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Comment Re:ECC (Score 1) 224

No boot ROM means that a hardware device constructed from discrete logic and analog chips directly demodulates digital data from the radio, addresses the memory, and writes the data. Once this process is completed, it de-asserts the RESET line of the CPU and the CPU starts executing from an address in memory. Really no ROM!

Comment Microsoft, YOU are the disappointment. (Score 1) 110

Microsoft has described Google's announcements of unpatched Windows bugs as "disappointing"...

Perhaps if Microsoft wasn't so focused on making the Microsoft Telemetry OS (a.k.a. Windows 10) to feed unethical revenue channels, they would be more concerned about Security in their products.

In short, Screw You, Microsoft, for having the unmitigated gall to make such a statement after having months to fix your shit. I would suggest that you should start taking Security seriously, but you've failed to do that for decades now. Don't even know what to say about your new-and-improved patch process other than par for the course.

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