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Submission + - AT&T's Metered Billing Off By Up To 4,700% (

jfruhlinger writes: "Metered billing for home Internet service may be the way of the future. But shouldn't we have the right to expect that the meters will at least be accurate? As AT&T moves its DSL and fiber customers to plans where they'll have to pay for overages, some users have noticed that the company' assessment of how much data is being used can be wildly inaccurate."

Submission + - Cable Channels Panic Over iPad Streaming App ( 1

jfruhlinger writes: "Time Warner Cable this month released an iPad app that would allow its subscribers to stream (some of) the channels they already pay for to their iPad, so long as they're connected to home Internet service provided by Time Warner Cable. The app probably seems like a baby step to most Slashdotters, and was extremely popular among subscribers — but it's thrown the owners of those channels into a panic, and they're threatening lawsuits. Time Warner says the contracts they've signed with the channel allows broadcast to any device in the home — "I don't know what a TV is anymore" says one company exec — but the channel owners fear that this will disrupt current and future revenue streams and that they need to stop it now. "If we allow this without litigation, everyone will do it tomorrow," says an anonymous source. "If we litigate, we have a chance to win.""

Comment Re:Truly a geek dilemma (Score 2) 151

Well stated. I think the tech is super cool. Not far from where I live there is a town that every single time I drive through it they have a "DUI" check. I'm talking "DUI" checks at 8am on Sunday mornings. These are exactly the types of places where these things will get abused. I could almost bet that every time I drove through there I'd have to "scan". If this becomes too popular, I could see things requiring a "scan" before you can use them (ex- your car requires a "scan" to be able to use it.).

Comment Re:Not too expensive (Score 2) 549

Very true. I think I meant to mention the screen size as being the only real difference but I neglected to. Speaking of screen size though, that's almost a problem in itself. I can throw me evo in my pocket and carry it around without too much of a hassle. With a tablet I'm going to be either carrying it in my hand, or carrying it in a bag all the time neither of which is very convenient. As a side note, I think that was a verbatim quote of what I said when I got my evo lol...

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