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Comment Re:Liberals to the rescue! (Score 2) 139

The biggest problem with liberalism is liberals.

That would be people that are driven by what "feels right" versus what "makes sense". They will happily ignore important legal principles that protect us from tyranny so long as they happen to be getting their way. They give no thought to the future or potential consequences.

They only fixate on getting the free rainbow unicorn. They give no consideration to how much the stable fees will be.

Modern liberals also have also abandoned classical liberal values. They deserve scorn an derision just for that.

Comment Re:I could not agree more (Score 1) 1001

Bubble sort is something that should stick in your head like mental debris simply because you should have been exposed to it as a computer science student. It's like any number of other things from the standard curriculum that "smart people" seem to be ignorant of.

It's more along the lines of did you go to school for this? Did you attend class? Did you actually pay attention?

If you've forgotten everything you've ever been taught in the life just what value do you think you bring to any team?

Comment Re: Editors, you stripped the original title (Score 1) 642

Except some women like being grabbed by the pussy and will happily accommodate you given the right conditions. They have their own free will and sometimes they make choices you don't approve of. THAT was the whole point of the anecdote that certain people get their panties in a bunch over.

Screeching modern feminists have a problem accepting the idea that they can both be respected and a sex object. This is a pretty sad 50s idea really.

They want to control women's bodies every much as religious old men do. They just use a different pretense to come justify their actions.

Comment Re:Then 38,928 Incorporated Cities in US are "Smal (Score 1) 115

If NO ONE else were interested in servicing your entire town sure. Even then, this clause would apply if and only if they ONLY serviced your town and nothing else. Unless your town is 100 miles away from anything else, I don't see that being a real problem in Denmark.

Reno is not a bad example of a town literally in the middle of nowhere.

You would probably think of it as living on the Moon and net neutrality would probably be low on your list of complaints.

Comment Re:Mostly, send the snowflakes to Venezuela (Score 2) 192

> so in your mind, treating people the way you would want to be treated is fascism?

That is such a stupid way to put things. You have no idea how people want to be treated. You very likely couldn't handle being treated the way that that many of us would happily tolerate or even prefer.

That's not even getting into the interesting stuff.

You would melt into a puddle of goo if I applied the Golden Rule you.

Comment Re:Mostly, send the snowflakes to Venezuela (Score 2) 192

Oddly enough, one of the best teams I was ever on was a group where people didn't collectively have steel rods up their asses. It ran well and efficiently. Teamwork was excellent. The boss was demanding but did a very good job at cultivating talent being much more effective at genuine "social justice" than most people that like to whine about it loudly.

It actually worked better than a climate of terror inspired by threats of litigation.

Despite the apparent "evil locker room atmosphere", people didn't push individual tolerances too much. Any real nonsense would have been dealt with most severely. If there was a problem you dealt with it then and there.

This Uber situation is basic leadership fail rather than a lack of political correctness or decorum.

Comment Re: Umm (Score 1) 402

> *right out of the gate, Team Trump said (in effect) "We're going to lie." (#alternativefacts)

That's not lying, that's disputing the facts.

The innaugration photos were "liberal narrative" at it's best. Bowling green was one of those "foiled by the FBI" things that the liberal media is happily engaging in itself this very moment.

The whole "Russia" thing is simply delusional. No one that has ever stepped out the liberal bubble takes it seriously. A good portion of the country has hated Hillary since she was first lady. They didn't need any encouragement from the Russians.

Comment Re: Umm (Score 1) 402

> I had to wait hours in line to go to the only licensing facility in my county,

OMG a wait in line at the DMV. That never happens to "privileged people". Save your sob story. We've all been there. It's just that it's not an option for most of us because we have to DRIVE to WORK. The sh*t isn't optional so we put up with it. We don't whine and make excuses about it.

What you're describing is pandering to the "can't be bothered" crowd. They simply don't value voting. That's their problem, not society's problem.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 402

> Also mass deportation. Which, incidentally, will require the construction of concentration camps or something functionally identical to them.

Obama deported plenty without them. This is the problem with people on both sides. They only see what they want to see. Their preferred source of propaganda will feed into this.

Nearly all sources of "journalism" are now shameless party rags that have a predefined narrative. Anything outside the narrative gets dropped. They also may tell blatant falsehoods. Their version of the facts may bear no resemblance to reality. Unless you have a first hand source of your own, it's difficult to catch onto this but very glaring once it happens.

So called "news" has become entertainment and media has cranked up the nonsense in order to keep eyeballs.

Both sides are equally rubbish. You need to see the same story from different bias points just to get something remotely reasonable.

After the last election, this should be obvious to anyone with any sort of capacity for independent thought.

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