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Comment Re:Gizmodo is not Journalism (Score 1) 395

Ironically, the term "narcissistic twit" also applies to some dumbass corporation whose tool loses a top secret prototype, after having too many drinks at a public restroom, and hopes the whole legal system bows to their corporate interests and entitlement to total control.

It's scary how brainwashed people are in the US regarding corporations. I can envision a near future in which people will gladly insert 12 inch sticks up their rectums because they will be told that is good for the economy.


Comment Re:DOA for anything but pro gear (Score 2, Insightful) 166

The irony of it all is that in the tech sector, a lot of the evolution and advancement come from people who are in it because they love technology and scientific research, not just because of monetary rewards

In fact I know people who love so much what they do, they will point blank tell you they do it most definitively not for the money since they don't get paid anywhere near the amount that their time and effort would deserve.

Which sort of proves that most of the assumptions by those in love with Capitalism are at best incredibly dishonest. If people were guaranteed a relative level of stability (guaranteed housing, health care, food, and education) while being allowed to concentrate on what they love, you'd see humanity advancing by leaps and bounds. But then, the aim of Capitalism (and most other "isms") is not human advancement, but rather a closed loop cycle of concentration of capital, since that very same capital is both the means and the end.

Sorry for the tangent...

Comment Re:How little progress we are making (Score 1) 288

That is a fairly ignorant analysis.

If you look at overall system performance, not just Mhz, you will see that the same performance increases have been sort of maintained during the past 2 decades. Furthermore, under certain algorithms, things like GPUs obliterate that trend.

If you were to plot performance per buck, you would see a dramatic ramp up, which during the 90s was no where near as dramatic. This is, at the end of this decade, relatively, you will be able to buy much more performance per dollar across this decade, than you were able to do during the 90s.

You lose that perspective if you simply focus on clock speed.

Comment Re:The Truth Behind the Trolling (Score 5, Insightful) 770

With my condolences to the Monty Python:

Damn right. Besides weekends, what has organized labor done for us?

OK, OK...

Besides weekends AND vacations, what has organized labor done for us?

Hum, what... OK

Besides weekends, vacations AND paid leave, what has organized labor done for us?

Really? No kidding... OK

Besides weekend, vacation, paid leave AND fair salaries, what has organized labor done for us?

For real?

Besides weekends, vacation, paid leave, fair salaries AND safe working conditions, what has organized labor done for us?

What? Really... OK OK

Besides weekends, vacations, paid leave, fair salaries, safe working conditions AND retirements, what has organized labor done for us?

Huh? come on... OK OK

Besides weekends, vacations, paid leave, fair salaries, safe working conditions, retirement, AND medical coverage, what has organized labor done for us?

Yeah... what a bunch of dicks!

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