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Comment Re:Bootloader & Windows Driver (Score -1, Troll) 171

The words "American" and "security" cannot be used in the same sentence. There is nothing American that can be secure, just as there is nothing "American" and "Offshore Bank Account" that can ever be used in the same sentence. If you are American, then accept that you are bound to obey the Government, pay your taxes and deny climate change. It's the American way!
Anyone hiring an American to security audit code is either stupid or naive.

Comment Renewables (Score 5, Insightful) 433

The long and short of it..we're buggered. Thankfully, we will all be dead when it gets really shitty. If you think that the countries of the world can band together to reduce emissions and turn to renewables, you are smoking the funny tobacco. I install solar in countries that have the highest electricity prices and the most sun, but they refuse to implement renewables, preferring that good old diesel products. People are inherently stupid, short sighted and greedy. Nothing but war and pestilence will cause change. Nothing else ever has.

Comment Retraining miners (Score 2) 581

Let's try to evaluate this in a non-partisan grown up way. By coding, Bloomberg is referring to America's move to eliminate all blue collar work by sending it abroad to China and Brazil, and to create great opportunities for academic pursuits, financial services and intellectual property. If there was a strong manufacturing sector, miners could be retrained to work in factories, with all the health benefits over mining, but those jobs got exported to make the multi-national companies richer and more powerful. Since large companies now own the American political process, all political efforts are concentrated on making the rich more rich at the expense of the working people.This doesn't end well.

Comment Bravery (Score 2) 148

I followed the disaster as it happened on twitter and the news, and like everyone was shocked by the deaths. I find that the criticism of the workers and TEPCO who were put in the most awful of circumstances was disingenuous. How many organizations would have done better? Put yourself in the place of one of the workers on site; power is out, your family may be dead, the water has risen and swept away most of the town, and the reactors around you have cracked in the earthquake. You have no communication, you may be about to be radiated. Many of the workers were evacuated only to be sent back in. What bravery.
We never appreciate the people who face death and do their job.

Comment Re:how does this work? (Score 1) 161

Once you have a borehole, you can put a concentric injector pipe to pump the water down and recover the resulting steam around it. Steam from hot rocks is being done all over, but boring into molten magma is new.
Magma has a habit of oozing out of chambers once there is a path to the surface, and can't be stopped once it starts. The magma is full of CO2 at high pressure and once depressurized, releases the CO2 and expands rapidly. I wonder how they will ensure they do not start an eruption? I would think there would be a significant risk of starting another problem like the Sidoarjo mud flow

Comment Not export friendly (Score 1) 397

I live in the Caribbean and buy engineering products from the USA and China. Exporting from the US is a pain. There are so many requirements implemented in the name of "Preventing Terrorism" and "keeping America Safe" that it is easier to buy from China. It seems the American Government is doing it's best to force everyone to buy from China instead of American manufacturers.
American companies do not know how to export. Ask any American company for a commercial invoice and they are lost. Customs requires one, so you would think they would figure it out. Try explaining you do not have a zip code.
Even though we have consolidation services, getting the required paperwork is more work than it is worth.
WIth Chinese companies, they will quote to deliver the product to your door, wherever you are.

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