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Comment Re:Norton (Score 1) 72

Step one: Any browser that cares about security MUST stop regarding https with CA certificates as any more trustworthy that self-signed certificates or plain http.

Why? Plain HTTP can be compromised by anyone on a hop between you and your destination. HTTPS with a self-signed certificate can be compromised by anyone on a hop between you and your destination, but can be detected if you do certificate pinning or certificate transparency. HTTPS with a signed cert can only be compromised with cooperation from a CA. The set of people that can compromise signed HTTPS is significantly lower than the set that can compromise self-signed HTTPS.

I remember in the days of IE 6 and me opening questionable porn in my youth I would get slow or weird responses from HTTP websites. I do an ipconfig of the name of the site. I then disconnect and then reboot and or sometimes do a ipconfig /release and VIOLA now when I do an ipconfig it points to a different IP address.

MITM was quite on occurrence in the old days. Of course if my DNS is pointing to somewhere else it means my PC was probably compromised but my point is changing something and a ipconfig /release fixes it shows it is easy to spoof before MS took security more seriously as it does today.

Comment Re:The Dying Days of the Certificate industry (Score 1) 72

You have a better solution? You want the US government deciding instead like ICAAN in addition to being a central point of exploit?

If you let others self sign that means you risk having the private keys known and it's game over. Let's encrypt has same problem in which they can screw up and hand out extra certificates. Also if they are hacked and private key is leaked then game over the Internet is done as we know it. This makes me not want lots of players on the CA space

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 1) 394

Prove it!

THe FBI found no proof. Again the conservative media at Fox and Bannon who incidently works at the whiteshouse may make stuff up but no wiretap order was ever place.

Also the CIA and FBI DO have a right to investigate espionage by a foreign power like Russia. A judge ordered the wiretapping of some of his staff who worked for Putin and Putin aligned interests in Ukraine. Trump and his towers were not bugged.

If this were Hillary you all would be screaming impeachment and would be wanting to start an armed rebellion. It makes you look crazy to say otherwise

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 2) 394

All the GOP where I live in Texas supported Trump to make God happy. Simple.

This sounds absurd to slashdotters but I AM DEAD serious. God is pro corporation because the pastor said so. Liberals are evil horrible people out to take their church and guns away to literally the majority of people where I am at in rural areas.

It was religion as why would anyone vote Republican? It is because of gay rights and abortition and teaching the book of Genesis in the classroom. That is the most important and only issues these voters care about.

Majority voted for CLinton as a reminder. The rural southern states voted for Trump because their pastor said so. Plain and simple.

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 4, Interesting) 394

If you lean libertarian, then be libertarian. Switching to Democrat is essentially the polar opposite of libertarian. It makes no sense.

Libertarians believe in liberal human rights, less wars, seperation of church and state, and less government colluding with big business. Democrats stand for these too.

Now economically one can argue they agree with Republicans. True. But look at the GOP today? They believe in big government to create monopolies, fight wars for oil companies, restrict trans/gay/womens rights, want creationism taught in the classroom and have altered books in the state of Texas already, etc. Being for limited government only applies to big companies in the GOP.

The election of Trump showed me ideology and religion matter more than facts or competency. I can't stand by supporting someone who has 7% of the vote and doesn't know where Syria is on a map when I can change an existing party instead.

Comment Re:For the Republican readers (Score 1) 394

Who should we support then? Obama/Hillary style progressives? They're the other half of the problem. We had 8 years of clinton 1.0, 8 years of bush 2.0, 8 years of bush 2.1 retread edition (now with more urban hip and basketball!) with obama.. This last choice was between an incompetent sellout and Clinton 2.0.

Switching from republican to democrat or vice versa is pointless..

Do you watch the news? Go to www.cnn.com now (I have not but I guess it will be a facepalm moment with Trump making a wild accusation) and tell me Trump is qualified? No really? Is he qualified?

I am really scared to think of what will happen if we have a crises? Will he cry and insult the leaders wife? I am dead serious on that one too. He is not competent to be president and the religious right and rural folks voted him in based on gut instincts and religion. Scary as hell.

I would take far right Mitt Romney. Sure I do not agree he would have my best interests at heart. But can he not cry at the media and blame others and handle an international crises? YOU bet! He is smart and competent. Bush is amazingly intelligent and cool compared to this bozo.

Look at the issues here and see who is voting for what? THe only thing I see is I love the free market and hate excess government spending but that is the last generation pre Reagan Republican Party. They are dead now as RINOs and we have ideology Gods in place and they do this so they can take money from cable companies to ,make laws agaisn't us.

I think Clinton is A WORLD of a difference between her and Trump. China would be in a much better relationship with us after Trump made his mistakes and we would get a pro choice supreme court justice and no Russia affairs and weird signals we send to around the world weakening the credibility of the White House and American interests. Not a saint but shoot I would take her right now.

Comment For the Republican readers (Score 5, Insightful) 394

That is what you get for voting for these politicians. But hey enjoy those tax cuts that you probably didn't get if you are not a millionaire.

To me I can not see how any smart technical person can vote for any Republican. As it stands today the GOP votes:
1. For mega corporations and monopolies from tech companies who are anti opensource
2. Believe climate change doesn't exist and is an invention of these elite socialists
3. Support Trump and his competency as shown on any news site
4. Hate highspeed internet and do not believe in infrastructure improvements
5. Believe more H1B1 visa immigrants are needed
6. Believe the bible should be taught in biology classes (it is in Texas!!)
7. Believe science should not be funded as it is only opinion oriented and not based on facts like you get from Church or Foxnews
8. Want more mega monopolies that limit internet and support throttling
9. Support snooping by corporations
10. Believe in unlimited funding by companies to elected officials to vote against your own self interests
11. Believes in old school coal and oil and does not want alternative sources of energy

Yes this post is going to anger MANY. But it HAS to be said. I lean libertarian myself but I am registering as a democrat as I feel as I.T. and science professionals who go to this site that the Republican Party is the biggest danger we face. Even more dangerous than Microsoft was back in the day.

Anyone with an IQ over 100 who is not a millionaire and works in the I.T. field needs to stop supporting these guys.

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