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Journal Journal: The more I learn about UEFI

I have been reading and studying a lot about the EFI documentation at Intel and Microsoft's implementation of UEFI at the hardware level as a replacement for the BIOS. The problem as I see it is the one facing unwitting consumers. Imagine Microsoft or Intel pushing an update that knocks users of a particular version of the Windows OS that MS no longer approves of, is unofficial, or is pirated.

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Journal Journal: Things I have learned from teaching CIS at a local university

I am back. I have been working like a madman but I have also been teaching at a local university and I can tell you...the future computer techs and programmers that I see are going to be so much better than we were. These young men and women are so bright and talented and have such an imagination that it is actually a pleasure to teach them. This coming May, I am losing two of these students. One is a soldier in the U.S. Army. He is proof that the next generation gets it. These guys are so un

Comment Re:It can be done, and it can even work (Score 1) 2

Thanks. First off my entire goal is to give Picoodle and ServeIO the recognition that they deserve to hosting spam and refusing to remove it when it has been reported to them.

These two sites, ServeIO does web hosting and Picoodle hosts the images, together are hosting the sites for a spammer whose domain I am not going to publicize here to give him/her more attention.

We need to reign these people in and we need Slashdotter's to come down on these two sites. My hope was to draw attention to this issue. Picoodle and ServeIO hosting spam should not be tolerated and yet I cannot get anyone other than you to comment nor provide any help with this.

With that in mind, I thank you for your reply.

To any Slashdotters reading this, Picoodle is hosting spam images for a Craigslist spammer and refuses to delete the violator's accounts. Further ServeIO has been alerted to this spammer's activities and provided with evidence of the abuse and they also refuse to take any action.

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