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Comment Re:iTunes same day as DVD since 2008 (Score 1) 202

Your DVD player probably has more computing capacity than [insert old computer here].

So do you not have any kind of computing device in your lounge at all? No console, no streaming box, no tablet that streams to your TV?

I'm not saying you have to, I'm just surprised that someone posting on slashdot doesn't have computers in every room.

Comment Re:You have to know how to secure a Windows 10 PC (Score 1) 982

Actually good multi-monitor support. (UltraMon has become redundant).

Storage Spaces, a sort of ZFS-lite, depending on your usage it might be really handy, or of no use. (it was introduced in Win *, but it's better in 10)

Secure Boot. With the very large proviso that it disables dual-booting, this makes your system much more secure.

Better file copy dialogs. With graphs and everything!

Stuff that I don't care about or use:

Cortana: disabled, I have a browser if I want to search the internet

Windows store: ignored

Multiple destops, meh, I have two monitors, that's enough

There will be a bit of a learning curve to find the new places where MS have hidden things. You now get a settings application, which is sometimes separate, and sometimes duplicates the Control Panel. Also, various UI bits have moved, but if you're used to switching between different OSs regularly then you'll work it out in a week or so.

Comment Re:"simply right click" (Score 2) 260

The registry is supposed to enforce a common method of storing settings across all Windows apps. Of course, that laudable idea has then been tested by twenty odd years of pretty much everyone writing software for Windows in their own special way, and maybe about 10% bothering to follow Microsoft's standards. And of course, even different departments of Microsoft have their own ideas of how things should be done, so Office does things differently to SQL Server and so on.

tl/dr the idea behind the registry was fine, but it's been abused for years.

Comment Re:This is retarded. (Score 1) 73

Well, for starters they're getting close to the bandwidth of a single M2 port (which is about 3.9GB/s, the three-drive RAID 0 hit 3.3GB/s).

The other consideration is heat, to read/write data that fast generates a lot of heat (as you can see in this page of TFA). Fitting the same heat load in a small enclosure would probably require some cooling (although this is a problem the computing industry has had to solve with practically every other component).

Comment Re:OK, what's with this ridiculous meme? (Score 3, Informative) 147

I'm not sure about the US, but in the UK it's dark and windless for approximately 10% of the year.
Also, peak generating times don't always coincide with peak usage, so energy storage is necessary to even out the supply. And yes, while nuke plants can't spin up quickly enough to cover unexpected loads, they can be adjusted to fit expected loads (eg, at night to cover solar).

Comment Re:OS/2 and DOS. (Score 1) 620

I used to work for a company that sold large printers and vinyl cutters, mainly to sign makers and I can confirm that sign makers are particularly cheap when it comes to upgrading their tools. I'm all for "if it ain't broke...", but when it is broke, and every print run takes twice as long because your Windows 98 box takes ten minutes to reboot, and another five to load the required program and then has a 50% chance of crashing, that right there is a good time to buy a new computer.
On the other hand, the specialised software for these printers was so behind the times it still wouldn't support a 64 bit OS a couple of years ago, which is a slight problem when you're dealing with image files which can quite happily eat all 4GB of addressable RAM, so maybe they weren't missing out on much.

Comment Re:It would have an Amiga Mother board (Score 1) 484

Also, the Amiga had the best case handling in a file system:
Say you have a file called File1 (no need for an extension). You could access the file with any capitalisation you like, file1, FILE1 File1, FiLe1 or whatever takes your fancy.

However, if you were mad, you could also have two files in the same directory names FILE1 and file1 (or any other set of characters).

It had/has the benefits of a case sensitive filesystem, with the ease of use of a case-insensitive one.
Now, if someone could just explain to me why case sensitivity is important in a file system...

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