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Submission + - One Million School Children Get Free BBC Micro:bit Computer In Coding Drive

Mickeycaskill writes: Every Year 7 student in England and Wales, Year 8 student in Northern Ireland and S1 student in Scotland will be handed, for free, a BBC micro:bit computer specially designed to help pupils learn to code.

Micro:bits, which are smaller than the size of a credit card and can be hooked up to a mobile app or accessed via the Internet, will be delivered nationwide through schools and made available to home-schooled students over the course of the next few weeks.

The students are able to keep their devices as their own, meaning they can work with the device for homework, in school holidays, and use it for more applications as their grasp on coding increases.

The initiative follows on from the BBC’s Micro programme that was introduced in the 1980s, and sees a partnership between the BBC and some of the world’s most notable technology companies such as ARM, Microsoft, and Samsung.

The computer will hope to emulate the Raspberry Pi, of which more than eight million have been sold.

Submission + - Facebook Can Be Sued for Like Ads, Judge Says (

An anonymous reader writes: A San Jose judge has said that Facebook, the largest social-networking site, can be sued by those claiming that its

showing advertisements that users’ friends “like” is a violation of California law as it pertains to commercial



Submission + - Next-Gen iPods Are Curved Screen Bracelets, Report (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple may be secretly developing wearable iPods that offer full support for voice commands using the company’s Siri

software. Details surrounding the supposed project were revealed by The New York Times on Monday.

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