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Submission + - UVB-76 undergoes maintenance

luder writes: After several voice messages were heard back in August, the Russian shortwave radio station UVB-76 went silent on September 1, when it appears to have gone down for maintenance. Later that day, it started to play a pattern consisting of a piece from the "Swan's Lake" and 10 buzzer sounds [mp3 file]. From September 2 to 5, a large amount of CW and voice messages were observed, while at the same time the first confirmed pirate transmissions were observed by European amateurs, including fake voice messages, shortwave graffiti and morse code with personal messages. The UVB-76 got finally back on air on September 8, with stronger signal than many have ever seen. However, several voice broadcasts on September 8 have been starting with the callsign MDZhB, which rises the question of the callsign change for the station, although this remains an open question at the moment. is providing live streams as received 900km NW from the station, for those of us who don't own a SW receiver or are too far to get a reception.

Submission + - iOS 4.1 Jailbroken already (

mspohr writes: "Just hours after Apple released iOS 4.1 to great fanfare, hardware hackers found a way to jailbreak devices that run the new operating system. More surprising still, there doesn't appear to be anything Steve Jobs can do to stop them in the near future. The exploit in the boot ROM of iOS devices was first announced by iPhone Dev-Team member pod2g. It was soon confirmed by other hackers, who said that because the exploit targets such a low-level part of the operating system, Apple won't be able to stop jailbreakers without making significant hardware changes."

Submission + - Swiss court finds tracking p2p illegal (

An anonymous reader writes: A swiss court has declared the activities of Logistep AG to track down the IP addresses of P2P transactions at the request of rights holders to be illegal and has ordered the arrest of its director.

Submission + - Salesforce Uses Chatter to Spy on Employees (

storagedude writes: At the launch of Chatter Mobile today, CEO Marc Benioff said he has been using the Facebook-like business service to monitor employee communications and identify a 'secret network' of employees who were influential in driving the business. Asked if employees felt like they were being spied on by Big Brother, Benioff replied, 'There are certain things appropriate in a business environment. We're not talking about a tea party, we're talking about how to get things fixed.' With 20,000 companies already using the three-month-old service, it is no doubt being put to similar use elsewhere.

Submission + - Science scorned : Nature (

jamie writes: ""The anti-science strain pervading the right wing in the United States is the last thing the country needs in a time of economic challenge. ... The right-wing populism that is flourishing in the current climate of economic insecurity echoes many traditional conservative themes, such as opposition to taxes, regulation and immigration. But the Tea Party and its cheerleaders, who include Limbaugh, Fox News television host Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin (who famously decried fruitfly research as a waste of public money), are also tapping an age-old US political impulse — a suspicion of elites and expertise.""

Anti-Product Placement For Negative Branding 130

An anonymous reader writes "Product placement to promote your brand just isn't enough any more. These days, apparently, some companies are resorting to anti-product placement in order to get competitors' products in the hands of 'anti-stars.' The key example being Snooki from Jersey Shore, who supposedly is being sent handbags by companies... but the bags being sent are of competitors' handbags as a way to avoid Snooki carrying their own handbag, and thus potentially damaging their brand."

Comment Re:Emotional Things I Wish I Knew Earlier (Score 2, Interesting) 590

I agree with all of this, but also... Doctors, lawyers, and most (non-software) engineers have reasons not to present their work as being radically different from others in the same profession. Doctors who are sued for malpractice generally want to argue that what they did is the same as what any other doctor would do, lawyers want to argue that their positions are based on precedent, and civil engineers want to convince people that their suspension bridge designs are based on the same principles that make other suspension bridges safe.

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