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Comment In Portland, Oregon, you have Movie Madness (Score 1) 185

When I lived in Portland, Oregon, I used Movie Madness on Belmont St. It's the largest video store in the Northwest, if not the entire west coast. If you live in Portland, I highly recommend you use them and drop netflix.

Now that I am retired in Bellingham, Washington, I miss them. Here in Bellingham, we have the Pickford Film Center, which is the only non-chain art cinema north of Seattle in Washington State. Between going there for movies and keeping busy with my multiple hobbies ans sports, I still have not touched any streaming service for entertainment.

The little video that I look at on line is how-to videos on Youtube on doing stuff as welding, sewing, glass engraving, and so on.

'In fact, I have done my own videos on Youtube such as thins one

Comment Most Heartfelt Thanks! (Score 1) 270


I am the person who asked the questions and I wish to thank you all very much for your kind replies and help.

This is a hobby for me. I am a retired engineer from Intel in Portland, Oregon and have moved to Bellingham, Washington.

I don't care how long this will take to learn and execute and I don't care if the first 100 tubes/amplifiers will fail. This is to be a journey for learning for me.

I have been known to make stuff that takes a long time to make and do not have corporate/commercial marketability.

As I have no boyfriend; no girlfriend; no husband; no wife; no kids and no pets; and TV sucks and Hollywood sucks and sports to me is riding a bicycle of kayaking and not watching a bunch of millionaires bashing into each other on a green plastic carpet under bright tv lights; I have the time and my entertainment is myself doing these things.

To tell you the truth; once my journey is over and I have a working amplifier; I will most likely give it away or put it onto the shoulder of the road for free and then move onto the next project. It's the process and not the final item that lures me.

Humbly and respectfully yours,

Mark Allyn Bellingham, Washington

Submission + - Ask Slashdot - Need Help In Making My Own Vacuum Tubes 2

mallyn writes: I hope this is appropriate for a geek forum. I want to try to make my own vacuum tubes. Is there anyone here who has tried DIY vacuum tubes (or valves to you Europeans)? I need help getting started (how to put together the vacuum plumbing system; how to make a glass lathe; what metals to use for the elements (grid, plate, etc). If this is not the correct forum, can anyone please gently push (shove) me into the correct direction? It needs to be on-line as my physical location (Bellingham, Washington) is too far away from the university labs where this type of work is likely to be done.

Comment Re:Wireless Headphones (Score 1) 105

Yeah, first of all, you should have mentioned Vitamix Professional series blenders. They are faster and louder.

But what I want to say is to have good audio that is truly yours and something to be proud of, you need to make your own vacuum tube amplifier and then use it to power real electrostatic headphones over a wire.

And the source? Vinyl.

Comment Re:The best feature is the lack of systemd. (Score 2) 94

Folks: Can you please knock off the childish behavior? Dorothy Gove, the director of my childhood montessori school (and whos mentor is Mrs. Montessori herself) is spinning so fast in her grave that the neighbours of the cemetery are filing noise complaints with the Winchester, Massachusetts police :(

Comment Re:I've been the subject of a MAC address error (Score 1) 124

Wait a minus dear . . .

You're saying that because the neighbour plugging in a modem caused an amplifier in your basement to catch fire?

That's like the neighbour plugging in a toaster and causing my bedside radio to catch on fire??

I know the dark force is awakening, but this is going a bit far :(

Comment Re:Perfect security (Score 1) 460

Well, I was at the Goodwill Bins (very famous Goodwill store here in Portland, Oregon) and I saw a pile of routers for cheep. Knowing how much the airline complain about money when they lower the pilots' salaries and now want to do away with the copilot; this might be a good source. :)

Comment Isn't This Just Telecommunications Equipment??? (Score 1) 47


This is not about trying to make something exiotic that has to last forever in hostile space environments without ability for hands-on repair.

This is ground based telecommunications equipment!

I don't understand what can make this go so far over budget and over-time. Ground based telecommunications equipment, including satellite base stations are commodity items that are off-the-shelf.

Ham radio operators have been building satellite ground stations as well as terrestrial communications equipment for years on-the-cheep.

Luv & Peace

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 279

Gawd! If you want to do this, use your own bicycle and leave the company car back in the company garage!!! This comment is going to give me nightmares!!! If you use your own bicycle and it's an old junker, you can just leave it when you hear the sirens and scoot out of there and into a nearby bar. At least you wont get fired.

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