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Comment Re:Hardware RAID becoming less relevant every day. (Score 1) 171

This is where ZFS has some potential to become even more important than it already is.

The reason you RAID a SSD is to protect against silent data corruption, which SSDs are not immune from. While you don't necessarily need RAID for this with ZFS, it certainly makes it easier.

The point about the insane abundance of CPU power is one that ZFS specifically takes advantage of right out of the starting gate.

Comment ...Into Humans (Score 1) 251

I love the "...Into Humans" part of the byline. As if the chemical(s) in question do not leach out into the liquids if they are consumed by anything but humans. Leaching and ion exchange is a well known phenomena among chemists, which is why glass is still the most common container material when dealing with chemicals.

Comment Re:Beauty is in ... (Score 1) 519

I had a similar experience. The university was tossing a bunch of Model M's, so I scarfed them up. I don't know what kind of deep geek dungeon of gunk they had been living in, but they were NASTY.

I took the first one, and pulled off the keycaps, which were sticky beyond believe. I think I could have extracted almost an entire coca-cola from the sludge. The rest of the body wasn't that bad, and being the impatient person that I am, thought it would be super clever to put the keycaps in a pot of water on the stove and warm it up to help speed up the gunk dissolution.

A couple minutes later something shiny caught my eye on the tele. Many minutes later I was wondering where the sound of popping bubble wrap was coming from. After listening to it for a few minutes, pondering on what could possibly be making such a racket, I jumped up screaming "MY KEYCAPS!". Rushing into the kitchen to find a rolling boil of keycap soup, I cut the heat, pulled out a colander, dumped in the keycaps, and much to my amazement discovered that they were no worse for wear (and quite clean). So, it's a nice piece of information to know that those keycaps are indeed boilable. :)

Comment Subjectivity Alert (Score 2, Insightful) 662

"...But for the actual browsing experience..."

Things like "browser experience" are so completely subjective as to have no meaning. The standard counters often include mentions of "general users" and other equally nonsensical strawmen. I don't mind people expressing opinions about their "browser experiences", in fact I think more people should talk about what they like and don't like. What I cringe at is when the difference between a review and opinion piece disappears, or becomes so ambiguous that it might as well be disappeared.

Yes, I know this is a dead horse, but even dead horses deserve a fresh flogging from time to time.

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