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Comment Re:Nah (Score 1) 166

Porsche 918 Spyder is 0-60 in 2.3s. Elon has a ways to go still.

On the other hand, an electric motor can easily produce its maximum torque at stall.

An electric car, with adequately sized motors, controllers, and batteries (or other power sources) should be able to drive the tires to the traction limit from a standing start to the speed where the available power will no longer sustain that level of acceleration - well over 60 MPH. This means the acceleration is limited solely by the coefficient of friction of the tire/road contact surface - a critical parameter that can be tightly tracked, during acceleration, by drive electronics akin to non-skid brake controllers.

So an electric car should be able to get the best possible standing-start rating out of any given tire technology - and be literally unbeatable in such a contest.

IMHO the only reason (pre-Tesla) electric cars had a reputation for being underpowered creampuffs rather than unbeatable sprint sports cars, is that the automobile manufacturers thought the purchasers would all be eco-freaks, more interested in mileage and ideology than performance, and designed lower-manufacturing-cost, underpowered, cars for this market.

Comment Too bad (Score 1) 38

There games are not compatible with Windows 7 with unreal tournament 99 and ut2004 has issues with Windows 10.

I just bought them on steam and disappointed. Was about to register an account on epic forums and glad I didn't

Comment Re:Don't use Microsoft (Score 2) 398

Easy for you to say. Home users rarely are impacted except for a few scattered Windows 10 users with funky old drivers from updates.

What this shitstorm is going to hit is the enterprise. Where a patch can be devestating, but security and being up to date also is a must. Just imagine 100 applications and 70,000 computers all with different needs filled with very old quirky shit taped up where customers still demand we use IE 6 for much of it. We have a hack to get it to work under Windows 7 with Citrix. These patches break TLS 1.0 which is insecure yes, but our clients can not run without it!

Explain how we can move to Linux and use active directory and group policy and security auditing and SCCM to push applications that are all win32 based in such an environment?

Comment Re:Linux is far worse than Microsoft (Score 1) 531

If FreeBSD is not an option for your boss then perhaps you could learn how to use it?

After all some of us are stuck administering Windows. That previous story where Windows 7 will get updates pushed that are big and include every patch as cumulative? Windows Server 2016 is going that route!!

Shit I wish systemD was my worse fears if I was in Unix land at work.

Comment Re:Linux is far worse than Microsoft (Score 1) 531

Well if the next version of SystemD autoupdates itself where no admin options are available to turn this off where the orderings of boot daemons can randomly change causing a lockup, where only RedHat Enterprise 8 gives you the power to change how it is updated then you may have a point.

FYI Windows Server 2016 is going this route too! Not just Windows desktop where to get security you must apply 100% of previous patches in one big download.

It worked so well for Firefox after all.

Comment Re:Grudgingly, an improvement (Score 1) 398

You say that all high and mighty like you haven't managed 80,000 computers who run dozens of combinations of software where our customers demand 99.97% uptime YET DEMAND no ransomware and security for HIPPA and PCI credit processing compliance!

We CANNOT RUN some updates. IE 6 uses TLS 1.,0 and it breaks the clients 17 year old app so that security patch can not work. We use App-v to run the ancient app as one example.

How is this an improvement? We have one guy whose sole job is mostly just testing patches all day long on a VM. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE if any security patch requires patches that break IE 6, java 7, or any other app our customer demands we use.

Oh you say tell the customer to update it? Ha. THey will tell us to screw off and go to a competitor and we signed a contract saying we support x,y, and z and will keep them secure too. Nothing is allowed to break

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 398

It is comical to think that IT departments can "pick and choose" which patches to install. They aren't qualified to know which are important or not. I know a lot of corporate IT does this: they select only selected patches that they have supposedly "tested".

Ok explain how you can secure 5,000 machines where a single infection with ransomwaqre can get you reprimanded AND not have anything break?

Comment Looks sooo dated (Score 5, Funny) 507

It has too many colors and skumorphism with 3d icons showing what the computer can do with even file menus!! eww like soo last decade.

I want a cell phone interface. It needs to be like 1990 to be more modern with no multitasking and complete flat with low colors and blinding white in the background. Man, we just want to consume content and nothing elzse. These things like options are for old people. Why can't there be decisions made for us with humburger menus like our phones to emulate 5 inch screens.

Man unhip and these things called desktops are so old school for old people who think you need to write scripts and thing and stuff. Guess they haven't discovered the app store to solve every problem

Comment Re:Time to update firewalls. (Score 1) 87

The only way to do this is spearfish style from Lennovo which means inserting a forged SSL certificate by the firewall to inspect the traffic. Corporations do this to spy on their employees and so do airlines wifi which replace signed websites with their own certificate.

But I think it is obvious here why this is not a good idea.

Comment Grey Goo Limit (Score 1) 148

I recall a joke scenario from a couple years ago:

Earth is in the throws of a Nanotech Grey Goo scenario. The microscopic self-replicating robots have converted about half the planet to more of themselves. And then they stop. The few surviving humans, observing from space, are puzzled.

Zoom in. Thought balloon from the mass of Grey Goo: "Damn! We shouldn't have stuck with IPV6. We've run out of addresses!"

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