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Submission + - FBI: Bank robbery? There's an app for that (

coondoggie writes: The FBI today said it released a new application easier for the public—as well as financial institutions, law enforcement agencies, and others—to view photos and information about bank robberies in different geographic areas of the country.

Submission + - Prize competitions for tough IT, high-tech problems all the rage (

coondoggie writes: Prize competitions backed by the government continue to grow with great success, according to a report by the White House Office of Science and Technology. It has been over six years that the government set the America Competes Act which in combination with has prompted more than 700 public-sector prize competitions that have doled out more than $80 million in prizes.

Submission + - DARPA wants to build very low frequency wireless systems (

coondoggie writes: Wireless transmitters that operate at very or ultra low frequencies (0.330 kHz) typically require some big antenna complexes to handle their communications. Scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) said they are interested looking to eliminate that issue and develop smaller physical structures that could handle new long-distance communication applications.

Submission + - FAA authorizes private robotic space shot to the moon (

coondoggie writes: he Federal Aviation Administration this week granted permission to a privately-held space firm to launch a robotic spacecraft to the moon. Moon Express expects to launch its MX-1 spacecraft on a two-week mission to the lunar surface in 2017. The MX-1, which is about as large as a suitcase will include instruments and a camera to explore the moon’s surface.

Submission + - White House, NSF, NASA tout ambitious drone application plans ( 1

coondoggie writes: The National Science Foundation will devote $35 million in research funding over the next five years to accelerate the safe, intelligent, design and control of unmanned aircraft applications. The announcement was part of a wide-ranging White House Office of Science and Technology Policy announcement to, as it said, promote the safe integration and innovative adoption of unmanned aircraft systems across the United States.

Submission + - Cisco: Potent ransomware is targeting the enterprise at a scary rate (

coondoggie writes: Enterprise-targeting cyber enemies are deploying vast amounts of potent ransomware to generate revenue and huge profits – nearly $34 million annually according to Cisco’s Mid-Year Cybersecurity Report out this week.
Ransomware, Cisco wrote, has become a particularly effective moneymaker, and enterprise users appear to be the preferred target.

Submission + - DARPA tackling reusable, modular chipset technology (

coondoggie writes: Scientists at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency this week said they were looking for information on how to build interface standards that would enable modular design and practical circuit blocks that could be reused to greatly shorten electronics development time and cost.

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