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Comment Re:The self-driving car is blamed for human error (Score 1) 215

The problem is, statistics don't matter if an automated car kills someone in a situation that a human wouldn't have. One day if they are 100x safer, I would hope they would be safe in all situations that a human would be.

This is arguably why the FDA kills more than it saves. Who studies how many lives are saved by medical advancements and compares it to those saved by preventing bad medicine from getting to market. What is an extra 5 years on average of delaying good drugs vs. bad ones getting out too soon then stopped after they become a problem?

Nobody studies the tens of thousands dying because a heart med gets to market late vs. a few dozens who might die if it gets to market too soon.

Comment Re:Given that Venezuela's economy is tanking (Score 1) 88

Did you type that on iPhone or android or PC? You would have none of that relying on communism, which institutionalizes the dictatorship you lambaste.

There is no such thing as real communism that has never been tried. It is a dictatorship at its core. People are not free to satisfy the needs or desires of others, so it will always lag and fail at even the basics.

Comment Re:Poor business (Score 1) 388

Back then he was right. Art in visual design is not art in expression of gameplay. Most games just repeated the same gamsplay over and over and over, changing a monster every 15 minutes of play.

He's still largely right today. A series of cut scenes played end to end might make for a shitty B movie, but that isn't a video game. That is a movie intertwined with one.

Let's make a new Plinkett/Bechtel type test right here. Describe artistic game expression without relying on irrelevant (to the medium) things like pretty backgrounds, models, or movie cut scenes.

Where is the gameplay beef?

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 2, Insightful) 370

CO2 has been known to have the properties it does for over one hundred fucking years. There is absolutely nothing fucking controversial about increasing PPM of CO2 leading to increased trapping of energy (heat) in the lower atmosphere and surface of the planet.

That's true. The problem is climate is a complicated system, and nobody knows how dominant that effect is, or even if it's dominant. Comparing predictive results of climate models to actual measurements shouldn't give anybody the warm fuzzies that climate scientists have any idea what's going on.

Comment Re:Huh? I use these all the time. (Score 1) 263

I have used close-to-right only once, a long time ago. Here are two similar things I currently often do:

1. Close all -- just click the little close box. Saves a few clicks over the close all tabs.

2. Close all but one -- grab the tab and pull it out into another window, then alt-tab back and click the close box on the previous window.

Easy, faster, and completely intuitive.

Comment Re:Check the links (Score 1) 266

Actually, it's not (only?) a library bug, but a(lso) programmer bug. Using std::make_pair(x, x) makes a pair, duh! Complaining about it is silly. Hint: the initializer list version of insert() is faster than the pair version (at least on sane platforms, Microsoft can be weird about c++)

Comment Classical physics, er, error (Score 2) 413

She falls into the same trap that most do who think about this problem -- that the super-universe in which our simulation is embedded has physics anything like what is being simulated for us (or with us as a side effect.)

If it can do uncounted googleplex operations per second, with similar abailability of storage space (or equivalent for an analog computer!) then none of her speed concerns are valid. Indeed, the cosmic speed limit here is a curious oddity, perhaps deliberately ala Vinge's Zones of Thought.

As for Bell's inequality and hidden variables, again, if it is all simulated, none of that matters. Hidden variables is only an issue if you need to maintain Einstein's concept of reality, that there are real objects "out there" with real, measurable properties. If one gives up on that reality, one can base quantum mechanics on a deeper classical realism with no problems whatsoever.

But even that need not be the ultimate reality. But her concerns are only issues if one, needlessly, and I submit oddly, wants to maintain that that parent computer's physics is anything like the physics being sinulated.

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