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Comment Re:Use a liberal definition of planet (Score 3, Interesting) 150

I actually really like this idea:
Define a Star as a body that has achieved a nuclear fusion reaction.
Define a Planet as a body that has enough mass to be spherical that orbits a star.
Define a Planetoid as a body that has enough mass to be spherical that does not orbit a star.
Define a Moon as a body that has enough mass to be spherical that orbits a planet.
Define an Asteroid as a body that does not have enough mass to be spherical that orbits a star.
Define a Natural Satellite (here's to you, potato shaped Phobos) as a body that does not have enough mass to be spherical that orbits a planet. Maybe call it a Moonoid?

Define Pluto and Charon as a binary planet; since they appear to orbit each other (and binary stars are already defined).
If this means Sedna and a few other bodies become planets -- fine. But at least the definitions are easy.

Comment With What? (Score 1) 94

AR with what? Phones? Maybe. Their desktops? Please. The GPUs in their desktops are garbage. Even the ones in the Mac Pros. I was a Mac user for ten years (sold my 2012 Mac Pro last month) and I I have always been disappointed by their choice of graphics chips.

Comment Or... (Score 1) 421

How about we start by getting countries to stop forcing women to get "circumcised", forcing them to cover their faces, denied the right to an education, and while we are at it, destroy the caste systems of countries. Seriously.

Women are still brutalized in a lot of places and lack the most basic of rights, and we first worlders focus on paychecks.

Comment Re:GUIs and AIs and Ohs (Score 2) 169

Oh, be careful, friend! I made the grave mistake of suggesting on Reddit that we've kinda/sorta/maybe become too enamored of CLIs and that just MAYBE a GUI MIGHT have prevented this, and I got hammered mercilessly.

You don't want to say anything that doesn't equate to worship at the feet of the almighty, great and awesome CLI around the wrong people.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

The ACLU isn't liberal.

BAAAAAAAAA hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Oh... man... comedy gold right there.

Oh. You weren't kidding. You were serious about that? Oh right, you're an idiot.

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11


For 8 years any opposition to anything Obama wanted was categorically dismissed as racist by liberals.

Are we pretending that didn't happen?

Oh, right. Sorry. Forgot who posted for a moment. The above comment is over your head. I need to reach out to you at your intellectual level, not mine.

Hey. Kate Upton shore is purty, isn't she?

Comment Re:Awww (Score 1) 11

Typical Captain Splendid "I'll say something nonsensical but I'll make it vague so that I appear to have an IQ larger than 60" comment.

No go back and pretend that the unwashed left didn't call people who didn't support Obama racist. Whatever your fragile little mind needs to sleep at night.

Red was right -- you really are a low calorie / low intelligence troll substitute.
User Journal

Journal Journal: ACLU T-Shirts... 11

The ACLU is selling T-Shirts with their logo that says "Dissent is Patriotic".

That's adorable.

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