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Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 272

I'm really enjoying watching Uber's culture getting its well-earned raking. That alone is worth every article.

As to sexism, there's plenty of new things to say, but each discussion is hijacked by the same 2 or 3 arguments taking place.

But more seriously, every social movement and major event gets its own sea of scrutiny and discussion and ties in to current events. This is tech's sexism moment, and we're in the middle of an unresolved problem. We already did mobile, iPods, Web 2.0, Microsoft vs Linux, Java garbage collection, the DMCA, SCO, the dotcom bust, etc. Every topic had its three headlines a week, then it was resolved and we moved on.

Sexism in tech isn't resolved, and we can't move on until it's resolved or we'd be forced to admit that we're something which none of us want to be.

Comment Re:Not Netflix's fault (Score 1) 181

I've seen people hunt around for shows on Amazon and Hulu or whatever rather than trying to torrent. In fact I have a Roku and it has a built in cross-service search. The studios are not dumb. I wish there was compulsory licensing for movies and shows too, but the fact is, they are making bank on the current model.

Comment Re:It's basically an alternative to Slack (Score 1) 78

(I'm the GP) Not sure what you mean. This is a business product, so your employer already knows everything about you, your name and birthdate and what you look like. If you use Facebook for your personal stuff, it's already tied to your real name and the association is already there. Some of your coworkers have surely already looked at your profile and seen whatever is public. But they won't see anything that is not public if you don't accept their friend requests. If you don't use Facebook for your personal stuff, then there's nothing to associate. If you mean can random Facebook friends of yours see your work activity, the answer is absolutely no.

Comment Re:Probably a flawed analysis (Score 1) 990

That's as may be, but when you drive a car a few thousand miles, sometimes you ding it or someone runs into you. Rental car companies charge you for every day the car is out of commission, so your own insurance won't cut it. But if you get their insurance, it pushes it from the $30-$50 a day range to the $70-$100 a day range. Make it 5 days and we're at $500, double your number. But then you also probably have to get a Lyft/Uber to/from the nearest rental car center, typically an airport, rather than driving to/from your own home - add maybe $80. And you'd best pony up $10+tax a day for any additional drivers, because if you don't and they get into an accident, your insurance won't count - oh, and they have to come by with you to sign the rental agreement. Oh and did you say you wanted to rent at Thanksgiving? Say hello to surge pricing, taking you from $500 to $1000-$1500 - if they have a car available. And all this only applies to cities - in small towns you're screwed anyway. In theory this is a good model, in practice it's highly restrictive. I have a hybrid SUV, I would love an electric, but I'm gonna wait until the value proposition is there - 300-400 mile range and widespread superchargers.

Comment Re:Will they stop going backwards? (Score 1) 115

Have you used a device with a fingerprint reader for any amount of time? I have - the iPhone 6S+ and the Note 4. With the Note 4 it kind of sucks because it's unreliable. With the iPhone, it's a game changer. I can unlock my phone so much more quickly and easily that Apple just basically removed a barrier to how often I pull my phone out to check something. For instance, I can reliably unlock it at a red light without having to glance at the screen, and open Shazam. The difference was so glaring that I basically stopped using the Note 4.

Comment Re:From a security perspective... (Score 1) 924

But please.
WHY. THE. FUCK. break decades of well-established Unix conventions? Why the actual fuck?
I hate the arrogance of the systemd folks who think they are doing everything better. Even Darwin respects Unix conventions more than systemd. And yes, they scrapped sysvinit too. And yes, I still prefer sysvinit.

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