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Journal maharg's Journal: Gmail Invite Challenge 8

The point to this is to hand out a gmail invite to the person who completes a challenge you set.

Anyone can post a challenge. The idea is similar to gmail swap, but I don't get anything in return.

Here's one from me:
How long does my brother's MkII Ford Cortina take to get from 0-60mph on slicks ?

First person to post the correct answer gets a free invite.

If you put up an answer provide your e-mail address (although feel free to disguise it such as having xyz@___h__o__t__m__ail.com delete the _).

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Gmail Invite Challenge

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  • Assuming a late 60's model, with a 1600cc engine, stock, with slicks.. 12 seconds.

    (minus president)
  • prepared for classic car races. Being competitors to alfa GTs i guess they can do it in 11 secs and even less. But are those Cortina ugly :) Ill stick with my plain alfa 2000 coupe aka giulia gt 2000 which is a beauty and beats the crap out of many two liters even today ;) I dont need a gmail invite, real men run their own mail server ;)
  • 14 seconds.

    fleona cantvAPPLE net minus fruit
  • 0 - 60 in 3.7 seconds with slicks.

    thanks. send it at gmail@@@destoo,com
    (one @ and ,=. of course)

    I had the pleasure of driving a car with a big engine a few years ago (Charger 74, 440 magnum v8) but it's dead now.

    • .. and Destoo is the winner ! Gmail invite on the way..
      • Whoa. thanks.

        I'll do my challenge in a couple of weeks, I guess.

        So how does it work.. I'll see something in my inbox next week saying I can invite a buddy?

        I've been playing around with webmail that came with my web hosting provider, but Gmail is wicked.
        • Not in the inbox - keep an eye out for a red link on the left under the green "Labels" box which says "Invite x friends to Gmail".

          I have to agree with you re the interface, it is fan-bloody-tastic. I've been using mail.yahoo.com for 7 or 8 years, and I am converted.

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