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Twitter Bug Lets Users Force Others To Follow Them 143

Several readers have sent word of a Twitter bug which has been allowing users to make any other user follow them by simply tweeting "accept [username]." People have been abusing it to make the accounts of various celebrities and publications follow them. Twitter acknowledged the bug and disabled the follow/unfollow system until they can get it fixed.

Comment Re:Is StarCraft the right game to use for this? (Score 1) 200

Congrats. Your comment made it to teamliquid's post on this competition

EDIT: The competition's also been slashdotted, where it's being discussed by various people who don't know too much:

Perhaps a game not so dominated by rushing tactics would be a better choice of base game? It definitely seems an interesting idea, but there must be games better suited to an AI contest like this...



Submission + - New game from DOTA creators enters public beta. (

GunpowderTreason writes: Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, the creator of DOTA Allstars, has combined wits with several other individuals key to the development of DOTA to create a spiritual successor to the game. The new game League of Legends has entered its public beta and aims to offer more customization over heroes and new tactics while preserving much of the original DOTA feel and gameplay such as pushing, creeping, and tower killing. The game is said to be free upon release and will have unlockable content or a collectors edition will be available for purchase with all unlockable content already available. Despite being a free game the design team says they plan to update the game regularly.

Submission + - Thou shall not infringe my 10 patents ( 3

Tasha26 writes: So it's been in the news and on Slashdot that Apple's iphone allegedly infringes 10 of Nokia's patent. Since that number was so precise, I did some digging up within the official complaint and here's the list of infringements:
1. Patent 5,802,465: Data transmission in a radio telephone network.
2. Patent 5,862,178: Method and apparatus for speech transmission in a mobile communications system.
3. Patent 5,946,651: Speech synthesizer employing post-processing for enhancing the quality of the synthesized speech.
4. Patent 6,359,904: Data transfer in a mobile telephone network.
5. Patent 6,694,135: Measurement report transmission in a telecommunications system.
6. Patent 6,775,548: Access channel for reduced access delay in a telecommunications system.
7. Patent 6,882,727: Method of ciphering data transmission in a radio system.
8. Patent 7,009,940: Integrity check in a communication system.
9. Patent 7,092,672: Reporting cell measurement results in a cellular communication system.
10. Patent 7,403,621: System for ensuring encrypted communication after handover

Gee, I guess those folks at Nokia are really feeling the profit squeeze resulting from customers shifting to iPhones and Blackberries, and the recession on top of it!


Submission + - SPAM: Facebook under fire over privacy settings

ZeeNews writes: "The latest news for all social media lovers is that the Popular social networking site Facebook is being criticised for planned changes to its privacy settings.

The Facebook officials plan to "simplify" the process so users only have to set them once, instead of for each individual feature.

The change will help people share more information with one another.

However, critics insist that the new settings can persuade members to share too many personal details — their date of birth for example.

"I'm a little bit worried about the settings recommended by Facebook because as far as I can see it's actually sharing quite a lot of information with quite a few people," the BBC quoted Tom Royal, from Computeractive magazine as saying.

"That's not something we'd advise people to do. We'd very much recommend people choose the ''limited'' option instead.

"For example, just your date of birth can be a security question for lots of internet applications," he added.

Meanwhile, Facebook execs say that the ''one size fits all'' approach will make things more straightforward for users.

"The effect of more and more settings has made controlling privacy on Facebook too complicated," said site's chief privacy officer Chris Kelly.

"It's also phasing out regional networks like London and Manchester because Kelly says "they don't adequately reflect a world where people choose the audience they want to share with," he added."

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Operating Systems

Submission + - Google annouces plans for OS (

digmshiphter writes: "Google has finally annouced its plan to rule to known universe by creating an OS of its own called Chrome OS based on the Chrome browser. The new browser will focus on making the computer an interface between the web and the user, making speed a priority, and making the browser the main application in the OS. The official press release states, "Google Chrome OS is an open source, lightweight operating system that will initially be targeted at netbooks. Later this year we will open-source its code, and netbooks running Google Chrome OS will be available for consumers in the second half of 2010.""

Comment Private browsing mode (Score 1) 436

We knew it was coming. After chrome's incognito mode, everyone knew that people like to watch pr0n without worrying about the sites showing up in the awesome/whatever-the-fuck-is-the-name-bar! I have a shortcut (chrome -incognito) just for that reason but now it seems like I can do all that right from Firefox!

It's good but, IMHO, not perfect though. The private browsing mode saves+hides your current tabs and starts a new session in the new mode, and when you switch it off, it loads all those tabs all over again! It's perfect for casual users but for freaks like me who have close to 100 tabs open on an average, it's not the right way to go. I would have preferred it to be done the way chrome handles it - open the private mode in a completely new window and run both the sessions simultaneously depending upon which window the user is browsing on. I hope they tweak it soon or someone makes an extension to run it that way.

Comment Re:Isn't this a little overkill? (Score 1) 436

I don't think you should generalize it that way. I don't consider myself a power user (maybe on the boundary of it) but I inevitably end up having ~100 tabs open for reasons very similar to what GP pointed out. Keeping the tabs open and letting the browser run for days on end is not as rare as you may believe. Add to that the tendency of opening forum threads in different tabs, throw in some online publication/books/manga sites, documentation for whatever project you may be working on, links for interesting stuff you came across and left for reading up later, and you get to a similar scenario.

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