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Comment the plough (Score 1) 397

The plough was a lot more influential than the wheel. Without the plough we would never have progressed far enough to need the wheel. It provided the surplus which all over advances depend on.

In the last 100 years the most influential gadget is the washing machine. It released women from the home into the workplace, transforming society. The computer probably ranks second in importance in last 100 years but if the computer/internet combo had done as much good as one would hope then we would be a lot smarter than we are and the given answers would be less ridiculous.

Comment Re:I haven't been reading much sci-fi lately... (Score 1) 702

The problem, of course, is that Disney is evolving into the most liberal, subversive, and prosperous studio on the block.

Is it really? I wonder if you had anything specific in mind?

Maybe I'm just not as familiar with their movies, but my impression seems to be quite the opposite, especially with Disney/Marvel - war is awesome (fuck yea!), women are for decoration and/or manpain, gay people don't exist - isn't that about as non-liberal a viewpoint as it gets?

Aren't they just now starting to get out of the "token black guy" phase?

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