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Comment Re:Nothing on my phone anyway (Score 1) 301

This friend speaks my words! I have had the same IPhone for 4 years now. During those 4 years, I have accumulated the following private information:

1. Seven photographs of some artwork at a museum in Portland, Oregon

2. Seventy phone numbers of family, friends, my drycleaners, my welding supply places, my jewelry wholsaler, my doctor, my dentist, my eyedoctor, my friends (none foreign), my church, my electronics parts wholsaler, my sewing machine repairman, seventeen fabric stores between Portland, Oregon and Bellingham, Washington, a few scrap metal distributiers, my washing machine repairman, my electrician, the local movie theater's movie times phone, LedSupply in Vermont, and other such phones

3. Nothing on the calendar except a dentist appointment two years ago for a crown replacement

4. One google maps location for a Mill End Fabrics in Portland, Oregon

5. One google maps location for the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham, Washington

6. A few text messages from my bank indicating Debit Card withdrawals taken at the Community Food Coop here in Bellingham, Washington.

7. Browser history consisting mostly of weather forecasts for both Bellingham, Washington and Portland, Oregon as well as flight times for a round trip from Portland, Oregon to Newark, New Jersey to go to mom's memorial service

And that's about it. If customs/ICE/FBI/NSA/FCC/IRS/FDA/DHS/HEW/OSS or whatever knows that I patronise Whole 9 Yards Fabrics in Portland, Oregon or volunteer at the Spark Museum in Bellingham, Washington, or have my washing machine fixed by Bodie Appliance in Belingham, Washington or I had 10,000 dollars of electrical work done by Eric Benson Electrical Service in Bellingham, Washington, or bought 700 dollars of upholstery fabric from Mill End Store in Portland Oregon to make my home made clothing that you all can see on; or that I call my sister in Belmont, Massachusetts at 9 AM on Christmas morning, then fine. I don't think I should care.

Comment Re:Remember kids! (Score 1) 406

That makes sense if you really look closely at it. If the house does not win, it does not exist. If the games were exactly even (house wins preciesly 50 percent of the time) then the Strip cannot exist. By losing more than winning, us players are the ones that are building and rebuilding and upgrading the strip and it's ever more and more glitzy casinos.

I went to LV once for CES (I was part of Intel's Keynote). I won by not touching any of the gambling stuff and leaving my hand out of my pocket unless I am paying for a meal.

Comment Re:Yeah, I'm sure that'll be a success (Score 1) 130

You forgot. San Francisco is the gayest city in the country (if not the planet). So, this has to have a gay theme as well. There is lots of material to draw from. You can do many episodes on Harvey Milk alone. And that is not even touching what the AIDS crisis has done. Take the move We Were There. That would fit in nice with this offering.

For music, we don't have to go further than the San Francisco Gay Mens Chorus and their long history with the city.

If Apple can play their cards right and plan accordingly, this can be a wonderful asset (and beacon) for the worldwide GLBTQ community.

Comment C'mon Folks! This Does Not Make Sense! (Score 1) 189


Please tell me that something is scrambled up in my brain!

I am making an assumption that the average (or mean) TV show is 60 minutes. There are some 30 minute shows. There are even some 15 minute shows (Three Stooges and Popeye are examples) and there are the 2 hour movies. Put the whole shebang together and I believe that the average/mean is 60 minutes.

There are 24 hours per day. Times 7 days per week. That is 160 hours per week.

In the old days (I am 63 years old, so I am talking about my childhood in the 1960's). There were three TV networks, PBS, and maybe one independent TV station. Boston (my childhood home) had two independents; wsbk 38 and wlvi 56.

So, let's be conservative and multiply the 160 hours per week by 4 channels in the average viewing area of my childhood (prior to cable) and you get 672.

So, that's 672 discreet programs/series per week. (Give or take). Now, Slashdot is crying on my shoulders that we have too many shows at 455.

Huh, please help me. I need to cry on Slashdot's shoulders and understand where I f**ked up.

Comment Re:McAfee (Score 1) 45

Yes, they did. However, many of those folks, like myself, are now Escaped Mental Patients From Intel Corporation. They are now living happy lives in places like the Shangri-La of Bellingham, Washington and volunteering for places such as the Spark Museum of Electrical Invention fixing antique vintage vacuum tube radios and electronics and having one heck of a good time!

Comment Re: I had a contractor recommend McEnterprise. (Score 1) 45

Yes, but I did something better. I invited your wife to be my apprentice in woodworking and cabinetmaking. She did so well that she decided to go into business making fine furniture and selling it to very fine hotels for 5,000 to 10,000 per piece. Just recently she made and sold an exact replica of an antique desk for over 50,000.

Now that she has this skill, she wants to divorce you and make a name for herself far away from the tech world!

And I did not have to come any where near having sex with her!!

Besides, I am queer with a fetish in clear plastic.

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