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Comment Re:So sad (Score 2) 185

A lot of it, which always made me nervous as a user about its future availability. Timeline, weather, almost anything that connected to the Internet went through their servers first--a shortsighted design choice. Voice dictation could also likely be effected. The development kit is also on the cloud, as is the app store, of course.

Comment Re:Microsoft is fighting irrelevance. (Score 1) 177

Microsoft still makes a lot of money. So does IBM. Their products are mature and stable, which allows them to make a lot of money, but they aren't setting new standards for the industry like they used to be able to do. No one cared that Microsoft wanted to replace Flash with Silverlight. They just ignored it. They don't have the mindshare dominance that they used to, where they could dictate the terms and the industry complied. That's long gone. They have become a lot less relevant, even though they still make a lot of money selling their old stuff.

Comment Re:A real Windows (Score 1) 177

RT bombed, because it looked like you could run x86 applications on it, but you actually couldn't, so you had a laptop that would only run Windows Phone apps, which are very few and far between. If this surface phone uses an ARM processor as has been rumored, then it will fail, too. Even if it is an x86 phone, which will be quite interesting, I'm not sure how they will be able to make traditional desktop apps work in a small, phone-sized form factor. That will be the big challenge. If they can pull that off, then they may be onto something. I'm not particularly optimistic.

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