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Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 634

Just like people have the free speech rights to use racial epithets, but are expected to politely refrain from doing so. Yes. There are a lot of things like that, where people can choose to do evil. When they aren't evil people, we expect them not to do that.

Do you want to live in a society where everyone goes ahead and does every evil thing they think they can get away with? Because I'd rather live in a society where we try to be good to each other instead.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 634

You offer several examples. None of them are "fire a specific employee who has bad politics or I won't do business with you". It's obvious why you want to change the subject from blacklisting Palmer Luckey to something a little more defensible. But we don't need to decide every question. Today's question is whether blacklisting a person from employment for bad politics is wrong. History and conscience should tell us it's wrong. The fact that people like you won't go on record specifically supporting and endorsing it should tell us it's wrong.

Since it's wrong, let's not do it.

Comment Re:Blacklisting again (Score 1) 634

I'm not going to lawyer it for you. "I oppose blacklisting people from employment because of bad politics. I support people being able to engage in their chosen political speech without their (unrelated, non-political) employment being threatened."

Can you make a similar statement? It doesn't seem like you can, because it doesn't seem like you oppose blacklisting.

Comment Re:"Shitposting" is fraud, not speech (Score 1) 634

People who aren't trying to justify or support evil behavior don't need to engage in that sort of lawyering. They can just say they oppose evil behavior like blacklisting and don't want to hurt people, even people with bad politics.

If you do want to blacklist people or otherwise hurt them or punish them or do nasty, evil things to them, then your political side can't be the good one. Maybe the other side is also bad -- whatever -- haters always have a grievance list just like yours.

Do you want a world of steadily escalating hurtful attacks and retributions? Why? And why should non-haters join you on your journey of destruction?

Comment Re:Blacklisting again (Score 1) 634

Banning from employment. Palmer Luckey is clearly qualified and accomplished and skilled enough to lead Oculus. Do you think he should be fired from that job and denied any other similar job for having bad politics? That's blacklisting.

It doesn't take lots of precise legalistic definitions to oppose doing evil things to people. You can just say you oppose it. If you support it, then sure, go ahead and lawyer away. Supporting evil requires justifications. Opposing it doesn't.

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