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Comment Re:you don't need flash... PDF.js (Score 1) 362

html5 can replace flash, check this link on how firefox can replace flash

still not perfect, but getting better. it will replace flash, just like PDF.js can replace PDF plugins in browsers

For those who don't know, PDF.js is the "built in PDF viewer" in recent Firefox builds. It's not an Adobe-provided thing. It's a new Firefox feature to convert PDF to HTML5 using Javascript using a mozilla foundation "community driven" javascript project.

I gleefully support the goals of the project.

And yet I regret to report that from my work-related test cases, PDF.js is badly broken with long technical documents with diagrams. :-(

For those who don't know, you can disable it!
1. Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
2. Press the big button to bypass the warning.
3. In the Filter bar, paste pdfjs.disabled
4. In the search results, double-click pdfjs.disabled to set its value to true
5. Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.

Comment MAJOR UPDATE TO STORY.... his work was spying on h (Score 1) 923

You really need to ask this question? Or you just playing stewpit?

The article has an update posted now a day later:

It says out the guy had been fired/laidoff ("released") from his job. His WORK was spying on his searches AT WORK from his WORK computer.

They reviewed his searches and freaked out and reported him to the county cops to investigate.

" Suffolk County Criminal Intelligence Detectives received a tip from a Bay Shore based computer company regarding suspicious computer searches conducted by a recently released employee. The former employee’s computer searches took place on this employee’s workplace computer. On that computer, the employee searched the terms “pressure cooker bombs” and “backpacks.”

I'm not saying it wasn't unfortunate for the guy, but let's be clear that for THIS issue this was NOT it turns out a "the feds spy on me" story.

This is a "your EMPLOYER spies on you" story.


Submission + - Adobe and Apple didn't unit test for "forward date" bugs. Do YOU? (

llamafirst writes: As the year flipped to 2013, we learned that Adobe and Apple don't test for "forward date" bugs. Adobe prevented any copy of FrameMaker 10 from launching and Apple broke Do Not Disturb for the first week of 2013. Surely some more critical and safety systems also have lurking issues. Got tips for catching time/date bugs "from the mysterious future"? (also, oblig link to Falsehoods programmers believe about time)

Comment Re:I Respectfully Disagree with You (Score 1) 584

Well said.

And btw... About this line

> The website will be a therapist -- telling you only what you want to hear

this was a surprising comment to me. If that was your experience with a therapist, please don't assume that all therapists would have such a useless strategy!

Good well-trained and empathetic therapists do challenge assumptions and help move you towards useful and new perspectives not merely ego stroking. Everyone if possible should shop around for therapists and find someone that is a good fit, and that includes getting the right amount of insightfulness and independence of thought, with rapport but also without fear of speaking truthfully in your presence.

Comment Dunning-Kruger Effect (Score 3, Informative) 757

The popular belief these days is that everyone is allowed to a have 'democratic' opinion on any subject regardless if they have any clue as to what they are talking about

These links may also be enlightening:

Comment Is Bender Bending Rodriguez... God? (Score 1) 277

Most tales about YHWH aren't painting a picture of a nice guy. It's not that unreasonable to even half-seriously suggest that YHWH was an alien; too many of his actions and orders are pretty inhuman by anyone's measure, but fit a heartless robot just fine.

Yeah, because when you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.


Comment extensible type system also means type loaders (Score 1) 330

I am not sure what the "extensible type system" means

It means that you can add methods or properties to a class without subclassing it. This feature is one of the very few things that I actually like about Objective C.

It also means that Gosu supports custom type loaders that dynamically inject types into the language so you can use them as native objects in Gosu.

For example, custom type loaders add Gosu types for objects from XML schemas (XSDs) and from remote WS-I compliant web services (SOAP). Later versions of the Gosu community release will include more APIs and documentation about creating your own custom type loaders.

Modules of code containing type loaders can create entire namespaces of new types. This means that a type loader can import external objects and let Gosu code manipulate them as native objects. There are two custom type loaders that included in Gosu: (1) Gosu XML typeloader. This type loader supports the native Gosu APIs for XML. For more information, see "Gosu and XML". (2) Gosu SOAP typeloader. This type loader supports the native Gosu APIs for SOAP.

The first Gosu community release does not yet include these add-on typeloaders that support these APIs due to in-progress changes in bundling add-on typeloaders. The Gosu documentation describes the XML and web services APIs right now so you can become familiar with these upcoming APIs.

For more information

Comment Re:Cool. Next, fix the VM (Score 1) 330

New languages for the JVM are cool and all, but still no syntax fixes the problems inherent in the JVM. Mainly, the lack of generics.

Actually there are several improvements to the Gosu generics system that workaround JVM limitations.

In Java, when you use generics, the true type like MyClass is erased and it just becomes MyClass at run time. This called type erasure.

In Gosu, if you do the same thing, assuming MyClass is a Gosu type, the run time type is really MyClass. This is called reified generics.

(Note however that if the type is a Java type to start out with, like java.util.ArrayList, then the generic version ArrayList in Gosu follows the type erasure route as you'd imagine.)

But if you are playing in the Gosu world with Gosu types (for example, a Gosu class ), the language adds code that really does preserve generics even though the JVM doesn't natively think that way.

Comment Re:Gosu! (Score 1) 330

"But it IS a piece of Gosu!"

Don't worry: the language will probably be cancelled before it has a chance to really get going.

Anyway, that was my first thought too, then I wondered if it was an invitation to Oracle's lawyers...?

regarding the "chance to really get going", Gosu is already used by multi-billion dollar companies around the world already, for a bunch of years.

See a list of companies here:

It's just that the language now available to a wider audience who want it, not just Guidewire Software customers.

Submission + - Gosu programming language released to public today 3

llamafirst writes: Guidewire Software released the Gosu programming language today for public availability. Gosu is a general-purpose programming language built on top of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is object-oriented, static typed, imperative, 100% Java compatible (use/extend Java types, implement Java interfaces, compile to Java bytecode), type inference (very readable code yet static typing!), in-line functions that you can pass as objects (closures / lambda expressions / blocks), enhancements (inject methods + properties, even on Java types!), simplified generics. Gosu has an extensible type system: type loaders dynamically inject types into the language and handle dynamic dispatch. Type loaders dynamically add types from XSDs so XML is easier, and same for consuming remote web services (SOAP WS-I). Guidewire Software's core business is big insurance software and includes Gosu in its products. So, Gosu is new to the public but billion-dollar companies worldwide use Gosu in production for critical systems right now. Gosu is provided via the Apache License v2.0. The language itself is not yet open source, although that is planned for a future community release. Read complete introduction to the Gosu language, compare to other langs, syntax diffs from Java.

Comment Re:An article about the history of the OS (Score 1) 312

"could of used a screenshot or two of the historical operating systems."

What the fuck does "could of" mean?

Native speakers know that he really meant "it could have", which in verbal English becomes "coulda" or "could've", the latter of which sounds like what he typed.

There's no need to be mean about it. And certainly no need to score the parent post as "Score: 3 Insightful".

Comment Say Hebbo! to our alien friends (Score 1) 308

I can see it now... the ships land at the UN and... Alien: Greetings. We come in peace. UN: Where do you come from? Alien: A distant galaxy nearly 10 billion light years away. Our world has no crime, no disease, no wars; we value learning as the pinnacle of achievement. We have been waiting 2,000 of your years for the moment when Humanity is ready for contact. We feel the time is right. UN: Why are you here? Alien: We came to be baptized. Praise Jesus! or not...

I can see it now... the ships land at the UN and...

Alien: Greetings. We come in peace.

UN: Where do you come from?

Alien: A distant galaxy nearly 10 billion light years away.

UN: Why are you here?

Alien: To escape religious persecution! Most of our galaxy are ZYZYZYYZ-ists and we dont' feel safe to practice the Tarvu religion. We came to be baptized on the planet of our many-tentacled prophet. Praise Tarvu!

It's so easy to join!

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