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Comment Common sense to you and me, but... (Score 4, Insightful) 98

The problem is that for Cameron to change his mind on trying to ban strong encryption, would imply that he was somehow wrong to try and ban it in the first place. This of course will not happen. Politicians HATE it when they are shown to be wrong.

A bit of heated rhetoric mentioning Paedophiles, Terrorists and Tor will put paid to this report, and GCHQ will continue on their merry way treating the entire population as enemies/criminals.

Comment Have a look at this site (Score 1) 68

I haven't seen what you want on this site, but then I haven't been looking. There is a HUGE range of different areas there, so spend a bit of time having a look.

No connections to the site, just amazed at some of the stuff people come up with. For anyone interested, subscribe to their RSS feed.
Random subjects from today;
Like lava lamps? Got a spare mason jar?
This sounds delicious;
Always wanted to know how to make an origami crane?

You get the idea. There is bound to be something there that will do, or can be adapted.

Comment Thought it was me (Score 0, Offtopic) 242

Just clicked on the Metamod link, and foom. No Slashdot. Aaargh. I've broken Slashdot, boy am I going to be in trouble now.
The first time I have seen /. go bye byes for a very long time though. Must be phase of the moon or something.
You just don't realise how much you are used to something being there until it suddenly isn't.

Comment Reversi (Score 1) 145

was the first game I ever played on computer.
DEC-20 mainframe with a teletype as output.
It too a full minute to reprint the board after each move. With 60 moves per game it took a while to finish a game...
1979 it was.
I still have a soft spot for reversi. Found a fun clone on a Japanese game site a while back which I play when I feel the need for a bit of distraction.

Comment Re:I'll wait for a clone (Score 1) 348

That's assuming the tablet Apple releases will be a touchscreen Macbook. The device they're probably going to unveil is, according to rumors, a large iPhone/iPod Touch running some variant of the same operating system. They're saying it's basically a large mobile device optimized for ebook reading and other media. A Modbook would be a different class of device.

Comment Re:Personal Insulation (Score 1) 226

That explains why they posted the job on /. ;)

Not really as everyone on slashie-dot are basement dwellers which can only survive at the static temperature of their subterranean habitat... Not to mention they would have to ask permission from their mommy and we all know what she would say...

Comment state of the apple address (Score 0, Offtopic) 348

apple->music industry: conquered

apple->movie industry: hostile natives, sending in missionaries and evangelists of the "future"

apple->print industry: conquest being launched, lift off seconds away

genuine future:

internet->music: free*

internet->movies: free**

internet->print: free***

*creators will make money from live gigs, promotions, advertising, personalized content, etc. no distributors needed. distributors will evolve into hype machines and portals/ gateways delivering mass audiences to content. creators will continue to sign contracts to them for a cut of revenue, for delivering audiences. but its not necessary to sign a contract at all to become successful, its voluntary and usually for the pop bands

**the movie industry has always, and will always, despite every new tech threatening to kill it, fill cinema houses and make money thataways

***ad revenue is real and genuine for newspapers and will always exist. it will be a lot smaller, yes. and some superstar reporters will spin off from newspapers and become their own internet reporting gateways (see nikki finke: ). in this way the internet will "atomize" some newspaper reporting where the departments/ individual reporters will report directly to readers, unrelated to any particular newspaper, much like musicians don't need distributors anymore. despite all the doom and gloom about newspapers, nothing on the internet can ever or will ever replace the service, for example, the poughkeepsie journal delivers for the residents of poughkeepsie, new york ( )

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