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Comment Re: Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever (Score 1) 284

So hairy you want MS html, MS Css, things that only work on win32, etc?

Bill Gates is what caused MS to focus on being proprietary and monopolistic! He was the one who broke ASCII so you needed dos2unix and unix2dos on purpose to make porting hard. He made Sco Xenix broken so it would be harder to port apps to solaris and irix.

You may hate the new CEO but he is open sourcing things, supporting Freebsd and Linux to azure, porting PowerShell to Linux and Ubuntu to Windows, creating ms code editor to Linux and Mac OSx, and Android and mono development to visual studio 2015.

Bill Gates would reverse this.

Personally MS is making much better applications. Windows is the only issue based on 2 things which a QA team and less spyware can fix. Keep in mind your phone and Browser do the same things. If MS needs to fund this they should sell different versions

Comment Re: Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever (Score 1) 284


Fanboy cheerleaders coming up .... FYI Freebsd 11 is a freaking nightmare upgrading. My Hyper-V guests running your bsd have issues seeing the hard drive after upgrading. Differencing disks do not function and even bare metal as the host OS the ports do not work for at least 3 programs.

Freebsd 10.3 worked fine from your beloved OS before upgrading.

Never ever upgrade is a common SOP of IT since things always break. Sorry but just because you like BSD doesn't mean it's magical and laws of complexity do not apply.

Comment Re:Groping (Score 1) 394

And he's trying to cause election day violence.

I'm not saying to go violent, but we have to watch, folks, because our democracy is being stolen by the media, by the government, by a bunch of lying whores too ugly to grope, by SNL, and by illegal aliens who get airlifted from Mexico to the inner cities so they can vote five times for Crooked Hillary! It's all rigged, the system is totally rigged, folks, totally rigged, and you know it's true because if Trump loses, believe me, everything is rigged, I can tell you that much.

Comment Re:Groping (Score 2) 394

Conservatives seem to be more concerned with hypothetical scenarios than things that actually happen. Hypothetically, a good guy with a gun might shoot a bad guy with a gun, a guy might put on a wig and enter a women's restroom to leer at girls, a Syrian refugee will show up in Chicago and vote 10 times for Clinton or set off a fission bomb, etc. The fact that these things never happen doesn't matter- if they can *imagine* it occurring, that's enough.

It's amazing how many people are convinced of "voter fraud" without actually thinking about what it means. Voter fraud means someone stands in line, votes, then gets back at the end of the line and votes again- thus risking years in prison in order to get in one extra vote! Which is believable if you're utterly incapable of putting yourself in another person's shoes and imagining what they might be thinking.

Ever since voter fraud paranoia took hold, governments have been policing for voter fraud more vigorously. And so far the only offenders have been conservatives trying to prove how easy voter fraud is.

Comment Re: Yes? (Score 1) 163

I did an apt-get install Apache2 and it installed :-)

Now I didn't check to see if it worked as a have separate VM's of turnkey Linux appliances for those. MS wanted to include this because they are worried of becoming irrelevant to young millennials who make web pages and mobile apps so things like Apache was one of the goals of making WSL in the first place.

Comment Re:Yes? (Score 1) 163

It doesn't seem like much of a surprise that starting a fight between POSIX and NT ACLs is going to end badly; but this 'review' fails pretty dramatically at answering the question of how much of a problem this is.

If you can't, in practice, let the Linux side touch the Windows side, or vice versa, lest ugly and inscrutable things happen, then you might as well just run a VM. If you can actually do a variety of interesting things across systems, so long as you avoid a few edge cases, that is potentially more useful.

Mod parent up.

I was thinking something similiar and not having CHMOD change an attribute is a feature.

NTFS and the NT kernel do not understand Unix ACLs and permissions. If you Chmod something you can break it as the NTFS.SYS driver will assume the data is corrupt.

While I think the WSL is a fun hack it is not practical as both systems were never designed to work with each other. Modern Windows is more akin to VMS than to Unix even if they do share some same features the implementations are different

Comment Re:Can't even match Cygwin (Score 1) 163

MS has spent over two decades ignoring the CLI shell; they don't care about it and don't understand it, they only understand GUI. Powershell is proof of that, only people who have disdain for CLI would produce that absurdly verbose monstrosity.

I am not a shill or troll for MS by a longshot but have you actually used Powershell?

There are somethings I dare say gulp I like about powershell over Bash. True MS made the mistake in the NT days of assuming the system admin would be sitting in front of the server in the MDF unlike a Novel Netware or Unix box which assumes you use a tty or console from elsewhere.

From looking at Server 2016 with the whole Nano Server edition I would say it is IMPOSSIBLE to admin such VM's without powershell. Now the direction is the other way.

My criticism of Cygwin here which is unpopular is the same of Bash on Windows (not on Unix though) in that Bash and Unix commands assume everything is a file. In Windows everything is an object. Powershell assumes everything is an object by default.

Comment Re: Yes? (Score 1) 163

Is it production ready?

Let's say I get apache to work. Excellent. Now I have some scripts from Bob my coworker uses and some custom XML APIs for PHP to get my web app up. Will they work? Probably not.

Any i5 with 8 to 16 gigs of ram with an SSD can do a VM lightning fast. Specially a type 1 like Hyper-V or KVM/qemu. Most developers and even hipsters posses such specs easily and Hyper-V and virtual box are there and work.

Use a VM or better yet an Amazon e3 vm to do your development work with no headaches

Comment Re: Can't even match Cygwin (Score 3, Informative) 163

That's a little extreme.

Cygwin is very outdated and uses translated calls from POSIX to win32 with all the bugs and glory on both platforms combined.

Last I checked you couldn't run major products. Also what good is it? Everything in Windows is an object, not a text file. You cannot cat your event viewer files nor can you use awk, sed, and grep for WMI on your PC. MS is native and more apps are supported.

This is 2016. If any geek is stuck on Windows or Linux and need an app on another platform you run a virtual machine. Let Linux be Linux and Windows be Windows. Win 10 has Hyper-V and virtual box and qemu is free on Linux.

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