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Comment Re: Bush's fault! (Score 1) 128

The Federal govornment has build vast networks of social programs: single payer education through high school, govornment regulated and mandatory health insurance, food safety nets, affordable housing, welfare, mandatory retirement programs (social security), etc etc .....

Wow that all sounds so horrible...

Comment Re:Reads Like An Ad (Score 1) 352

This particular fusion system is a stellerator, a type that is currently looking to be the best of our experimental fusion systems for several reasons, not the least of which is that it doesn't have the same leakage and containment vessel damage, a huge problem with tokamaks.

I'm in my 50s, and I've been hearing that practical fusion generators were only 10-15 years off since I was a little nerdling. Then in college we were hearing how tokamaks were likely to solve all the problems inherent with stellarator designs. Now we're back to the future, I guess.

Fusion reactors would be great; but It sure doesn't seem like they've made much real progress at all over the past several decades.

Comment You know what'd be more useful, Google? (Score 1) 11

Let me - and everyone else - rate the search results themselves; and let us see how they've been rated!

I get really tired of highly-placed search results which don't contain any actual information. Some onerous sites are really good at gaming the results returned by Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and the rest. But being able to see, at a glance, that 50 people gave a search result only one out of five stars would let me know not to waste time clicking on that particular link.

Comment Specious security argument (Score 2) 51

"One of the concerns about iTunes is whether it will be a secure platform for delivering movies that are still in theaters, the people said. While Apple encrypts iTunes video files so they can't easily be duplicated, it's possible to use a camera to record a movie playing on a TV screen."

Yeah, that never happens in a movie theater...

Comment Re:All my devices? (Score 1) 46

In 1996, USWest (before they were Qwest or CenturyLink) gave me One Number service that would ring both my mobile (if it was on) and my land-line (if it wasn't busy) and have a single voicemail box between them.

“Three Numbers for the software kings under the sky,
Seven for the business lords in halls of stone,
Nine for mortal men, doomed to die,
One for the Dark CEO on his dark throne
In the Land of USWest where the Shadows lie.
One Number to rule them all, One Number to find them,
One Number to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
In the Land of USWest where the Shadows lie.”

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