR killed his brain so he was let go. Guy #2 admined for a county courthouse and was good, but slower than us. they put the Micromanagement Screw to him and he walked out. Guy #3 was another CSR but with a brain. They MM him so bad he wasn't sleeping because of the Anxiety Meds his doctor had to put him on and he Walked. Guy #4 came straight from college and was very green so they hired Guy #5 that worked for the Volunteer fire dept and knew some tech but was perfect because he was great with the front desk and would shield the customers from us that were stressed to the point that we didn't care anymore. Also Keep in mind that all this hiring was roughly over a period of 1 year.

Anyway whenever they hired someone they would put pressure on both me and the server admin about time, and our answers were always "we can't get the techs up to speed because once we do they leave." That didn't work for them. Guy #3 I pretty much had trained for the big site and even his mother worked there so it was perfect. Two weeks later he was gone and his mother told me about the stress. This is was made the MM that much more excruciating. You can do that in a big city when you have a job pool so big you can replace people in a day or two. It took us literally weeks to get a person that wasn't really ready for the job and he would leave because of the MM environment. Also in rural areas rumors spread fast that we were going through employees like water so customers were asking us what's going on. They knew the Owners moved so they asked about that and worse, potential employees saw what was going on and avoided us like the plague. We lost 5 potentials to other places due to that alone.

As for the Stockholm Syndrome. You know you have it in your company if over half of the employees will leave with you if you started your own company. I could have easily walked out of there with all of the employees, over half of the consumer clientele and at least a quarter of the business clientele but didn't want to deal with the paperwork or initial capital expense for it. That and we had a client we worked for that this exact scenario actually happened to. I was at this place for 4 years and that company was still suing the employees that left and the company they created. I wasn't going to deal with that either.

Comment Re:Leave. (Score 5, Interesting) 433

It's not worth it. period. There are better jobs out there.

My previous job I was at was micromanaged severely, which isn't exactly the same thing as Gaslighting, but it screws with your job performance and sanity in similar ways. It was so bad I had to make an app out of Google forms on my phone to literally log everything I do every minute of every day on the job. And then get bitched at because I missed 10-15 minutes or so on the report it generated (or missed logging the ticket in one of the three different ticketing systems and the calendar we had) cause of unexpected things turning up, like climbing a scissor-lift at 3 in the morning on a Sunday at one of our clients cause a UPS three stories up in the ceiling decided to shit the bed and then not get paid for half of it cause I had to wait an hour and a half for the skeleton maintenance crew to actually find it.

The other thing you need to understand is that you come first. Everybody, and I mean Everybody that worked at this place had something that I could only describe as Stockholm Syndrome. Everyone under management hated the way the company was managed and how they were treated but they were real close to their coworkers and nobody wanted to leave because they knew it would screw the rest of the team or the company would go under if they left. We thought we could get management to see the light but got nowhere. This kept me there for almost a year longer than I should of stayed.

I finally got out, and was willing to give them two weeks to transition my duties, but my new employer wanted a reference from my current employer, Which they refused to give positive or negative because it "was their choice to do so". When I called them on it they literally called me and my coworkers into a meeting and wanted me to repeat the question to everybody so that they could 1) divide the coworkers up and turn them against me. and 2) show them what will happen if they tried to leave. As the meeting was talking place my new employer called and would accept me without the reference if I would take a 6 month probationary period, Which I accepted over speakerphone, handed them my office keys and walked out of the meeting and the door. No way I was giving them two weeks either way and let the bosses screw my career over by making shit up about my performance after they pulled that stunt.

I am now working at a place where I am being Paid less (with better benefits that offset the loss however) and working twice as much but I'm not being micromanaged and that's good enough for me. I'm not as stressed out, I've lost weight and I'm not on call 24/7 (although I'm still on the old companies alert system. during Christmas break I would have got called out no less than 10-15 times) so I can sleep at night and actually take vacation time without worrying that all hell was going to break loose when I was away.

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