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Submission + - Data Center Operators Double as Energy Brokers (

mattOzan writes: When data centers first opened in the 1990s, the tenants paid for space to plug in their servers with a proviso that electricity would be available. As computing power has soared, so has the need for electricity, turning that relationship on its head: electrical capacity is often the central element of lease agreements, and space is secondary. While lease arrangements are often written in the language of real estate, they are essentially power deals.

Comment Re:Firefox *16*!? (Score 2) 165

Firefox Extended Service Release (ESR) is available for those who require consistency in the UI for a longer term.

Major version releases are only every 12 months. There is a minor patch release every six weeks which coincides with "normal" Firefox version updates. All security patches are deployed to both release channels, but feature enhancements are not deployed to the ESR channel between major version releases..

Comment Re:WTF is wrong with you people? (Score 5, Funny) 606

Those are essentially the only barrier to success. Developing those might take a while. Maybe even another century. But saying it's never going to happen??? What are you guys expecting? MAD? Rapture? The sun going supernova? Teleportation devices? Fuck, you disappoint me.

Maybe we just know something you don't know. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

First Person Shooters (Games)

Halo 2 Online Preservation Effort Ends 201

A couple weeks ago, we discussed news that some dedicated Halo 2 fans were keeping the game's multiplayer alive after support for online play was dropped. Now, a few days shy of a month after support ended, the last users have been knocked off the server. "[A user named] Apache N4SIR outlasted everyone. 'May 11th @ 0158hrs I was FORCEFULLY REMOVED!!' he wrote on the forums at 'I thought I'd be the one turning off the lights but that was done for me. Good night everyone, my Elite needs a rest.' His last comrade in arms, Agent Windex, was still signed on, as spotted by Kotaku at 4 p.m. US Pacific Time on May 10, but their adventure, which began on April 15, ended after Windex announced 21 minutes later that he had been removed from play and Apache N4SIR suffered a similar fate hours later, as he described in his post."

Comment Anthropomorphizing data (Score 2, Interesting) 245

Data is not "consumed." That is a ridiculous way to put it. Tt has no shelf life, it produces no waste byproducts, it can be reused indefinitely. It is transmitted, stored, deleted, and maybe in there it delivers information to a brain. Even then, do we really delete data, or just representations of data?

Comment Re:Good Move (Score 1) 309

" Andre-are you at work today? Gimme a call - 301-555-5555. Gerry" You think Gerry's not already getting a call from someone looking to cash in, or who just thinks they're being funny?

How many of these numbers still ring up the person who carried the device in 2001? Probably not many. Vanishingly small number, in fact. This was before the whole cell phone number portability thing. I don't think I have a single phone number from 2001 that is still in use for me.

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