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Comment Re: It might be something but it isn't anti-trust? (Score 0) 121

That is not the legal definition of a monopoly. By law, a monoply is a company that is large enough to either dominate or significantly influence a market. Since there is a large market for iPhones and Apple exerts complete control, a strong argument can be made that they exert monopoly power in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

I'm glad someone is finally making a case for this. I've long believed that Apple operates their store illegally.

Comment Re:"News" (Score 2) 133

People WITHOUT appendices are also much LESS likely to get Ulcerative Colitis, but much MORE likely to get its cousin, Crohns Disease... which also suggests there is something immune related to the organ. If you get an appendectomy before the age of 20, you are less likely to get either Inflammatory Bowel Disease!!

Comment Re:Internet of Disappearing Things (Score 2) 33

They have said that they will update the software so that the pebbles will continue working with most features intact. Please be aware that the developers in the pebble community are working on open source fixes. There is already a replacement for the Android Pebble App that is fully functional.

Pebbles should continue to live on in the wild for some time... the only real question is whether advanced features like voice dictation will still be working.

Comment Re:So sad (Score 2) 193

A lot of it, which always made me nervous as a user about its future availability. Timeline, weather, almost anything that connected to the Internet went through their servers first--a shortsighted design choice. Voice dictation could also likely be effected. The development kit is also on the cloud, as is the app store, of course.

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