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Comment Sometimes, web pages should NOT be reloaded (Score 1) 766

I do development where I need to look at the source code of a page, to make sure that certain elements are present. The attitude that caching the page for even a fraction of a second is "bad" has made it very difficult to do this anymore - If I ask for the source, the browser claims the page is "expired", and demands to reload it. That changes what I'm looking for, making the request invalid.

Even trying to save the page locally requires that it be reloaded. It's become nearly impossible to check a page's actual content.

Comment "Legitimate" URL Shortening in email is stupid (Score 4, Interesting) 116

We have most URL shortening services blocked on our email system. It's a policy that has been in place for years - in email, it does not matter how long or ugly the URL is, it should be fully there.

If a service has a way to view the destination without actually going there, we MIGHT let it through. But even that policy needs review. Maybe we just need to crank up the SpamAssassin score by 10.0 for each one found...

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