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Comment Re:What is the best choice for Open Source lights? (Score 1) 358

And the first thing I see on the API documentation site is a News section update about the Friends of Hue issue - "There have recently been many questions regarding Philips Hue and it’s certified partners..." I'm getting too old for the Internet. The era of paying attention to things like grammar and spelling as an indicator of the level of one's professionalism has passed.

Comment Re:What is the best choice for Open Source lights? (Score 1) 358

They want your name and email address, and the Terms and Conditions are short and fairly innocuous. About the only eyebrow-raiser I was was that "We want all your apps to work with our API to form a rich ecosystem of interoperable applications, so it is a condition of access to our API documentation that you do not use it to develop or distribute any bridges or devices which interpret the hue API."

Comment Re: Code for Encryption Backdoors, obviously. (Score 2, Insightful) 452

So we shouldn't be concerned with sidewalks or pedestrian crossings or bicycle paths. Forget about railroad crossing alarms and barriers. Who cares about how many people die because of drunk drivers? Don't worry about whether or not the doctor has washed his hands. More health practitioners die from hepatitis every year than have ever died of AIDS, so why the sudden rush to use rubber gloves all the time? How many other ways of preventing "insignificant" numbers of deaths can you think of? I mean, we all eventually end up dead from some cause or another, right?

Comment Re: Causes cancer (Score 1) 428

Interestingly, but purely anecdotal, as I aged I began having the usual "control problems" that older ladies tend to have. Then, totally unrelated, just to see if anything would happen, I cut out all wheat products for six weeks. Surprisingly, after about three weeks I noticed no more "control problems". Also I was sleeping better. Then I started eating limited amounts of wheat products, maybe bread or pasta two or three times a week. Within a week "control problems" were back. Now, if you were me, what would you do about wheat products in your diet?

Comment Re:Theory (Score 1) 591

The only problem with this is that the Citrate-eating bacteria are still bacteria. The varying mutations of fruit flies, mosquitoes and dogs are still fruit flies, mosquitoes and dogs. Dark peppered moths and light peppered moths are still peppered moths. Salmon that go to the sea and get big before returning to their stream to spawn and the salmon that remain in their stream and stay relatively small are all still the same species of salmon. That is species variation, not evolution, unless the definition of evolution no longer means the development of new species.

Comment Re:Small correction (Score 5, Informative) 121

What constitutional racism does Israel have? Its Declaration of Independence and the Basic Laws that act as its constitution are very clear that any kind of racial or religious discrimination is illegal. There are Arabs in the government. There are Arabs on the Supreme Court. There are Arab doctors, professors, business owners, university students, high-tech employees. On the other hand, there are not only no Jews living in Jordan, but by law it is a captial offense to sell property to a Jew. There is constitutional racism.

Comment When a local call isn't a local call (Score 1) 234

20 years ago there were new billing policies being put into place in different regions. I was in a California hotel over one weekend for a business meeting, and used the corporate network's local access number to connect and work all day, since my employer had bought a cheaper airline ticket that meant I had to stay over an extra day. I was shocked on checking out to be billed at $0.50 an hour for that time. Being from Florida I had no idea that local calls were charged at that rate from a commercial venue, such as a hotel, and there was nothing anywhere in the hotel mentioning this. Some time later the local Florida telco also implemented the same kind of charges. The company hadn't covered any "extra" charges, such as the meals for that extra layover day. I didn't have enough to pay the phone bill and had to call my local supervisor - at 5:30AM - to get the company to cover the charge before I could leave the hotel to catch my plane. They fired me later that week, and deducted those phone charges from my severance pay.

Submission + - Ohio State University and Deque Support Accessible Content Management (modx.com)

matria writes:

Take your eyeglasses off (they’re assistive technology) and see how easy it is to use a website or interface. Try surfing the web with your eyes closed while a web page is read aloud to you. Or, enlarge your fonts to 3× their normal size, crank down the contrast and brightness on your monitor, and only use your thumb on your non-dominant hand. For many people, there is no other way to interact with the web.

Ohio State University and Deque University are supporting the development of an accessible UI for the MODX CMS. With this backing, the team behind the open source web content management system and framework has started a project to make the MODX Revolution back-end Manager fully accessible for people who use assisitive devices and technologies for accessing the web. While MODX can be used to build accessible websites, its back-end Manager UI was never designed to be accessible.

Work has started and progress can be seen at the project's github repository. MODX users are able to install the in-progress admin interface theme for testing and to provide feedback to the project developers. Personally, I've installed it and use it as it's developed at this point, and already find it much easier on my failing eyesight.

Key alterations being made include:

  • Keyboard Navigation
  • ARIA roles, states, and properties for all the major areas of the Manager UI
  • Visual Contrast to meet WCAG guidelines
  • Clean up text presentation for screen readers
  • Focus indication

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