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Comment VIA/S3 Unichrome Pro Integrated Video Adapter [BIO (Score 1) 126

I have a Intel Pentium Dual Core E2180 clone PC with a "VIA/S3 Unichrome Pro Integrated Video Adapter [BIOSTAR MICROTECH] 1106:3343" video adapter that looks like crap on Windows 10. Will it be covered by the Microsoft's upgrade requirements? Who knows?

Comment Re:Third time (Score 1) 43

LSC is a basic tool to scan for hardware malfunction on the machine. It is not critical and also does not have any third party publicity. I think that since SuperFish Lenovo has been watching his back about this subject. Specially on Thinkpads the software on Windows 10 is very limited and controlled (for the moment). Here it is a list of what I have found:

Comment No trust since SuperFish ? (Score 2) 43

It seems dumb to post every little security update to Lenovo software. It is like posting the Windows security fixes each week. It will be better to post this kind of news if a chaos starts because of this. Is this because we lost the trust with SuperFish? or it is because it is a Chinese company?

Submission + - The New OS/2 OEM release will be called ArcaOS (

martiniturbide writes: The new OS/2 distribution previously codenamed Blue Lion will be called "ArcaOS". James Sanders from TechRepublic posted and interview with Lewis Rosenthal about Blue Lion that will be released on the 4Q of 2016 and also found out that final release will be called ArcaOS 5. The article discuss the features of ArcaOS like USB bootable installer, USB (1.1 and 2) , ACPI, AHCI, and network card drivers, new OS installer, etc. It will be sold in two editions: ArcaOS Commercial Edition and ArcaOS Personal Edition.

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