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Submission + - Is Apache OpenOffice collapsing? (theregister.co.uk)

martiniturbide writes: On September first Dennis Hamilton, the volunteer vice-president of OpenOffice, just posted the idea of what should be the actions to shut down the Apache OpenOffice Project. His reasons to post that are the "limited capacity for sustaining" and "there is no ready supply of developers who have the capacity, capability, and will to supplement the roughly half-dozen volunteers holding the project together." He also states "My interest is in seeing any retirement happen gracefully." This quickly generated a lot of replies on the Apache OpenOffice developer’s forum of people trying to find solutions to keep the project going.
Conspiracy theories: Is this just a stunt pulled by Dennis to get people involved on Apache OpenOffice? Is Microsoft investment on the Apache Foundation starting to pay off? Does it make sense to maintain OpenOffice when there is the LibreOffice community also working on an open source office suite?

Submission + - Miniature Desk Set sold on Amazon makes people angry (gizmodo.com)

martiniturbide writes: The item is sold as “Hasegawa 62001 1/12 School Desk & Chair — figure accessories” for $10 dollars on Amazon and it clearly states its dimensions (8.7 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches) and weight (5 ounce). But believe it or not is getting a lot of negative reviews of angry customers that realize that is not a real full size desk set.

Submission + - The New OS/2 OEM release will be called ArcaOS (techrepublic.com)

martiniturbide writes: The new OS/2 distribution previously codenamed Blue Lion will be called "ArcaOS". James Sanders from TechRepublic posted and interview with Lewis Rosenthal about Blue Lion that will be released on the 4Q of 2016 and also found out that final release will be called ArcaOS 5. The article discuss the features of ArcaOS like USB bootable installer, USB (1.1 and 2) , ACPI, AHCI, and network card drivers, new OS installer, etc. It will be sold in two editions: ArcaOS Commercial Edition and ArcaOS Personal Edition.

Submission + - Uborne Children's books release for free computer books from the 80's. (usborne.com)

martiniturbide writes: To promote some new computer coding books for kids, Uborne Children's Books has put online 15 of his children books from the 80's to learn how to code games. The books are available for free in PDF format and has samples to create your game for Commodore 64, VIC 20, Apple, TRS 80, Spectrum and other. Maybe you read some of them like "Machine Code for Beginners" or "Write your own Adventure Program for MicroComputers". Other publisher should also start to make their 80's and 90's computer books available for free?

Submission + - Internet Archive's 24 Hour Fund Raising Telethon

martiniturbide writes: The Internet Archive, the online non-profit library that stores almost everything that is digital, the same that hosts a lot of classic games , hosts a massive collection of MAME ROMs and runs the WayBackMachine to preserve the internet web pages.... Is now running an old fashion 24hours fund raising telethon from Saturday 19, 12:00 PM to Sunday 20, 12:00 PM (PST). This live event is being hosted by Michelle Krasowski and Jason Scott (the guy from Textfiles.com that Wants Your AOL & Shovelware CDs) with the suppor of several guests. You can visit the telethon live video and donate to support this library.

Submission + - America's First Video Game Museum is Leveling up (kickstarter.com) 2

martiniturbide writes: Did you ever dreamed of a Museum where you can take your kid and show him/her what you used to play when young? Yes? No? Who cares? Today I found out that this museum exists and it is called “The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment (MADE)” at Oakland, California. This is non-profit videogame museum that preserves old games, has playable exhibitions, give free classes to learn to code using Scratch and host several kinds of gaming events. This museum has over 5,000 games and over 100 consoles and computers and hosted free classes for more than 400 students. Now they are launching a Kickstarter campaign because they need a bigger space.

Submission + - Jason Scott of Textfiles.com is Trying to Save a Huge Storage Room with Manuals (textfiles.com)

martiniturbide writes: Remember Jason Scott of Textfiles.com that wanted your AOL & Shovelware CDs early this year. Right now at this moment is he trying to save the manuals of a huge storage room that was going to be dumped. It is a big storage room and some of these manuals date back to the thirties. On Monday a team of volunteers helped him to pack some manuals to save them. Today he needs more volunteers at "2002 Bethel Road, Finksburg, MD, USA" to try to save them all. He is also accepting Paypal donations for the package material, transportation and storage room payment. You can also check his progress on his twitter account.

Submission + - Fans asks Disney for Tron 3 (change.org)

martiniturbide writes: Disney's Tron fans are trying an online petition requesting the third installment of the film. Their request says:
"Tron: Legacy grossed over 400 million dollars and helped more fully realize the world created in the original Tron. It's a shame that Disney has elected not to move forward with a third Tron film as the universe is ripe to be explored. Sign this petition so that we may show Disney that The Grid is too great to never be shown again and to prove that Flynn lives."

Submission + - An USB Adapter for almost all Console Controllers (kickstarter.com)

martiniturbide writes: The Retrogaming and Emulation community are putting their efforts together to support the Bliss-Box 4-Play last days on kickstarter. This is an independent produced multi console controller USB adapter supporting Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, PS3 and Raspberry Pi and it already supports 17 controller ports (NES, SNES, Sega Dreamcast, Atari 2600, Virtual Boy, DB9 and more). EmuParadise just released a ”GiveAway” to promote the project, there had been several videos reviews ( Lon Reviews Tech with the Ouya!, Lon Reviews Tech , Racketboy, Thomas Smith ) and even Zophar’s Domain came back from the underworld to try to promote this project on the last days of the funding campaign.

Submission + - All console controllers in your PC (kickstarter.com)

martiniturbide writes: Bliss-Box 4-Play is a multi console controller USB adapter with support for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, PS3 and Raspberry Pi and it already supports 17 controller ports (NES, SNES, Sega Dreamcast, Atari 2600, Virtual Boy, DB9 and more). It does it by having a variety of cables (that are available for sale or DIY) that connects to the main device and it supports up to 4 controllers at the same time. They are trying to get support via kickstater to be able to commercialize this adapter.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Why there is not a campaign against "Cloud Exclusive Hardware" ?

martiniturbide writes: Today we can see a lot of hardware that is being sold that only works only against a cloud. There are many examples, like the Belkin NetCam HD+ (wifi webcam) that only works if you run it against their service (by seedonk) and if you don’t want to use their cloud, this hardware is useless. This is happening with a lot of new hardware and it does mean that you get the device cheap for being locked to their cloud, you are paying full price for this devices. On the internet there are just little groups trying to hack some of this hardware, but the consumer does not seems to care that if the manufacturer discontinue the service the hardware will be useless. Why there are no complains against this kind of hardware on the internet? Is it useless to fight “cloud exclusive hardware”? Should we care about it? Or we are so used to disposable hardware that we don’t care anymore?

Submission + - Bliss-box launches a "Kick Starter" campaign (kickstarter.com) 2

martiniturbide writes: The dream of every emulator enthusiast is to be able to connect all the game consoles classic controllers into the USB port of the PC (and other platforms) to play games. Bliss-box had been discussing some prototypes on how to do that since 2007 on emulation forums. Now Bliss-box launched a kick starter campaign to raise money to turn the Bliss-box 4-play product into a reality, this is an "almost circular" 4 USB ports adapter that with a set of cables with allow you to connect almost any kind of gamepad/joystick to your PC.

Submission + - eComStation, OS/2 Warp and WarpStock (osnews.com)

martiniturbide writes: The Warpstock annual conference was held on Oct 24 to 26 on St. Louis, Missouri. These conferences are related to the OS/2 and eComStation platform. Currently there are two reviews of the event online at OS2World and at WarpCity2 blog. The videos are available at YouTube. Between the relevant news there is a new company called "Arca Noae" that will focus on software development for the platform. They are working on ACPI, USB, Network and other drivers for the platform. Additionally Mensys also gave some light why there haven't been activity on the last year. Arca Noae announced driver releases and software subscription products for the users of this platform. OS2World is collecting all OS/2 software source code available and uploading it at Github and for the moment they have 1340 repositories.

Submission + - RetroN 5 copyright violations and "TIVO-ization" (nintendolife.com)

martiniturbide writes: There was some complains about the legally of the source code used by the Hyperkin's RetroN 5 console (NES, SNES, Super Famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and GBA console in one). The open source project called "RetroArch" complained "SNES9x" core and "Genesis Plus GX" core source code are available under a non commercial use license. Plus they complained they used the source code of Libretro (GPL V3 ) doing a "TIVO-ization". Now Hyperkin has replied and released some of the source code to the public. But about RetroArch they said "While it is true that a few ASM functions from RetroArch were previously found in our frontend library, these were merely remnants of old test code which we unfortunately forgot to remove." RetroArch (libreto) replied again saying that the copyright violation exists because Genesis Plus GX and SNES9x-Next are non-commercial software and forbides it to be included in comercial bundles. Aditionally they claim that when RetroN 5 included the RetroArch code on their firmware (by mistake or not) they linked GPL V3 code so the previously distributed firmware should be open sourced under that license.

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