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Comment Re:Another reminder of why wait before buying (Score 1) 453

Maybe that 17-year-old should learn to make grownup decisions with his scarce resources. He didn't have to preorder. He could have bought a physical copy so he could trade it in. Or, best of all, he could have waited a few months and bought it on sale -- or skipped it entirely. If you wait a few months after release, games usually drop from $60 to $20 or $30.

It's so easy to be a grownup and not to be fooled. Rather than indulging the Internet hate-swarmers, why not join me and urge these people to grow up?

Comment Re:Really slashdot? (Score 1) 453

With every other product in the world you have a refund period.

I'm OK with a refund period. I just want Internet whiners and hate-swarmers to grow up and stop burdening everyone with their foolishness and entitlement.

Everyone had the chance to know whatever they needed to know to make an informed choice. But that requires being a grownup and waiting a week or two to buy.

Is there a demo of NMS? I don't pre-order any games and if there isn't a playing demo download, the chances of me buying it are zero.

Cool. Thanks for being a grownup. Let's ask others to grow up now.

But if a game really sucks, a refund is a reasonable solution. If somebody has bought dozens of games and only asked for a refund once, it's pretty fair to say that this should be the publisher's problem.

It doesn't suck. It's ok. It's just not "great" and the minimalistic gameplay isn't fun for some people.

I think Sony's policy is one lifetime refund on a digital purchase as a courtesy. That seems about right.

Comment Re:Captain Kirk says... (Score 2) 290

"The problem with immortality is that it's boring."

(There's an episode of the original series where a man gives up immortality to be with the woman he loves....)

I've been saying for 25 years now that I may not wanna live forever, but 70 years or so is wayyyyy too short.

I could live a few thousand years eating cheeseburgers and chocolate.

Comment No Fools' Cry (Score 0, Flamebait) 453

Internet fanboys buy into hype, then cry when their childlike foolishness leads them to disappointment and regret. Childlike entitlement kicks in and tantrums follow. It happens over and over, year after year.

It's a game about exploration and discovery. Were they supposed to give you a comprehensive list of everything that could possibly happen in the game before you bought it? A grownup would either wait and buy the game after reading enough reviews to make a wise decision, or take a gamble and pre-order and accept that gambles sometimes pay off and sometimes don't.

Don't you people get tired of acting like children? Why not just grow up and stop making things worse for yourself and the people around you?

And don't the rest of you get tired of these people who are old enough to be grownups demanding to be indulged in their foolishness like 10-year-olds? Why not tell them to grow up instead of indulging their ongoing foolishness?

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