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Submission + - Debian 7.0 ("Wheezy") released

anarcat writes: After two years since the last Debian release (6.0, nicknamed "squeeze"), the Debian release team finally published Debian 7.0 (nicknamed "Wheezy"). A newly created blog has details on the release, which features multi-arch support (e.g. you can now install packages for both i386 and amd64 on the same install), improvements to multimedia support (no need for third party repositories!) and improved security through hardening flags.

Debian 7.0 also ships with the controversial Gnome 3 release, and the release notes explicitly mention how to revert to the more familiar "Gnome classic" interface. Finally, we can also mention the improved support for virtualization infrastructure with pre-built images available for Amazon EC2, Windows Azure and Google Compute Engine. Debian 7.0 also ships with the OpenStack suite and the Xen Cloud Platform.

More details on the improvements can be found in the release notes and the Debian wiki.

Submission + - Google Threatened Acer with Banishment from Android ( 1

Spy Handler writes: "In a Microsoft-esque move, Google threatened Acer with banishment from Android if it went ahead with its new cellphone project with Alibaba (China's version of Amazon), using an OS called Aliyun. Acer has remained silent on the issue, but Alibaba reports that they received notification from Google, stating "if the new product launch with Aliyun went ahead, Google would terminate Android product cooperation and related technical authorization with Acer." Possible reason for Google's upset is that the Aliyun OS, which is not Android, can run Android apps as well as its own."

Submission + - Unicode 6.1 released (

An anonymous reader writes: The latest version of the Unicode standard (v. 6.1.0) was officially released January 31. The latest version includes 732 new characters, inluding seven brand new scripts. It also adds support for distinguishing emoji-style and text-style symbols and emoticons with variation selectors, updates to the line-breaking algorithm to more accurately reflect Japanese and Hebrew texts, and updates other algorithms and technical notes to reflect new characters and newly documented text behaviors.

Submission + - NASA finds 'Alien' Matter From Beyond Our Solar Sy (

An anonymous reader writes: For the very first time, a NASA spacecraft has detected matter from outside our solar system — material that came from elsewhere in the galaxy, researchers announced today (Jan. 31).
This so-called interstellar material was spotted by NASA's Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), a spacecraft that is studying the edge of the solar system from its orbit about 200,000 miles (322,000 kilometers) above Earth.

"This alien interstellar material is really the stuff that stars and planets and people are made of — it's really important to be measuring it," David McComas, IBEX principal investigator and assistant vice president of the Space Science and Engineering Division at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, said in a news briefing today from NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.


Submission + - Apple Releases Major Update for Final Cut Pro X (

redletterdave writes: "Apple updated its professional video editing software Final Cut Pro X on Tuesday, injecting the platform with some significant improvements to enhance the editing experience. Many film editors left Final Cut Pro X because of its radical design changes, but Apple made several key fixes in the 10.0.3 update to alleviate editors' concerns. The update includes multicam editing support for up to 64 film and still cameras, external broadcast monitoring support, and advanced chroma-key "green screen" controls, but most importantly, Apple addressed the missing upgrade solution from FCP 7 to FCP X. The company endorsed a third-party plugin called '7toX,' built by Intelligent Assistance, which will allow users to update and finish their older projects from FCP 7 on FCP X."

Submission + - Sudo format string vulnerability (

godztempus writes: Sudo 1.8.0 introduced simple debugging support that was primarily intended for use when developing policy or I/O logging plugins. The sudo_debug() function contains a flaw where the program name is used as part of the format string passed to the fprintf() function. The program name can be controlled by the caller, either via a symbolic link or, on some systems, by setting argv[0] when executing sudo.

Submission + - HTML-code Pixelart Images in Skype Chat Messages

zhovner writes: "It turns out that Skype chat can work with some HTML-tags, including <font color="">
Thanx to that it is possible to create simple pixelart pictures in text messages. Look like this

  To send a HTML-code in the chat you need to hold CTRL + SHIFT and click on the button to send a message.

Here is Nyan cat picture source HTML-code

This PHP code example shows the generation of HTML-code from the image

The code is rather primitive because each pixel is processed, even if a few pixels in a row are the same color. There is possible to optimize code, so as to generate more compact HTML, you may create higher resolution images. All depends on the maximum message size in skype — 29,999 characters.

Here is online demo
The list of supported tags in Skype

Please note, if there is a large number of pictures in skype chat it starts to slow down. Therefore it is better to remove the message with the picture."

Submission + - ARM announces 64-bit CPU architecture (

An anonymous reader writes: Cambridge-based processor designer ARM has today disclosed technical details of its new ARMv8 architecture. The key features of the current ARMv7, including TrustZone®, virtualization and NEON advanced SIMD, are maintained or extended in the ARMv8 architecture, which is the first ARM architecture to include a 64-bit instruction set and which they hope will expand the reach of ARM into consumer and enterprise applications where extended virtual addressing and 64-bit data processing are required. The ARM compiler and Fast Models with ARMv8 support have already been made available to partners, and initial support for a range of open source operating systems, applications and third-party tools is already in development.

Submission + - Google financing yahoo buyout? ( 1

larry bagina writes: Yahoo news is reporting (via AP) that Google is in talks to help finance a Yahoo purchase. Interesting rumor. Perhaps they want to have a say in who the new yahoo overlords are (or are not, as the case may be).

Submission + - The + operator has been replaced? WTF?!?! (

AlienIntelligence writes: OH MY GOD... Google has gotten rid of the + to do searches? SERIOUSLY? Is someone off their meds??

You now have to put double quotes around SINGLE WORDS to guarantee that they show as-is in the search.
ftws: The + operator has been replaced. To search for an exact word or phrase, use double quotation marks.

Ok, for people that rarely search for stuff on Google, or just aren't Google savvy, this is a complete, "Who cares?".
But for someone that puts in dozens sometimes hundreds of searches a day... they are actually decreasing my productivity by:

1) Making me think of the new way every damn time I search. 10ms

I've been 'deeply programmed' since before Google times, just like everyone else, that + is boolean, "leave it in there".

2) "Going back" >1s

That, right there... takes at the minimum, an extra second to hop to the beginning. Worse if you are on different keyboards all the time.

3) I didn't have to hit the shift key before, now I gotta, TWICE! >25ms

Times, 50 searches (easily) per day [that require the boolean]

More than ONE EXTRA MINUTE PER DAY! Just because they didn't want my search query to interfere with their "purification" [1.35s] of GOOGLE PLUS in their system.
Oh yeah... I know WHY they did it... how the fuck are stupid people going to search for Google+ ? lol

I SUGGEST MASSIVE PROTEST! Or an opt out (oh where, oh where is Google Labs when you need them?)

Talk amongst yourselves

{For the editors, this is half snark / half serious... I think we should fight this, I hope you publish this, I would like to hear ./ commentary. If you don't get the Chris rock reference, 2:53}


Submission + - Dennis Ritchie, creator of C programming language (

WankerWeasel writes: The sad news of the dead of another tech great has come. Dennis Ritchie, the creator of the C programming language and a key developer of the Unix operating system, has passed away. For those of us running Mac OS X, iOS, Android and many other non-Windows OS' have him to thank. Many of those running Windows do too as many of the applications you're using were written in C.

Submission + - Our version of Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie...

Earl The Squirrel writes: On Oct 12, 2011, Dennis Richie, creator of C and co-creator to Unix has died. As the hero's of our generation age, it's sad to say this will invariably happen, but it's sad for all of us who continue. Let's be sure to thank and salute those who have made what we enjoy so much. Losing two so close together makes it even harder.

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