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Comment Re:Check out Huawei Fit (Score 1) 186

If your core function is to track your activity, sleep, and heart rate only, sure. Some of us liked being able to handle calls (reject or answer if wearing a headset), handle our playlists, handle calendar events, and deal with notifications without whipping out our phones all the time.

Comment Re: For those that were eagerly awaiting.... (Score 2) 186

*I* wanted a Pebble Time 2. I backed one. There were almost 60 thousand of us!

*I* am currently wearing a Pebble Time and have been since it arrived.

My wife has a Charge HR and only keeps putting up with it because she's addicted to looking at her numbers at the end of the day and beating mine. She hates when she has trouble getting the screen to come on (About 30% of the time) and she hates how it doesn't show the date (Like her previous Charge did, before the band broke irreparably, and since it's integrated, the whole device was toast).

FitBit doesn't want Pebble in the market because it was a competitor, a better one. With the PT2 we were even going to get an HR-enabled device with an always-on, daylight-readable, waterproof device with better battery life.

Comment Re:Sad, as a pebble owner (Score 1) 94

I doubt the deal would close before the PT2 is supposed to ship (Last week), so I don't think they (Fitbit) have any obligation. However Pebble should still fulfill their KS backers' orders. But there's no guarantee with KS orders, so they may just refund orders. I'm hoping not though. I still want the watch.

Comment Re:Sad, as a pebble owner (Score 1) 94

I'm upset by this news as well, but considering the other stories about the bottom falling out of the smart-watch market, I'm not surprised.

I backed the Pebble Time KS and I've worn it daily since I got it. I even wear it at night after the release of Pebble Health for the sleep tracking. I love it. I love the screen (Even though it's only 64-colors, it can be read in bright sun and complete darkness with the backlight). I love that it's waterproof (I've had it in pools and the ocean). I love that with my normal level of usage (over a hundred alerts per day, sometimes several hundred) I still get 4 days of use between charges. I love the few apps that I have installed on it and use them all the time.

I backed a PT2. I want the bigger screen, bigger battery, and the HRM. Its ship date has slipped, with no notice, and now the company is being bought by a company that likes to kill its purchases. I'm not happy, but I'm holding out hope that the PT2 will ship and the software will stabilize. If nothing else I'll keep using my existing watch apps, and hopefully the developer community won't dry up too quickly.

Comment Re:If I wanted Linux... (Score 1) 154

If you work with RHEL/CentOS servers, running a Fedora desktop will show you what the current/next version of those server distros will look like and give you more insight into their inner workings. Their underpinnings are the same, their os-level services are the same (Though versions may be different). And DEBs and RPMs are basically the same effort-wise anymore for end-users, Fedora COPRs are equivalent to Debian PPAs. And in my opinion, RPMs are easier to build.

Comment Re:How does Fedora compare to Ubuntu? (Score 4, Informative) 154

Fedora is usually one or two releases ahead of Ubuntu. Fedora is usually quick to fix issues with their shipped software and doesn't necessarily wait for the next distro release to release a new version of a specific package or to add new packages. Fedora ships with (usually, depending on release schedules) the latest versions of GNOME and GNOME software.

Ubuntu supports some things that Fedora can't/won't because of patents/copyright. Ubuntu is Debian-based, so if you're more familiar with that family of distros, you'll be more comfortable in Ubuntu.

Comment Re:success (Score 1) 326

An hour a day?!? I beg to differ! I cite CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, BBC News, and all other 24/7 news channels as evidence.

If it were just an hour per day (Like it was pre-Internet when people watched the 10 o'clock local news), then I think people wouldn't be as negatively focused as they are now. As it is, and especially since 9/11, everything on those channels is a "crisis" and runs on a 2- to 4-hour loop.

And that's without even blinking at Social Media where Trending Stories feature prominently and everyone is trying to "go viral".

Comment Re:Moving faster? (Score 1) 95

The way Linus runs the kernel version numbers, yes, they are moving faster than they used to. It used to be that he would work on 2.x.y, then y+1 and so on. Now he works on 4.x and eventually they proclaim one to be "LTS" (in this case 3.10) and another trusted lieutenant maintains that tree for a while, and Linus works on 4.x+1.

And especially with the way Red Hat prefers stable kernels, they always track LTS, regardless of what Linus is working on.

Comment Re:Smartphone size? (Score 1) 536

Because it sucked when Nokia phones had a 2.5mm jack and you needed an adapter and it still sucks today.

I had to have a couple of those phones and jumped at the first chance I had to get a phone with a normal 3.5mm jack. I refuse to go backwards now. I won't buy a phone without a 3.5mm jack, or a MicroSD slot. Thinness be damned. I even use Bluetooth quite a bit, but when I absolutely, positively have to have a long conference call with someone, I use a wired headset so it doesn't die on me in the middle of a conversation because I forgot to charge the thing last night. And the sound quality is generally better, I've been told by multiple sources.

Comment Re:Having run some CentOS 7 boxen... (Score 1) 293

Wait, wait, wait. So many people in this thread are saying systemd is taking over existing userspace utilities in undocumented and unremovable ways, but you can REMOVE firewalld and still use the old way (iptables) and the system doesn't melt down??? Then what are these people bitching about other than to read their own text?

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