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Comment Re:Netflix v. Cable? How about Netflix v. HBO (Score 1) 171

That's great until you want some resource from some remote location you think is worthless. That could be a natural resource, or something that you don't want located in your back yard.

Your concrete jungle is pretty helpless disconnected from those areas that aren't "economically valuable".

Comment Re:..doesnt factor in connection cost. (Score 1) 171

As a uni-tasker, the DVR has a much superior interface for doing that one thing that it does. Streamers are the same way. It's really stupid to do your video viewing on a PC unless it's operating as a video appliance.

Desktop apps exhibit varying degrees of suckage in this department.

Comment Re:Cable content is worth more (Score 1) 171

A lot of cable content is total dreck and 40 year old reruns. 4 channels worth of content have been spread over 500 channels. A lot of channels are things like golf and shopping. Others are only useful for a single show. A lot of the "first run" stuff is the same formulas recycled ad infinitum.

Comment Re:In his Mother's basement (Score 1) 161

> You think you're better off than someone who can afford to blow $1.5 million creating a play room in his $35 million house?

This is a requirements analysis problem. You don't have to replicate his over price Mac, you just have to come up with something that is suitable. We don't know what he had to do for that 35M house or what he still has to do for it.

It may simply be not worth the trade off.

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