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Comment Wearable is a Misnomer (Score 1) 25

Although I am sure that "wearable" makes more sense to Joe Sixpack what this really seems to be about to me is that once you shrink computing so much that getting smaller is really not useful the next thing to do is make it more durable/flexible, i.e. "wearable"

From that point of view he is probably spot on. I do wish we could have a discussion about such technical merits rather than whether or not people like this particular guy or not etc.

Comment Re:CONSUMERS will burden the costs of the system (Score 1) 342

Annnnnnnnnnnd I just cancelled my account with Comcast. I hereby apologize to all of you and all of humanity for having ever given them a dime in the first place. At the time they were the fastest available option and I do have to have access at home for my job so I have been procrastinating making the switch to Qwest. Here in the Twin Cities I have that option, and I suggest all who are lucky enough to have such options take them immediately. Consequently when I select a new cellphone in the next month I will not choose Verizon or AT&T, not even T-Mobile unless they publicly state that they plan to fight any takeover attempt by the Death Star with every X-Wing available to them.

Again, I apologize for my tardiness in coming onto the right side in this fight and pledge to do my utmost for the rest of my IT career and life on this planet to oppose these scumbags and their broken business models. Long live liberty and justice.

Submission + - Star Trek terrorists killed bin Laden? (cnet.com)

maczealot writes: German TV station accidentally uses "Star Trek" Maquis Special Operations Seals Team VI logo when talking about the U.S. Navy's Seal Team Six that recently killed Osama bin Laden in a raid.

Submission + - Google Copyright School (blogspot.com)

maczealot writes: Google is launching a new "Copyright School" for use as a re-education tool for offenders on YouTube. The apparent purpose being to head off additional leglistation, lawsuits, regulation and other negative impacts to the site. They even have campy cartoon videos for this school like this.

Submission + - Asia Pacific Registry curbing allocations

An anonymous reader writes: APNIC, the address registry for the Asia pacific region has, has stopped regular allocations to Local Internet Registries (LIRs). New and exisitng LIRs will only get 1024 addresses. New residential ISPs, which are LIRs, will be virtually impossible until a majority of internet sites become widely IPv6 accessible, unless they buy expensive second hand addresses.

Submission + - American college introduces 'app-making' degree (telegraph.co.uk)

walterbyrd writes: "A college in America has created a degree for aspiring smartphone app creators . . . Hap Aziz, director of Rasmussen College's School of Technology, said that an estimated 300,000 new software development jobs are going to be created over the next few years, with many of those calling for a speciality in mobile apps."

Comment Re:Trust peer-reviewed science... (Score 1) 1486

I have neither the time nor the inclination to try to record here what ALL "religious" people believe in. However, no the vast majority (at least two billion living people by a very conservative count) of those who believe in God do not believe in a "bearded man in the sky" even stated less sarcastically. Most believe in a spiritual realm, that is an unseen realm (possibly depending on who you ask similar to a different dimension) that a much more powerful being than ourselves exists and is responsible for things within our realm. Depending on the religion who, what and to what degree all of these occur will vary.

Bearded - most of those who believe in a God will suggest that this deity's visage is beyond such a human affectation.
Man - again, most are going to suggest that God is without gender.
Sky - Unless you are counting everything outside of our stratosphere as sky this is again an insulting misnomer.

Comment Re:Trust peer-reviewed science... (Score 1) 1486

Ok, two problems with your above approach.

1. Many "religious" people believe that Science is a gift from God. So not using science ever is nonsensical. Again, belief in the results of one does not necessarily exclude belief in the results of the other.

2. While I agree they are not the same thing, neither are you tolerant. You have a specifically stated intolerance and would restrict those who believe differently to you to a box outside of what you call "science and politics"

People are free to write "stupid bullshit" like this all they want, they are not trying to step on your toes merely by stating something you disagree with. Again, if you truly want people who believe differently than you to listen to YOUR ideas you will need to lose the "bearded guy in the sky" analogy. Not a single person I have met in my travels across the planet that professes a belief in God has believed in a "bearded guy in the sky" it is a total straw-man to suggest otherwise. It only serves to undermine your stated goals and science in general when you use such arguments.

Comment Re:Trust peer-reviewed science... (Score 2, Interesting) 1486

I am not trolling. I am pointing out that if you want to use debate, reason and logic to sway someone or groups of people to your way of thinking using the approach YOU did rather than the parent's is more effective. "The big bearded man in the sky" is not what most people who believe in a deity have believed in for centuries now. Belittling their Faith is hardly going to make them receptive to your more reasonable and fact based arguments.

I could go on about how Faith in a deity and Faith in science are not mutually exclusive but that is beside the current point.

Comment Re:Trust peer-reviewed science... (Score 2, Insightful) 1486

Well, when you use your sarcasm wand to paint the topic of spiritual belief like that I am totally won over to your side of thinking. Obviously anyone who believes in God believes in a "big bearded man in the sky" how silly of us not to have realized how silly that is. Thanks for your insight!

/see what I did there?

Submission + - GrooveShark Pulled from Android App Market (arstechnica.com)

maczealot writes: Following Apple's removal of the GrooveShark app from their App Marketplace Google has followed with removing it from the Android Marketplace. The app is still available from the company's website for Android devices that allow sideloading and iDevices that are jailbroken. GrooveShark contends that they are like YouTube and as long as they comply with all DMCA takedown notices are within the confines of current law.

Submission + - Private Companies May Get Web Censorship Powers (arstechnica.com)

esocid writes: The House and Senate are both drafting "rogue sites" legislation that will likely support website blocking at the domain name level and will require online ad networks and credit card companies to stop working with sites on the blacklist. That idea is controversial enough when only the government has the power to pursue the censoring; it gets even more controversial if private companies get the right to bring a censorship action in court without waiting for government to act.

Appearing at today's "Legitimate Sites v. Parasites" hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Google's Kent Walker was clear: a private right of action to bring a COICA claim would give rightsholders tremendous leverage over Google. Walker went so far as to warn of "shakedowns" from private companies wanting to force changes in Google's behavior.

But the general mood of the hearing was that tough new steps must be taken. As Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) asked Morton during his questioning, "What change in the law would allow you to pursue everyone?" While stressing he wasn't talking about kids using P2P file-sharing, Issa wanted to bring the hammer down on everyone else. Issa, who made his money creating the Viper car alarm and watched as counterfeiters knocked off imitations, demanded "zero tolerance" from ICE. "You have to get it down to zero," he said.

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