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Comment Re:Students will complain (Score 1) 419

Yea, that doesn't work anymore.

At my school, used books were 10% off full price, which was usually about %15 more than "half price texts" or whatever online. But the buy back price was 8-10% of full price. So at the end of the semester you'd get $25 for $300 worth of books that you bought.

So I never sold them back, what's $25 in the face of $300? Not worth it.

Comment Re:3G and 4G is consumer friendly (Score 5, Informative) 122

Yes, new "GSM" phones (phones that use SIM cards) use W-CDMA. That doesn't mean they use "CDMA", even if they use that modulation. Can Verizon use an iPhone? They use the same frequencies. Oh, they can't? Oh, it must not be "CDMA" then.

It is common to refer to phones that us SIM cards as "GSM" phones, because they work on networks that are GSM. And it is common to refer to phones that use no SIM cards as "CDMA", because they work on networks that are CDMA. So you're still an idiot, you may be right, but you're still an idiot.

Submission + - Acquires EveryDNS (

funfail writes: According to an announcement and an e-mail from its founder, David Ulevitch, EveryDNS is sold to

"Since starting EveryDNS in June of 2001 while a freshman in college, my goal has always been to provide simple, reliable and secure DNS services to the Internet community. I'm proud to say that we've lived up to that mission and delivered robust DNS services to over 400,000 domains. Nearly 9 years later, it's now time to put the service in more capable hands and I'm happy to announce that I've found a great home for EveryDNS. I have sold the EveryDNS service to Dyn Inc., the operators of the immensely popular service."

Comment Re:Won't solve a whole lot (Score 1) 364

It happened when Apple moved to OS X, but the user base was much smaller so the complaints were less.

I'm sorry, this is just not the case, Apple did a REALLY good job with the classic environment in Mac OS X and most of these complaints were known, but it was OK, because everybody could see how much better Mac OS X was than classic.

1.) Old antivirus programs weren't a big deal because there weren't any. Microsoft has an interface that notifies XP when an antiVirus is being installed, it might be possible to prevent an antivirus from being installed by claiming there's one installed already. Or maybe, MS just doesn't care because it's a VM anyhow, and they just have a new copy somewhere else on the computer.

2.) This was a big problem with printers in the OS X switch over. Epson in particular lost a lot of repeat customers because they refused to update some of their USB printers to support Mac OS X. One solution, was to install the printer driver in Classic and print only from there. But anything you wanted to print from Mac OS X had to be compatible with the old program.

3.) 3D games? I'm sorry, they just worked. Really. No Joke. They were slightly slower, maybe 2-3 FPS slower, but nothing major. It was great, I could play all my old games without having to reboot into the classic environment. A few games I had were upgraded to be able to be played on OS X, and those games got a huge speed boost when they did. On OS 9, they'd get somewhere in the 30FPS range, then 27-28 when played on classic, then, when they were upgraded, they got somewhere in the 35-40FPS range.

The other thing that probably makes my memories a lot rosier is that OS 9 was so outdated and crashy by the time OS X came out, we were very glad to switch to something that didn't crash.

Comment Re:As an interviewer I agree (Score 1) 372

True Story.

I was hired the same way for my internship. I stated in my resume I was good with linux, lots of programming languages and was looking for an internship. I also said I had some windows experience, but it wasn't my strong point.

I honestly think I was given the time of day because when I showed up to the interview, I hadn't shaved, I hadn't worn nice clothes. (Well, they weren't cruddy either) And I gave off the air of being interested in what they were doing.

It's weird, it's like if you show up, talking the right way, and dressed to not care, you get far. I don't understand it.

Comment Re:Because removable batteries add space requireme (Score 3, Informative) 617

Not to mention the processor in the Palm device is faster and probably consumes more energy...

Um, no. The OMAP CPU is MUCH more energy effient then the ARM9 cpu, look at the difference between the Core and the Pentium 4. Plus the iPhone has TWO, one for the phone modem and one for the applications! (Arguably the Palm I'm sure also has two CPUs.)

Look at the beagle board, it runs a OMAP 3530, has USB, Ethernet, HDMI (with audio), runs at 600MHz, and can display full motion video on a HD display using 11% of the CPU.

Oh, and it does all of this while drawing 2 Watts. I'd say that's pretty impressive, also considering the 3530 is the energy hog of the family. Palm is using the 3430, which is pin and software compatable with the 3530. And more effient.

Comment Re:They should follow the Screenless MP3 Player. (Score 2, Insightful) 85

While the iPod shuffle is not a particularly powerful device, it does allow the user to use a well supported device that most probably is not going anywhere soon. The iPod shuffle in my mind would be very useful if what you wanted was just music.

However, If was blind, I might not want an MP3 player because I rely so heavily on my sense of hearing to get around. If I encased myself into my own musical world, I might miss something I need to hear.

Comment Re:Real summary. (Score 1) 878

This does NOT mean Ron Paul is out. Rather, it means that there's nothing more to do until he either gets the nomination or doesn't. He's running a very tight ship, and there's no reason to keep a large election staff around if there isn't anything to be done.

Ron Paul still has a good chance to be the nominee. I hope that he'll run next time and he'll get even more support.

Submission + - Safari 3 Acid 2 Test (

mac.man25 writes: "So Safari 3 is finally out, so I thought I would put the major 3 browsers to the Acid 2 test. And I got this. Try it out for yourself, just grab Safari and I'm sure you already have Firefox. Check it out."
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Bluetooth Headset Confirmed! (

mac.man25 writes: "Apple seems to have goofed on their site again about some unreleased hardware, the Apple iPhone page has lots of info about the iphone including a new bluetooth headset. I also chatted with an Apple rep about the new device, and he all but confirmed it. Check out the transcript of the chat and a screen shot of the iPhone Page."
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - New MacBook Pro Benchmarked against the Old

yonp writes: Apple released the Santa Rosa MacBook Pro this week, here is a write up about the new MacBook Pro. Be sure to click on the benchmark page and see the benchmark against the last gen MacBook Pro.

"No write up on any Apple product can get by without asking the question "Why would I spend so much on an Apple when I could buy an X from Y for just $Z?" Let's look at the new MacBook PRO; in 15" screen with 2Gb RAM and 256 meg graphics, it's $2,499... I could buy THREE Dell laptops for that sort of money; seriously; check out the Inspiring 6400 or whatever it's called but, I reckon that, as you've read this far, you're with me... you don't want a Dell, not even three of them. You want a cool laptop... join me as we go over to the dark side of premium consumer products."
Data Storage

Submission + - Top 20 Hard Disk Drive Myths Debunked

crazyeyes writes: "Hilarious and informative. How many articles are like that? I did think about putting it under It's Funny, Laugh.... until I saw two myths I thought was true. Yeah, I'm laughing at myself now.

This guide was written in response to the numerous fallacies about the hard disk that are still being propagated in many forum discussions. Although many articles have covered these topics, it is apparent that hard disk urban legends are still more popular than the simple truth. So, let's get down to basics and examine some of these common fallacies or myths and debunk them!
Take a look and see how many of these top 20 HDD myths you actually believed to be gospel?"

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