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Comment Re:I heard one guy made a deal with the Robot Devi (Score 1) 113

well to be fair, the hololens is such a difficult instrument, only a few people in the whole universe can master it.

Well, unless you can score a pair of hands from the Robot Devil - then you'll be able to write great operas and all sorts of stuff!

Comment Re:Google Home (Score 1) 139

It seems the issue here really isn't the doll spying on children... it's that some unauthorized third party could take advantage of the manufacturer's bad design and make use of that spying ability themselves.

But we like to pretend we're protecting our kids, even while simultaneously letting Google or Amazon monetize them.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 505

It's well known and obvious that aides tweet for Tump. Because aides use an iOS device and Trump uses and Android device. That doesn't change the issue.

Well that, and... When the aides tweet, the missives generally don't have that "this just popped into my head and I'm blurting it out immediately" vibe to them.

It's a shame this guy is so old - I suspect it would've been interesting to talk to his grade school teachers regarding his behavior in the classroom.

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