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Submission + - Ask Slashdot - Need Help In Making My Own Vacuum Tubes 2

mallyn writes: I hope this is appropriate for a geek forum. I want to try to make my own vacuum tubes. Is there anyone here who has tried DIY vacuum tubes (or valves to you Europeans)? I need help getting started (how to put together the vacuum plumbing system; how to make a glass lathe; what metals to use for the elements (grid, plate, etc). If this is not the correct forum, can anyone please gently push (shove) me into the correct direction? It needs to be on-line as my physical location (Bellingham, Washington) is too far away from the university labs where this type of work is likely to be done.

Submission + - Search Engine more dangerous than Google (

mallyn writes: This is an article about a search engine that is designed to look for devices on the net that are not really intended to be viewed and used by the general public. Devices include pool filters, skating rink cooling system, and other goodies

Submission + - Linus, Theo De Radt, and Richard Stallman to swim the English Channel

mallyn writes: As a gesture of unifying their ideologies, Linus Torvalds, father of Linux; Theo De Radt, father of OpenBSD; and Richard Stallman, father of GNU; will together swim the English Channel on Thursday, April 18th, which is the day that Microsoft will release its earnings information.

Submission + - What would happen if slashdot were to magically dissapear

mallyn writes: "Folks:

What would happen to life if some good fairy were to wave a magic wand and cause Slashdot to disappear overnight?

Considering some of the comments that I see, could that fairy be doing society a favor by making Slashdot disappear?"

Submission + - Micro (under 1 mw) laser diode modules

mallyn writes: "Folks:

I am looking for micro power laser diodes (under 1 mw or preferably under 100 microwatts.

I am looking for something that is safe for the eyes (such as supermarket scanners). I would like to incorporate them into my light art work.

Does anyone know of a source for micro power laser diodes?

Please, don't suugest wicket laser. All of their stuff is *way* too big for my application."

Submission + - Best Graduate Schools for IT Security

mallyn writes: Folks:

I would like opinions on what are the best schools for IT Security, especially for computing forensics?

I am also looking for opinion on whether any of the so called for-profit schools that specialize in computing security are worth it or not. I have had people tell me to stay away from those programs.

I have over 20 years of IT experience with a strong background in operating system internals; I am looking for something with a good solid education and not just a degree.

Thank you for your help

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