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Comment How to easily avoid this (Score 1) 22

If you're not logged into Amazon, then you don't see those silly buttons. Since I regularly clear my cookies, when I go to Amazon it generally does not try to personalize the Amazon landing page... which keeps the page much simpler and better.

When I go to Amazon, all I usually want to do is search for a product - I don't spend any time browsing the landing page. Fortunately Bezos hasn't (yet) moved the search box somewhere down below whatever the crap du jour is.

Since Amazon doesn't make it easy to log out of their site, deleting their cookies is the fastest way to accomplish this.

Comment Re:3D TV is dead? (Score 1) 365

Hmm mine is still working.

So is ours.

Well, I should qualify that... I have no idea if the 3-D functionality is working. I don't really know if it ever worked. We bought an LG 3-D television several years ago because they were artificially trying to force 3-D adoption by restricting which features/functionality they'd include in non-3-D sets. So their best 2-D television was a 3-D television, and the price difference was only $50 - so that's what we got.

We even received four pairs of 3-D glasses for free. I can see the dust-covered, unopened boxes sitting on the shelf right now, actually.

Comment Re:BBC iPlayer for the UK Only (Score 1) 57

Followup - they'd have to make more money on Sherlock by selling subscriptions than by licensing to PBS.

Well if they'd sold subscriptions before the current season started, you might be right. But at least based on how the current season is being widely panned by fans, it might be a tougher sell now.

Comment So, then, Netflix (Score 1) 57

When CW shows were on Hulu, I could stream the current season's episodes just about as soon as they were released. Now that you have them, though, I can't stream any of the current season - at all. If immediate release is supposedly so important to you, then what's with that?

Episodes of HBO's shows get released as soon as they've finished production. Yours, on the other hand, get held until the last episode of the season is done. Also, HBO seems to have original content I actually find compelling, while yours is mediocre at best - I don't even bother with it any more.

Congratulations on effectively spinning your mediocrity, although I'd have preferred that money be spent on holding onto more of that third-party content you keep losing.

Comment Re:so old! (Score 1) 60

Perl and Java were good choice since they are on all Apple machines and are resistant to library compatibility issues.

Java hasn't been part of the default Mac system install for quite a few years.

If you run a program which requires Java, you'll see a pop up telling you Java isn't installed and asking if you want to download the legacy Java runtime. If you say "yes", you'll be directed to an Apple web page where you can download it.

Comment Knock me over with a feather (Score 2) 55

"Make no mistake. AMP is about lock-in for Google."

Well, DUH. Is there anyone here who doesn't think this mainly exists to provide Google with more specific information regarding our individual browsing habits?

Fortunately, we can easily choose to never use it. And I'm assuming that, at some point, someone will come up with a de-obfuscation service that lets you get at the target URL without going through AMP (for those times when a person sends you a link).

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