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Comment The answer is YES... YES ... YES (Score 1) 318

The issue is that there a no new COBOL programmers, you can not get resources out the University that had learned COBOL. So it is a risk for banks to keep their systems on this programming language. It does not mean that COBOL is good or bad, it is just not a language with enough critical mass to reduce the risk of a bank. The owner of that language is not making any efforts to put COBOL everywhere, it is treated as a legacy platform so money investment and innovation it is not going to be put on COBOL today. It is not about how good the language it is compared to other, it is about the market.

And by the way, to everybody that loves COBOL, please upload everything you can on to preserve the language.

Comment An excellent decision !!! (Score 1) 173

I also agree. On today's internet nobody asks for permission to show us advertising, to follow up on the internet showing us ads, try to seel us things on social networks and now ISP will sell our browsing history. So why should not a "public library" be able to just backup a full website. Also it is complete lawful for they to copy contents and information:

Good luck Internet Archive. Backup everything in the world !!! Preserve al knowledge !!!

Comment Re:Workplace Shell & virtualisation engine (Score 3, Interesting) 232

ArcaOS will have all that is on OS/2 Warp 4.52, Workplace Shell, SOM, Presentation Manager, DOS/Win16 (embedded). Running WPS on Linux may be harder, CPI needs to be cloned and open source so PM, SOM and WPS can be run over it. Visit forums if you have more questions.

Comment Digital Assets Property Record Office (Score 1) 42

I was wondering if a "Digital Assets Property Record Office" can be created using blockchain, so when I buy a Def Leppard song on iTunes it get registered that I got that property and it will also be recognized on Google Play Music and others. And the same applies to my games, so don't keep re-buying the Mortal Kombat 2.

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