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Comment Re:In retrospect, (Score 2) 134

One could make a very strong argument that gun owners played a big part in getting Trump elected.

The Democrats continue to yammer on about gun control despite a HUGE portion of the population being against gun control (yep, I said it - the polls the liberals like to say showing the opposite are BS, plain and simple, and it wouldn't be at all surprising to find out a majority are actually NOT on their side). Most people think guns cost the Democrats control of Congress after the AWB was passed and most gun owners very likely went for Trump, and not because they legitimately thought he was a good candidate, I bet many in fact did not think that, but because they knew how bad Clinton would be for gun rights, and that matters a great deal to them. Gun owners are a highly mobilized voting block, possibly larger and more reliable than any other block, and a bigger one than the left seems to think, and so it could very well be that guns played a large part in this result.

I'd say that's a meaningful change at least, though whether it's for the better is debatable.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 107

In some bomb designs a shell of non-weapons grade uranium (ie U 238) is used as a 'tamper', to increase the yield. As for the TNT, it's relatively non-sensitive compared to the fuel in the aircraft.

If the idea of an aircraft carrying a bomb without the nuclear 'pit' inside it, I recommend you don't read Command and Control by Eric Schlosser, because you'll find out about how many times the USAF flew around with fully armed warheads, or indeed the times they crashed (eg Goldsboro).


Computer Issue Affecting Some Airlines Resolved: American Airlines (nbcchicago.com) 17

American Airlines said Friday Sabre had faced a brief technical issue that impacted multiple carriers. The issue has, however, been resolved. From a report on NBC Chicago: A technical issue at with a computer IT firm briefly caused technical problems for airlines in the United States early Friday afternoon, according to American Airlines. It was one of several air carriers affected by the outage at Sabre, which tweeted about 12:45 p.m. ET that it was working on recovering from unspecified issues customers were facing. American didn't provide more details about what systems and airlines were affected. Reports on Twitter indicated outages at American, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue; all three responded to several tweets about saying computers, kiosks or the website not working.

Comment Re:Yep, the dems screwed the pooch on this one (Score 1) 5

Hell really has frozen over. Cubs vs. Indians in World Series, now you and I agree on something.

You want in on a secret?

Despite being 100% opposed to what Bernie Sanders stood for... I would have voted for him over Donald Trump.

Why? Because at least Sanders was HONEST about what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it. Even though I don't want Sanders' vision, I can at least respect the man willing to have a reasonable conversation about it.

Honestly, I didn't vote *for* Donald Trump, but I sure as hell voted *against* the un-indicted felon Hillary Clinton.

Comment Re:Yeah... (Score 1) 326

I think you need a combination of: hard work, money, luck, and natural talent, (and maybe other qualities too).

For any ambition, you'll need all three, but if you have a lot of one quality, you can usually substitute it for one of the others to a certain extent (eg money and hard work can be exchanged in both directions).

For example, just hard work won't get you far, without being lucky enough to have opportunities to use that hard work (of course, more hard work, or money, can help create opportunities).

Comment Re:You would think science could help (Score 1) 275

Yes, because everyone know, you have to mow down thousands of acres of trees to build a platform and processing area that is smaller than one acre in size...

Oh that's right, you basically don't destroy any trees to frack. Very empty headed logic, or you just don't understand the science behind drilling.

Comment Re: Not Sure if... (Score 1) 311

How long does it take for your chip+PIN transactions?
Here in the UK, the person behind the counter says "that'll be £X please" and presses a button so the total appears on the reader (elapsed time, maybe half a second).

You put the card in, wait about two seconds for it to be read, type in your PIN and press enter, then wait about another three to five seconds to verify. Then just take your card out and walk off.

Admittedly it's been about 10-15 years since I last had to use the mag stripe, but I remember it taking much longer waiting for the receipt to print out, signing it, passing that back to the person behind the counter etc. etc.

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