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Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 344

That depends on your definition of "decent". How does your $25 device integrate with the steering wheel controls and the car audio system?

My $15 device in my 2006 Tiburon integrates with the car audio system just fine - I just plug it into the aux port. I can easily answer a phone call but pressing the button on the device which is glued beside the radio.

It doesn't integrate with "steering wheel controls" but not all cars even use those - even newer ones. I've also got a brand new 2017 Colorado that has integrated bluetooth but the controls for answering and hanging up are still on the entertainment system's touch screen. There's nothing on the steering wheel except cruise control.

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 344

State laws vary though. In my state it's illegal to "text" while driving (with text meaning use the phone for anything but driving), but that law explicitly exempts people who are stopped at a traffic light.

It's also hard to tell sometimes. My car's in dash display links up with the phone so that I can do a lot of stuff from the dash while driving and never even have to touch the phone. Certain features like looking through playlists are disabled while the car is in motion (which it seems to deduce from the GPS).

Indeed with Bluetooth if you're looking to completely eliminate phone usage (even talking) you'd need to just pull over anyone who you saw speaking while driving.

In the end - to a large degree I think it comes down to the fact that not a) not are problems are solveable, and b) sometimes the solution isn't worth it. Sometimes you just identify a problem and say "Hey, that sucks, but that's life.".

Comment C-128 (Score 1) 857

My first home computer was a Commodore 128, though it was a bit disappointing as I'd already used IBM 8088's at school in typing class.

Truthfully I spent 99% of my time in the C-64 emulation mode as the computer was bought used and almost all the software that came with it was actually for a Commodore 64. It was where I learned to tinker around in BASIC though. Eventually the disk drive broke; for a while after that I would just never turn off the computer so the memory wouldn't clear (until a power outage would lose all my work :)). I found out my aunt had an old C64 in her attic and I managed to scavenge a cassette drive from that that allowed me to store my programs for a while until I got my first PC.

Those were the "good old days". Computer are definitely more useful now but back then it still felt like you were messing with something new that most people weren't familiar with.

Comment Re: Trucks are status symbols (Score 1) 273

I tow with my truck only on the weekends for fishing. It wasnt some crazy expensive vehicle. It's a work Truck trimmed Colorado with a v6 that was $25k brand new. I also use it as a daily driver because while a more fuel efficient vehicle might be more efficient, BUYING a second vehicle just for fuel efficiency will take forever (if ever) to break even on.

If you need to tow aand nd haul, then you're best bet is to get a relatively exp

Comment Re:I want a pickup (Score 1) 273

I wouldn't really look at the bed of trucks coming down the highways as to whether or not they're used. I get plenty of use out of mine, but the bed is still empty most of the time. My truck is my daily transportation first and foremost, but occasionally I'll need to haul something. I tow a boat fishing at least every other weekend, and I'll end up needing to haul something at least every 3 or 4 weeks, but still, the most common time you'll see my truck is when it's empty and I'm just driving it to work.

Generally though, it's ok. I live within 3 miles of the office so my daily fuel use isn't that big of an expense. Still, if an electric was available that would also perform the tasks I need, AND it was priced well, I'd certainly look into it.

Comment I want a pickup (Score 1) 273

I get that this could be useful, but where if they can make a semi-truck it seems like they could make an electric pickup. Something capable of hauling around a family, the occasional lumber load or appliance, and towing trailers in the 3000-4000 lb range (a LOT lighter than a semi).

At least in my area it seems like at least half the vehicles on the roads are trucks, and most of those people actually use them for doing "truck things". Even the most efficient trucks on the road though are still not getting better than ~30mpg highway.

Comment Re:Numbers (Score 4, Insightful) 575

That's good, and MOST of the time I'd happily be willing to accept a delay too. However, there are people who may be flying somewhere for a funeral. They may absolutely have to be back at work the next day or face termination. As the man in the latest United scam claimed (maybe truthfully, maybe not), they may be a doctor that has patients they must attend to.

The bottom line is that is there is something inherently just not right about a business being able to sell you a ticket on a plane that is taking off but then deny you a seat on that plane because they sold too many of them.

Comment Re:How long (Score 0) 316

Which is indeed how many auto makers how gotten around tariffs.

If you look into the "Chicken Tax", from the 1960's, you'll notice that there's a 25% tariff imposed on "light trucks", however you'll notice that the Nissan Frontier is still cheapest light truck on the market right now and the Toyota Tacoma is the best selling.

How are their prices still competitive? They built plants here in the US and build the trucks here. To me that's a win/win. They still provide good competition, they can still do business for their shareholders (regardless of their homes), and the construction of those vehicles being sold here employs American workers.

Funnily enough, that's also why at the moment Ford isn't selling the Ranger in the US anymore (and Nissan is still selling the aforementioned Frontier instead of their much newer design, the Navara, available globally). They're only produced outside of the US right now and they wouldn't be profitable to import.

When it comes to our economy, I'm all for making it so that if something is imported, it better be either so cheap to import that the tariffs still mean it's not profitable to make here, or it's a luxury good that people don't mind paying extra for.

Comment Re: Positive (Score 4, Informative) 316

I think what they're getting at is anything that says you can't legally repair something is an artificial market protection.

In a completely free market, no such clause would be legally enforceable, and any secondary market vendor who wanted to hack the system and repair it for a lower charge than the manufacturer could do so without any legal headaches.

All the trouble that comes along with the DMCA or things like Monsanto copyrighting seeds and such is most certainly NOT free market capitalism.

Comment Re:Why move to hangouts? (Score 1) 68

The way to improve a product isn't to scrap it and build a new one every 6 months,

Lets not exaggerate. Google Talk was introduced 12 years go. Hangouts came 8 years later. Allo, 3 years after that.

I understand that it can be tough to let go of old applications, but sometimes a software company can no longer support it.

For old desktop programs, that just meant that it may or may not work anymore as systems are upgraded (as long it it uses only local resources and just isn't a client for an internet service). For web based applications though, it means they go away. Either embrace web based software and accept that or stick to traditional style desktop software.

Comment Re:Hahahahaha (Score 2) 128

$30 is ~ what you would pay for two tickets during non-prime hours, without the popcorn, soda, and goobers.

Maybe if I was intentionally trying to go to the most expensive theater in town.

I can easily purchase non-prime hour tickets at a value theater for $3.50 per ticket ($6 later in the evening) and even just picking a random theater few will break $10 each.

Granted - ticket prices vary by region of the country you may be in but if the movie studios aren't planning to ALSO vary this $30 rate they still are going to have to compete against cheaper tickets in those regions.

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