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Comment Worse than it sounds (Score 0) 203

I understand that there was a bug that caused them to render the cursor at 60fps, but why does it take 13% of the CPU? I used to play games that rendered full frames at 30 or 60 fps, if only a cursor takes 13% I would expect that to be impossible. Something is terribly inefficient somewhere, way beyond just rendering too many fps.

Comment Re:Between SJWs and Trump, US science is doomed (Score 1) 648

No it doesn't, it says "SJW is someone I don't like", not that everyone I don't like is an SJW. In other words, if I call you an SJW, I'm calling you someone I don't like. That doesn't imply the converse that everyone I don't like is an SJW.

Good point, I apologize for my mistake.

That's the problem, it doesn't mean anything because people can't agree on remotely consistent meanings. Your meaning is new to me, for example.

This is also true for many other terms, like "left" and "right". I assumed that when I said "between Trump and SJWs" that the SJWs are extremists but in the opposite direction of Trump. My point was to say that political extremist factions are gaining more and more power and hate science because they prefer their own "alternative truth". I thought that it could be inferred from what I wrote, but I may be wrong, therefore I explained my opinion more verbosely (and I hope better).

Comment Re:Between SJWs and Trump, US science is doomed (Score 1) 648

If you want, I can easily write what I mean to by SJWs. I mean people in gender/sociology faculties and the radical left who think that their field of study is more "intellectual" than natural sciences and math, and are trying to supress funding and/or censor sciences. Their will to do this has two official reasons: 1) They believe that while science improves the "material" side of men, they improve humanity spiritually. 2) A believe that academia is not about discovering truth but about manufacturing truth (a specific variation on post modernism).

Amimojo's signature claims that I call every preson that I don't like an SJW. However, I don't like Trump, and I do not think he is an SJW. I don't like you, and I don't think you are an SJW. I use SJW because it is a shorter word for "people in gender/sociology faculties and the radical left". Ironically, I use it for the same reason that SJWs always say they use "pansexual" or "transsexual" or similar words, because it's easy to use one word rather than to write an entire explanation. However, in your comment's case, I felt that an explanation is needed.

Comment Re:The real problem is ISALM (Score 0) 289

When you try to respect ALL cultures, you have to respect the racist (jewism) and misogynistic (islam) ones too. And just to clarify, I agree with you, I would rather if citizenship criteria here was something better than "you are related to someone who prayed to the jehovah the blood god". I prefer to believe in IQ tests (despite all their flaws) than in jehovah.

Comment Re:The real problem is ISALM (Score 4, Informative) 289

the other two are not well disposed to religion as a political system.

I don't about jews in general, but as an israeli jew, I can tell you that there are plenty of people here who want religion to play a stronger part in our government. In Israel marrige and divorce must go through a rabbi, and there are parties whose size is roughly one sixth (the biggest party in general is one quarter) that define themselves as "religious parties". It is feasible that Israel might become "sharia-lite - jewish version" at some point.

Comment Re:Justice vs. Social Justice (Score 1) 513

I don't know whether someone owes me a living or not. I am saying that it's rational, when denied of living, to try to kill and steal to get it. After all, if even living is denied out of you, whta have you got to lose? I know that libertarians think that somalia is an utopia, but others prefer to actually have a society where everyone can survive, even without working, rather than face a much higher level of crime.

Regarding "aren't useful on earth" well... Is it really wrong to call you a nazi at this point?

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