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Comment Re: Vagina award (Score -1, Flamebait) 180

Of course it was cheap. They outsourced all the work to India and did something other countries have been doing for years now.

I'd love to see them put someone on Mars before any other country does. Instead I expect they'll wait until it's been done elsewhere and then copy the old tech with a bunch of Indian workers doing everything by rote.

Comment Re: Goody Goody Gumdrops Google (Score 1) 429

Labeling something hate speech and trying to outlaw it is not an appropriate response to someone making claims. All it does is promote treating one group better than other groups which in turn breeds resentment.

If someone is spouting off lies and we can say they are lying beyond all doubt, then surely there is no need to silence them for their claims will easily be proven false and Noone of average (or even below average) intelligence will believe them. If, however, one or more parties have been lying or grossly exaggerating certain claims than I can understand wanting to silence anyone exposing such "alternate facts".

What's next? Labeling speech which is "clearly and beyond all doubt scientifically easily proven false as anti-scientific and Outlawing that as well?

Comment Re: Why not mark it what it really is, fake. (Score 0) 208

It's only a troubling pattern because you want it to be. Under Obama we saw an escalation of tensions between the US and Russia which could have likely rested in war between these two world leaders. We see Trump and his people reached out to Russia and have a good chance of averting war between these nations. Yet now the Trump administration are being undermined by the left every chance they get by the Democrats who are butt hurt over losing control of government under Obama and losing the election to Trump. They would rather see WW3 then let Trump and the Republicans improve America in a positive manner simply because they underestimated the determination of the "deplorables" and the apathy of the liberal left.

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