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Comment Re:Use a liberal definition of planet (Score 2) 143

I actually really like this idea:
Define a Star as a body that has achieved a nuclear fusion reaction.
Define a Planet as a body that has enough mass to be spherical that orbits a star.
Define a Planetoid as a body that has enough mass to be spherical that does not orbit a star.
Define a Moon as a body that has enough mass to be spherical that orbits a planet.
Define an Asteroid as a body that does not have enough mass to be spherical that orbits a star.
Define a Natural Satellite (here's to you, potato shaped Phobos) as a body that does not have enough mass to be spherical that orbits a planet. Maybe call it a Moonoid?

Define Pluto and Charon as a binary planet; since they appear to orbit each other (and binary stars are already defined).
If this means Sedna and a few other bodies become planets -- fine. But at least the definitions are easy.

Comment Re:Failure is always an option (Score 1) 200

>60MPH in San Francisco is going to get you some pretty bad fines most of the time :).

A friend of mine Ubers in SF, and tries to do runs to and from SFO for maximum money. He doesn't live in SF either, but commutes a long way every weekend to work there because the money is so good.

>(1) You're assuming all miles and hours are 'billable', while in reality you would be driving empty towards a pickup and waiting for the next pickup.

There's a pickup fee which offsets this, and in reality you can usually chain together rides.

Also, there's an additional bill per minute if you are in traffic.

Comment Re:Failure is always an option (Score 1, Informative) 200

>There are plenty of people who haven't figured out how much money they're going to end up spending on vehicle maintenance as a result of all that extra driving.

The IRS mileage rate is supposed to be an average cost for operating a vehicle. It is 53.5 cents per mile. Uber pays about twice that per mile in San Francisco. So if you can go at 60 MPH you'll be making about 30 bucks an hour, which is not bad for unskilled labor.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

Even if we accept a limit of scope to the First Amendment, they seem to be a bit choosy. Religious liberty, for instance, always seems to get short shrift from them...unless there are Mohammedans involved.

This vague sentence means nothing without context.

Think of the several cases in this vein, and how the ACLU would likely represent them: or

Comment Re:Interesting story (Score 1) 553

> I doubt very much that I could come up with a function to balance a tree out of the blue with no prep or review, nor is there much real world need for most developers to do so.

He didn't have to balance the tree, he just had to check if the tree is balanced.

Pretty easy to do with DFS (which the DHS agent obviously knew):

int depth_check(Node *n) {
    if (!n) return 0;
    int left = depth_check(n->left);
    int right = depth_check(n->right);
    if (left != right) throw exception;
    return left;

You could probably simplify it a bit more and use unsigned ints for correctness, but this was off the top of my head.

The calling function would check for an exception being thrown, and return false, otherwise return true.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

The ACLU is rather selective in its alleged defense of the Constitution. Wake me up when they take on a Second Amendment case.

Even if we accept a limit of scope to the First Amendment, they seem to be a bit choosy. Religious liberty, for instance, always seems to get short shrift from them...unless there are Mohammedans involved.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

The ACLU isn't liberal.

BAAAAAAAAA hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Oh... man... comedy gold right there.

Oh. You weren't kidding. You were serious about that? Oh right, you're an idiot.

Comment Re:"Old School" (Score 1) 54

I won't buy a phone without a notification LED

They're nice to have when your primary display is an LCD, but kinda pointless with AMOLED displays. I have a Moto Z Play (and used to have a first-gen Moto X until I lost it), and the way they handle notifications while asleep is easier to read, while probably not drawing that much more power than a flashing RGB LED.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11


For 8 years any opposition to anything Obama wanted was categorically dismissed as racist by liberals.

Are we pretending that didn't happen?

Oh, right. Sorry. Forgot who posted for a moment. The above comment is over your head. I need to reach out to you at your intellectual level, not mine.

Hey. Kate Upton shore is purty, isn't she?

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

Typical Captain Splendid "I'll say something nonsensical but I'll make it vague so that I appear to have an IQ larger than 60" comment.

No go back and pretend that the unwashed left didn't call people who didn't support Obama racist. Whatever your fragile little mind needs to sleep at night.

Red was right -- you really are a low calorie / low intelligence troll substitute.

Comment Re: Poor on $100k? Sure (Score 2) 805

>You're getting a lot better living for the $150k, you're definitely not in the same boat. That's like the people who say, "Oh, my BMW payments are so high, they're forcing me to cut back on my quality of life."

You forget our wonderful progressive tax system. A person with $150k in income and $100k in expenses will also be paying $32,000 in federal income taxes a year, plus state taxes, plus medicare, medicaid, etc. Will effectively be poor.

A person with $200k in income and $150 in expenses will pay $46,000 in taxes plus everything else, and will be running in the negatives every year.

>And even in the Bay Area, you can buy a nice house for $150k a year.

So a $600,000 house? There's exactly four 3 bedroom houses for sale at the $600k price point in San Francisco right now (on Zillow). The average is closer to a million for a single family home. There's a couple elsewhere on the penninsula and Marin, but pretty much everything with these specs is going to be Oakland, Richmond, Hayward, or Concord. I'd rather live in San Diego, thank you very much. (And I have indeed lived in both cities.)

Comment Re:One hour of basketball dunking per day. (Score 1) 142

Our schools (generally speaking currently mandate 3-4 *years* of PE and 0 years of computer science.

Some students are terrible at PE. So what? We make them do it anyway. These might even be the same students that excel at computer science, if the stereotypes are true.

But this isn't even a mandated year of CS. It's a bloody single hour, lodged somewhere in between the 4th and 12th grades. If you think we can't spare a single hour for coding, I don't know what to tell you.

The biggest obstacle to CS education is the sheer fact that nobody is exposed to it at an early age, so they don't know if they like it or are good at it before going to college. This stands in contrast to basically every other major STEM field, where everyone has an opportunity to (or be mandated to) take a high school level class. But only about 1 in 10 high schools even offer CS these days, and the numbers are going down because they're usually not counted for college science requirements.

So, no, this bill really is a good thing. The Hour of Code is so simple even troglodyte teachers can run it for their kids.

Comment Re: The real question is (Score 1) 86

Same here. Our 2100TN is still running like new. I don't know that I'd be able to find a newer model as reliable.

I've had pretty good luck the past 10 or so years with a LaserJet 1320. Quick, built-in duplexer, built-in PostScript, works with everything. A couple years ago, I was given a JetDirect 175x, so it's now on the LAN. (Had some other network-to-USB adapters before the JetDirect that didn't always work as expected.)

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