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Submission + - SPAM: Trump executive order prompts Google to recall staff

AmiMoJo writes: Google has recalled travelling staff members to the US after an executive order from President Donald Trump restricting entry for nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries. Google has told the BBC it is concerned about the order and any measures which could block great talent from the US. There have already been reports of "green card" holders, who are allowed to work in the US, being prevented from getting on flights.
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Submission + - Google DeepMind algorithm has learnt to play Go better than most human beings

Artem Tashkinov writes: The Go game has been considered the toughest to crack game for AI to this date, and various researchers estimated it would take at least ten more years for AI algorithms to master it and beat the best human players on the planet. However according to a recent Nature publication (PDF) by the team behind Google DeepMind, their AI algorithm manages to beat 99% of all other Go playing applications and also it beat Fan Hui, the best European Go player.

Submission + - HP-15C, HP-16C & HP-41CX Reborn!!! The world's smallest programmable RPN cal 2

mikesters writes: SwissMicros produces clones of the famous HP calculators from the 1980's: the HP-11C, HP-12C, HP-15C, HP-16C and also of the HP-41CX.

More than ten years ago an online petition was started to Bring Back the HP-15C. Tens of thousands signed that petition, but HP still won't bring it back into general production.

In 2011 SwissMicros started production of a credit-card sized clone of the HP-15C and some of the other models.

Now in 2015 SwissMicros has released a full-sized clone of the HP-15C and HP-16C as well as of the HP-41CX, fully functional, with real buttons just like the HP calculators and even more features, with high quality materials and finishing.

The calcualtors emulate the original HP ROMs, but alternative ROMs with extended memory capabilities can be user-installed using an USB cable.

Could be the perfect Christmas gift for the nerd who has everything! Go to

Comment Re:SNOBOL/SPITBOL . . . JCL . . .? (Score 1) 242

SNOBOL evolved into ICON, which forked into Unicon. ICON used to be rather well known back in the day for its SNOBOL inherited pattern matching, goal-directed expression evaluation, generators, co-expressions, first-class functions and a very very fast byte-code interpreter. All before Windows was born :) It has an elegant and effective binding to X11 which works to this day, even under Mac OS X. It is my go-to language for personal projects.

ICON is feature-frozen, but still maintained, and it is all in the public domain. It has a loyal following:

Unicon is under active development, and introduces lots of new shiny kitchen sinks like objects and unicode. I don't use it....

Comment Pencil and paper first (Score 2) 246

First off, pencil and paper. Teach them how to make and play wirh Turing machines and finite state automata. Enjoy the awe when you tell them about the Universal Turing Machine.

The HP15C User's Manual and an HP15C, or HP's 15C iApp.

David Touretzky's Gentle Introduction.

My personal favourite language of all time: Icon.


Comment Re: Some valid criticisms (Score 1) 214

Completely agree about the settings being categorised - in fact I'd be happier if they were nicely categorised in the database, but as it is they're all just glommed into a single table listed in alphabetical order, without any sort of hierarchical structure in the key names (such as you do with objects in firefox's about:config for example) - wouldn't it be nice to have a frontend.display.widgets.renderer = opengl for instance?

Agree that it's entirely possible I'm doing very complicated things, but this is why I get so annoyed at the bulk of Myth power users; I say something's needlessly complicated, and I'm told it's because Myth is so powerful. If something powerful doesn't work as I'd like it to, I'm told I'm making things needlessly complicated.

Technically, there is no ordering of settings in the database. They are just inserted as needed. If they showed up in alphabetical order, its because you sorted them that way in your select statement. Manual tinkering with settings outside the GUI has never been recommended or supported in any manner.

Almost everyone will agree that there are far too many settings, and that their layout could be handled better. MythTV was designed for, and used on for several years, low resolution standard definition TVs. What works there doesn't make much sense on a higher resolution display. I have to say 'almost everyone', as there has been concerted effort over the past year to clear out bad and unnecessary settings. Every time something would be removed, people would pop into the mailing list and IRC channels bickering about how they couldn't live without their particular pet setting. Nevermind the fact that the setting was no longer even functional, and when it previously did function, enabling it caused bad things to happen.

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