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Comment Re:Workplace Shell & virtualisation engine (Score 3, Interesting) 135

ArcaOS will have all that is on OS/2 Warp 4.52, Workplace Shell, SOM, Presentation Manager, DOS/Win16 (embedded). Running WPS on Linux may be harder, CPI needs to be cloned and open source so PM, SOM and WPS can be run over it. Visit forums if you have more questions.

Comment Digital Assets Property Record Office (Score 1) 42

I was wondering if a "Digital Assets Property Record Office" can be created using blockchain, so when I buy a Def Leppard song on iTunes it get registered that I got that property and it will also be recognized on Google Play Music and others. And the same applies to my games, so don't keep re-buying the Mortal Kombat 2.

Comment An Utopia (Score 1) 383

We will be no longer forced to update software because of a platform or hardware upgrade. In the past users replaced applications for others because it won't run on a newer machine or update operating system. This is good for the user because it will save money, but bad for the software industry.

I will be still running AfterDark Screen saver on my PC.

Comment ...discontinued Google TV. (Score 1) 161

Let's remember that Google TV has been discontinued. Now it is Android TV, and if I don't get it wrong LG newer TV's now ship with WebOS. So, there is Ramsonware for the unsupported old Google TVs ? And I thought that having a discontinued OS that you can not update on a TV was bad enough.

Comment Re:Same thing being done at other libraries. (Score 1) 258

I also think that the best way to preserve a book is to also to digitize it. The open library has a great idea for copyrighted books, they scan the books they own, the books is stored in a container and they share it online only one person at the time and can not be copied. If the person don't return the digital book, the system just check it in automatically after some days. Check and Internet Archive.

Comment Re:Why purge? (Score 2) 258

There is the problem that old books that can not be sold are being purged (or recycled). I think the best way for the moment is send a copy of each book the Internet Archive Book Drive. They take some time to scan the books, but at least there is a chance for knowledge to be preserved.

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