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Comment Re:Gotta coddle him! (Score 2) 308

Oooooh, the "teleprompter" attack. Not so popular since the 2016 Republican primaries when all the candidates were observed using Teleprompters extensively (as do all high-level executives and politicians). Still, one would have thought it would have been dropped after President Obama demolished the House Republicans in the 20-on-1 health care mini-debate. Takes some learnin' I guess.


Comment Re:A wasted vote... (Score 1) 993

Pragmatism and protest are not opposites. You can do both, and it's better if you make your protest as effective as possible, rather than just doing a lazy protest on election day.

A vote is a choice to hire one of the people who you can hire. If you want to undermine the power of the two parties, the way to do it is the way the Tea Party has done, or else to do the really hard work of building a new party from the ground up by getting elected in local elections, state elections, federal elections, and then and only then the presidential election. Choosing not to participate in the presidential election doesn't undermine the power of the two parties at all. It just robs you of the ability to say "no" to the candidate you dislike the most. That's really what your presidential vote is for--it's not like you're ever going to be faced with a candidate you can be completely enthusiastic about. Even Sanders had issues, although I supported him like mad in the primary.

If you like Sanders' politics, supporting what he's doing in the wake of the primary would be a good move. If you don't, get involved in the party you do like, and do things that will actually result in that party gaining power. Casting a protest vote in the presidential election is easy. Doing something that actually changes the system is hard. Please, do the hard thing. And if you dislike either of the two candidates substantially more, please consider holding your nose and voting for that candidate's opponent.

Comment Re:So what is YOUR plan? (Score 1) 406

Look up "IRA, Terror Campaign, History of". Also a few reference to mass- and targeted murders by members of certain sects of the Christian religion in the last 10 years. OK, so you don't like what I have to say. What is your solution?

Or is your solution to do nothing and ignore human history and the US Constitution?


Comment Re: older employees won't put up with abuse (Score 1) 144

This is the problem with young people: they think they are invincible, immortal, and everything they have accomplished they have done on their own.

Personally I wouldn't hire a database architect under 40, nor one who could not give me a basic history of databases back to 1960 and a description of similarities/differences across each database era.


Comment No. (Score 3, Funny) 286

I started programming in C++ in '89. Templates were still new, but most of the language was stable. C++ code I wrote in '89 is still readable and compilable today. I know people who started with C++ in 1981, when it was still Bjarne's skunkworks project. The first public release was '83, making C++ 33 years old -- closer to 40 years old than 25.

Comment United States Mail (Score 1) 180

After the second call, stop using phone or e-mail. Send a notarized letter via US Postal Service, registered return receipt, to the CEO of the company, with a cc to the Corporate Secretary. No results, the next letter goes to the chairman of the Board of Directors audit committee. That tends to get results.


Comment Re:Why not be like Hillary? (Score 5, Insightful) 138

= = = Get your own phone, server, whatever. There are no punishments or consequences for anyone involved. = = =

Yeah, Karl Rove proved that when he routed 22 million W Administration e-mails through a Republican Party server which was claimed to have no archiving or backup process.


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